Sexual feast after a long famine


The last half of my first marriage was essentially sexless—four or five times a year. I used to think I would be completely satisfied if it were monthly. My ex also had a lot of hangups in the sex department, so it is safe to say that I really had gone my entire life not knowing what it was to have a good sex life. That changed once I married Lisa.

By the time we got together I hadn’t had sex for a long, long time. Of course, Lisa and I had spent many hours cuddling and kissing before then. Even in that department she showed me what I had been missing. However, when we were finally free to take it to the limit she got really aggressive. Wow, I’d never experienced an aggressive lover before. What an incredible feeling to have a woman who pursued me, and wanted me as much as I did her. I really didn’t know what to expect since we were new to each other, but I wanted her badly and needed a good drink of water after traveling through a sexless desert for years.

As we were kissing, she didn’t even wait to take off my clothes or hers. I was wearing shorts and she reached up the pant leg and grabbed my cock stroked it for a while, then extracted it through my zipper. Now, I had told her that I had erectile dysfunction and needed to take care of some business before I could get hard, but she kept at it anyways. I was extremely hot for her after all the kissing we’d done, and she began by slowly kissing and licking me. It felt so incredible. My ex had gone through the motions a few times, but I had never experienced this amount of intense focus and pampering before.

After a few minutes of this I opened my eyes and noticed that Lisa would occasionally look up at me with those eyes that I had come to love. She was so incredibly into loving me, and it suddenly dawned on me that this this physical pleasing was her way of showing me how much I meant to her, how much she wanted me, how happy she was that we were together now. I recognized that look in her eyes. Up until then I was a bit preoccupied about first-time jitters. Was it weird for her that I didn’t have an erection? Was she comfortable? However, when I saw that loving look in her eyes I decided to give myself over to her completely, to enjoy the gift of love that she was offering. I closed my eyes and reveled in the incredible pleasure she was giving me.

No one had ever been into giving me pleasure, caring about how I felt. This may not have been the first time, but the contrast between the occasional formulaic, passionateless maneuvers that passed as lovemaking in my previous relationship, and the wholehearted way Lisa was selflessly loving me made me feel like I was losing my virginity. My entire focus became the way her tongue and lips were pleasuring me. She had me on that pre-orgasm plateau of dreamlike bliss for a while, but then I felt my balls tighten, I started panting as the flood of pleasure welled up inside of me, then my entire body tensed up as the ecstasy spread from my cock to the rest of my body. I began to moan, then felt those incredible contractions of pleasure. I had been without for so long that I pumped a good amount into her mouth which she graciously swallowed.

I lay there panting watching her smile at me, her face beaming. She kissed me and snuggled into my arms. I said something about being sorry about cumming in her mouth, and she brushed it off. I started to realize that I had been programmed to have a lot of worry, and nervousness about sex. Lisa would cure me of that. What really blew me away is that she asked for nothing in return.

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