Karishma kapoorKARISHMA GETS CORRUPTED (The names and places are only fictional It has no resemblance with actual personalities) Karishma is a budding actress of Bollywood which is Indian counterpart to the Hollywood. This was going to be a tough day she thought. Karisma knew it the moment the alarm woke her up at 8 am. It had been a long night of drinks and dance yesterday and the hangover still rattled her.

Dragging herself from the bed, Karisma, braced herself in front of the full-length mirror. She looked beautiful in the dark blue bikini that she had gone to sleep in. Admiring her 23 year old figure in the mirror, her mind drifted to the last six months when everything had happened for her. Three successful films and a large number of offers. She was already one of the biggest stars on the screen. Karisma entered her luxurious bathroom and peeled off her bikini. Stretching herself once she grabbed the morning papers and sat down on the toilet seat. There it was again. Praise about her performances. This was becoming a ritual, she thought! The greatest actress of the decade! The thought was pretty exciting. Ten minutes later after having brushed her sparkling teeth, Karisma moved into the shower. The lukewarm water caressing her perfect body was giving her great sensations. She closed her eyes and let the water play all over. This was so good, everything was working out well. Her left hand moved from her hair down to her neck and to her shoulders. With her eyes still closed, Karisma eased her fingers down her left breast and let the forefinger rest on the dark nipple which was already taut with the electrifying feelings moving across her body. Karisma knew this feeling and also knew that nothing could stop her from getting to an orgasm now. As her left hand played with her wet nipple, the right hand moved down her belly around her navel and rested on her pubic hair. Slowly with her first two fingers she pushed open her vaginal lips. A light moan escaped from her firm lips. Knock! Knock! Damn, she thought, someone’s at the door. “Who is it?”, Karisma screamed. “Hey its me, Pooja Batra!” Pooja was a close friend of Karishma and despite the interruption her arrival had caused Karishma was happy that she was here. She quickly grabbed the soft black robe from the closet and put it on while rushing to the bedroom door. “Wow! Great to see you here Pooja, you look splendid!” Pooja looked fabulous in a tight skirt and a green tank top. Ever since her last few movies had flopped, Pooja had gone on a strict diet to get back into shape and the results were already visible. The two friends jumped onto the bed and started discussing films instantly, their favorite topic! Thirty minutes later while Karishma was going through her opinion on the new actresses in town, Pooja’s eyes suddenly locked onto Karishma’s gown which had been precariously hanging on her breasts and was now on the verge of dropping off her nipple. While Pooja tried to concentrate on whatever Karishma was saying it was proving difficult with the dark upper outline of her nipple now showing. Karishma paused and moved slightly, and the gown slipped further completely revealing her nipple. Pooja couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful round breast and the brown nipple sticking up from the soft flesh. Karishma followed Pooja’s gaze and realized that she was revealing quite a bit. Pooja instinctively moved her hand towards Karishma’s breast. “Can I touch you?”, she asked. Karishma was not sure, “I – I don’t know, I haven’t really done it before…” “You mean you’ve not done it… you’re still a virgin?” “Well I have played around a bit with some guys but never gone the whole way.” Pooja smiled and moved her hand confidentially to the soft skin of Karishma’s breasts. Using her fingers to circle the nipple, Pooja said “How does this feel?”. Her hand was slowly massaging the flesh while her thumb and forefinger pulled and tugged at the taut nipple. “Uuummmhhhh!!!”, cried Karishma. Pooja pushed Karishma down so she was lying on her back. Lowering her mouth onto her nipple, Pooja gently flicked it with her tongue. Circling the nipple again Pooja now brought her teeth together to nibble on Karishma. “Oh my God, Pooja please… aaahhh… great…” With both her lips Pooja covered the nipple and started sucking and pushing her face firmly into the soft flesh of Karishma’s breast. “Aaaahhhhhhh… Pooja… more… need more…” Pooja’s left hand now moved down Karishma’s body to the point where her pubic hair rested beneath the gown. Karishma raised one leg, folding it from the knee to allow better access. Pooja moved the gown away and pushed her fingers through the light black hair down to the pussy lips. Her middle finger moved between the lips until it reached the clitoris. Using her nail, Pooja pushed the sheath back exposing the erect clit. Gently she placed her finger on it. