These Signs Will Tell You (sex and love what is actually)


These Signs Will Tell You If Your Partner Wants To Be In Your Heart Or Only Your Bed

Nowadays, many people opt for casual relationships. Some may be a fling, and some might just prefer having $ex with no strings attached. For some, it may be all about their friends with benefits, while some will really, truly want love early in life. However they may be, we do see a variety of such relationships in our everyday life.


Now, seeing these relationships may not mean we actually have experienced all of them. You may be 21 and have been single all your life, but you have a fair idea of all kinds of relationships thanks to your friends.

Well, it gets really tough to understand whether your man is interested in you, or just your body. Because after all, not many look for serious love at a young age, and if you’re serious and they know it they might just run away (and that’ll hurt a lot).


Well, because of this same reason, it is essential to know just how much your partner is into your relationship, and if he’s really into you as well, before you let your feelings for him (or her) intensify. All you need is to know how to read those subtle signs, and you’ll know just where exactly does your relationship stand.

1. He loves to kiss, and not only on the mouth!

If he loves you, he probably cannot keep his hands (and lips!) away from you. And when he’s

kissing you, he kisses you everywhere he can. If that isn’t enough, his kisses hold the power to ignite different emotions from within you- love, lust, desire- everything!

2.He loves to explore your body.

He loves to explore, and he knows what exactly turns you on. You don’t have to guide him, and when you’re vocal about what you want, he’s more than ready to comply!

3.He has a sense of humor, even when in bed!

Okay, so your lovemaking was intense. But guess what? He knows how not to let things get awkward! He has a great sense of humor, and he knows when to use it well!

4. He goes to all extents to seduce you.

Candles? Check. Champagne? Check. Droolworthy food? Check. And top all that with soft music and perfumes, he knows you’re a goner!

5. He sleeps with you.

Not ‘sleeps with you’, but he cuddles with you and goes off to sleep after passionate lovemaking. Now, that isn’t something any uninterested man would do, right?


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