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My Spanish Girlfriend is a really hot slut and she wants to taste the cock of mine, I really wish I was in his place!

I fuck my sex teacher

My name is Oscar, and on the senior course. I had a really hot Spanish teacher. Her name was Manuela Himenez. But first, let me tell you about myself! At that time, I was only 23. I was of an average height, not very muscular, unlike hose guys from our football team, but kind of slender built. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I was pretty popular, and known around as a funny guy who had tons of jokes. I had a handsome face, with no bristle hair around, smooth skin and very attractive personality. I had a dick that was about 6 inches long at the time, and well sized in around. I got good marks, and I really loved Spanish language classes, – for a number of reasons. First, I was smart, so it came easily to me to study and learn a new language. Second: I thought it was just fun. And the last reason was probably the teacher.

Senorita Manuela Himenez. She was a rocking hot babe! She turned all the guys’ heads around the college! She had a really pretty face, big boobs, and a really round lovely big ass of 45 or more inches! Senorita Himenez was probably about my height, with lusty brown eyes and shoulder length raven black hair! She had a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. She always dressed great, accentuating her amazing hot features. Every piece of her clothing would usually outline her gorgeous forms and she knew it! She would wiggle her hips when walking around, holding a pack of books and papers in her arm. She would wear tight slacks and heels. Whatever she wore, whether tops or button up shirts, it contoured every line of her large breasts. She was 25, and was engaged for about a year. She has only graduated from another University and was not married. I always thought that her boyfriend was probably one of the luckiest guys in the entire world, to come home after a long boring day and get to fuck such a beautiful and incredible ass!

During my classes, I would always look at her whenever I got the chance. If she happened to meet my eyes, I would smile, and she would usually blush and look back to what she was doing. At nights, when I went to bed, I would jack myself off fantasizing about Senorita Himenez naked in front of me, getting fucked relentlessly by my hard dick. In my dreams, we would do everything: doggie style, missionary, riding and banging on the floor and on a chair, standing doggie style, blowjobs, hand jobs, anal sex, and I would be eating her pussy and finger fuck her. We did everything – in my dreams. I had no idea that my countless night time fantasies would eventually become real one day.
It was a warm Friday. It was the end of our term, and students were walking out. I had gathered my things and was getting ready to leave when Senorita Himenez called to me. I walked over to her desk.

“Oscar,” she said: “I want to talk to you after school. Call your mom during your free hour and tell her that you need to stay after for a while to help your Spanish teacher with a project? Afterwards, you can call your mom to come and take you home, or I can drive you.” I almost came in my pants right then and there.

“Yeah, Senorita Himenez,” I managed to stammer out.

“Have a nice day, Oscar,” she said, and I walked out.

I called my mom during my free hour and she said that was fine, but she was going to be busy making dinner, so my Spanish teacher would give me a ride back home. Wow! The whole day I was quivering with excitement, and I was also kind of scared. After all, this didn’t necessarily mean that she wanted to something with me! It could actually help her with that Spanish project, by the way, I was also a good students on her Spanish lessons. Any way, it would be great to just spend time with her. I could never get enough of her beauty!

After what seemed like an eternity, college bell finally range signaling the end of the day. My heart was thumping with excitement. I went to my locker, opened it, put my stuff in, and went towards the Senorita Himenez’s Spanish classroom. I opened the door and walked in. Senorita Himenez was sitting at her desk. When she saw me, she stood up and walked over with “Hola, Oscar.! I greeted her back. She asked if I would take a seat at her desk. When I walked to her desk, which was in the far corner, I heard the door to the classroom being locked, and the blinds
being pulled down. I became very aroused almost instantly, for I knew now that this was more than just an innocent Spanish project! I then also realized that all the windows in the room were shadowed by blinds down. I became even more excited! I had a seat in Senorita Himenez’s chair. I watched her walking back with her hips swiveling. Senorita Himenez was wearing tight black slacks and a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She had a pair of high heels. I was in heaven, and so, apparently, was my dick, which was slowly forming a bulge down my pants. When she came around the desk, I saw her eyes glance down at my erection, and they flashed for a second, then she looked at me in the eyes and spoke:

“I see you looking at me in class, Oscar. Do you like looking at me?” She asked.

“Definitely,” I replied: “Who doesn’t? You are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen.”

From this moment my courage was building up, especially since I realized that I was actually going to have sex with Senorita Himenez! She was a total 100% hot babe!

“Well I like it when you watch me, it makes me wet and horny,” she said sexily. My bulge got even bigger – and she noticed. All this time, she was swaying slowly, back and forth and obviously her breasts were right in time with her motions. I could not take my eyes off them. She noticed me staring and asked:

“Do you like this?”

“Oh yes,” I answered: “This is the largest breast I have ever seen. They are beautiful.”

“Would you like to see them?”

“Yes, please, Senorita Himenez,” I flushed!

She began to unbutton her shirt slowly, until she was standing there in a sexy black lace bra. Her boobs were bigger than they looked behind fabric. She reached behind herself and unclasped the bra, freeing her massive tits. Her boobs were beautiful – big and with large brown areoles around. Her nipples stood erect. Her breasts held themselves up firm.

“Would you like to touch them?” She asked.