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh!”, Karishma gasped. Pooja let her finger move down further, down though the wet folds of Karishma’s beautiful vagina. She reached the entrance to her tunnel and swirled her finger in the liquid that was glistening all over. Moving her mouth away from Karishma’s nipple, Pooja tasted the finger that had just explored the juicy entrance. “You taste great Karishma! Your love juices are amazing! I need to eat you and lick you all over!” Pooja moved over onto Karishma, Her head now right over her pussy and her legs straddling Karishma’s face. Lowering her face between Karishma’s legs, Pooja sniffed the sweet smell of her pussy. Using her tongue she covered the entire lengths of Karishma’s pussy lips. Licking in every drop of the sweet liquid. With her tongue resting on her clitoris, Pooja pushed her fingers into Karishma’s pussy. “Oooohh my… that feels great!” Pooja’s tongue sucked on her clitoris while her forefinger moved into Karishma. The sensations were driving her crazy. It seemed as if electric currents were connecting her from her brain to her pussy. Pooja’s finger moved deep into Karishma and then slowly moved out easily with her wetness. Pooja slowly started moving in and out of Karishma’s pussy and moving deeper with each stroke. All the while nibbling at Karishma’s pussy. “Woooo that’s great… ohh Pooja… I want to taste you too… Oooohhhh!” Karishma could see Pooja’s skirt hanging over her face and she used both her hands to push it over her hips. Exposing her panties several inches over her face Karishma could almost smell the Pooja’s wetness. She brought her right hand between Pooja’s legs and onto the white panties. They were very wet! She pulled away the material with her finger to reveal the thick pussy lips with sparse black hair. All glistening in the excitement that was driving both actresses. “Lower yourself Pooja… I want to taste you… yes thats better.. ummmm”. Karishma used long strokes of her tongue to lick away at Pooja’s pussy lips while her finger held the white panty material towards one side. “Ooooooo.. you’re good at this, Karishma…” Rrrriiinnnnngggg! “Shit its my phone”, cried Pooja. She swirled around and pulled out the phone from her purse. “Yes?… Oh my God its already 11 am? I’m on my way!” Turning to Karishma Pooja said, “I need to go baby, we’ll continue this some other time. Meanwhile keep this…”. She yanked out from her purse a 9 inch dildo and pushed it into Karishma’s hands, at the same time straightening her skirt and heading for the door. “Wait… I’ve never used this before…” “Just push it up your pussy, sweetheart! And I’m going to need it by the evening today”, yelled Pooja closing the door behind her. Karishma moved across the room staring at the white dildo in her hand. Awright, I’m going to do this! Karishma pulled away the curtains on the door that let out to her swimming pool. “Nice day”, she exclaimed while opening the door and moving out. She still had the gown on her and was sure no one could see her in this area. The small swimming pool was surrounded by large trees and bushes and the way thru her bedroom was the only way to get here. Karishma settled in one of the long beach chairs, stretching herself in the pleasant sunshine. She held the dildo with both her hands and smiled at the complete resemblance it held to a man’s penis. Instinctively she brought it to her mouth and started licked the tip. Kareena was Karishma’s younger sister and she generally knocked before entering, but today she barged into her sister’s room to find the door to the swimming pool open. With a tune on her lips she walked upto the door and spotted her sister on the beach chair about four meters away. She was about to call out to Karishma when she realised that her sister was sucking at a huge white thing that definitely resembled a grown penis! Although she was about 16 years old, she had rushed through several porn videos that lay in her father’s cupboard and could definitely recognise a dildo when she saw one! Karishma meanwhile pushed her head back and pulled the dildo down to her nipples, pushing the gown slightly to one side. The dildo spread her own saliva across her nipples and soft round breasts. Kareena had never seen her sister naked before and this was quite a sight. The fair skin of her breast and the saliva shining in the sunshine was making her feel very excited. She moved forward, hiding behind a large artificial bush about three meters from Karishma.

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