I needed no further invitation. I stood up and walked over to her. I grabbed a breast in each hand and started to massage them. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Then I bent down to her right boob and began to lick and suck it. I held the nipple in my teeth and flicked my tongue across it. Then I repeated the same procedure on her left breast. This emitted a low, sensual moan from her lips! I straightened back up and kissed her full on the mouth. Her lips opened, and my tongue went into her mouth. Our tongues met and pleased together over and over again. When we were making out, I slipped my hands down to her tight, firm ass and massaged it. From behind, I reached farther down and grabbed her cunt by my fingers. It was very warm, and slightly moist. She let out a louder moan. Meanwhile, her hands reached down to my jeans and rubbed my hardness through the fabric. It felt so good.

“I want to suck your cock, Oscar,” she told me.

She pushed me back onto the chair, pulled off my shirt, and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, then pulled them off. My hard on stood out in my trunks! She stood up and pulled off her tight pants to reveal a small black G string. I almost came right there. She then bent down and pulled my dick out of my boxers. She began to jack me off slowly. I leaned my head back in ecstasy.

“Does that feel good, honey?” She asked me. All I could say was moan.

She then placed her mouth close to my cock. Her hot breath aroused me completely. Her tongue reached out to lick the pre cum off of my dick!

“Mm,” she muttered, and licked her lips.

Then Senorita Himenez engulfed my dick in her mouth. She began moving her mouth up and down my shaft slowly, and then she began to speed up. One of her hands reached back and started to rub her pussy. After about a minute, I could take it no longer. My dick tightened up. Senorita Himenez noticed and prepared for it. Finally, I let loose and came hard with about 8massive heavy spurts of hot cum into her mouth. It was the biggest cumshot I had ever shot in my life. She swallowed it all.

“My turn now,” I said.

I laid her back on the floor on top of our clothes. I looked down and saw the most beautiful sight of my life. I slowly took off her G string – now wet with her juices! She revealed a beautiful, clean shaved pussy with an amazing black tattoo of a butterfly on her snatch! It was hot and amazing, I had never seen such an awesome tattoo on a female’s body in my life, and it was incredible! I laid down on my stomach, close to her hot cunt. I spread her lips open with my fingers and stuck my face down into her. It was great. I shoved my tongue into her whole, and started to flick it around. She started moaning really loud. She was playing with her boobs while I ate her out. Her small clit was erect, and I held it with my teeth while my tongue flicked all over it! Her body tensed up and she shrugged her hips. Finally, she let out a yell and her juices gushed into my open mouth! She was lying there panting like an animal.

“Fantástico!” she exclaimed in Spanish.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“¡por supuesto! Don’t cum inside me! Just cum all over me!”

“Great! I want to feed you with my hot juice,” I told her.

“Yeah, babe! Por favor, give it to me! I want to feel your hard cock inside of me”

I positioned myself near her cunt! She was still on her back with her legs spread. Slowly, I began to ease the head of my dick inside her. She began to moan. I shoved the rest of my 6 inches in. She screamed and let loose:

“¡santo Dios! Si, Yes! Fuck me with that big fat cock of yours!!”

I became really aroused from this. I began to fuck in and out of her, slowly at first and then I began to pick up speed. Her cunt felt so moist and warm and tight. I thought that her boyfriend must not have a big dick like mine! After I increased the pace and force, I bent down and began to nibble and lick her breasts. She continued to scream and beg me to fuck her faster and harder! I was in heaven. After a few minutes of hard fucking and licking, her pussy convulsed and poured her juices out on my cock. I knew I could not go much longer. After a few more pumps, I was over the edge! I thrust in as deep as possible, and felt my cum running over my cock! I quickly withdrew and splashed my heavy mess all over her belly!

My dick started to soften, but I was young, so Senorita Himenez took it in her mouth and sucked it off, tasting our combined juices. She sucked me until I was hard again. I pulled her up, put her hands on her desk and lean over.

“I’m going to fuck you in your ass, Senorita Himenez!” I announced.

“Oh, Oscar, give it to me” she moaned.

I rubbed my fingers with her juices and lubed up my dick and her ass. I slowly put the head in her hole. It was so tight and warm. I was penetrating in inch by inch, not wanting to hurt her. Once I had plugged her to my hilt, I slowly started to fuck in and out. She was moaning at first out of pain or pleasure – I didn’t know, but then she said:

“Just fuck me. Hard and fast! Now”

How could I refuse? I increased speed and force, until I was ramming her with all my strength. Her big breasts were swaying everywhere. I took one of my hands from her hips and squeezed her boobs. She was moaning and groaning really loud. Io was staring to afraid of anyone hear her noises! With one hand she steadied herself on the desk, and the other she fingered her clit furiously! My balls were slapping against her cunt. It was beautiful. She was screaming to fuck her as hard as I could! She let out a long moan, and I knew she was close, so was I. Suddenly, she erupted and her juice ran down her legs. I kept fucking and then let out a long moan.

“All over my face!” she demanded!

I quickly pulled out. She got on her knees and I spurted 5 or more huge white clammy globs of cum all over her beautiful breasts and face. I never stopped jerking off, shooting load after load! We kissed for a while, and then got cleaned up and dressed.

“That was hot! Just ¡perfectamente, Oscar. Gracias,” she told me.

“Thank you, Senorita Himenez!”

“I will give you a ride home! I think we should repeat this again. My boyfriend is out of town”

I smiled. I knew we would. And it was getting really funny!

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