New Life Part 2 – Wife has rights to do anything.


new lifeRead Part – 1 to know about my wedding. After the wedding and the outdoor fun the night was over. When i woke up in the morning i was so tired. Suddenly i received a phone call from my relative. They asked me and my wife to come over to their place for dinner. I went to kitchen to tell her about the invitation from my uncle. She was just in her Red bra and panties making coffee. I was stunned seeing her beauty. Her hair was swaying like a kite and her face was glowing in the sunlight which comes through the window. She turned and showered a smile upon me. I was happy and i felt lucky to have such beautiful wife. As i said her about the invitation she said that she didn’t have a proper dress to wear for the occasion. So we both decided to go shopping after the morning breakfast. I came to my room after my bath and was checking for the clothes. Suddenly my towel slipped down and i heard a voice say

Julie – Don’t take the towel. Just turn around for me

i turned to her side. To my greatest shock she was also naked and she looked like a goddess to me with those erect nipples and dripping pussy.

My cock which was just 2.5 inches evolved to a great monster of 6.5 inches. It was craving for pussy. The nerves stood out from my cock and my wife came near to me and stroked it slowly and kissed me.

Me – Haaaa…. I can’t take it anymore….

Julie – No.. Not now we have got a long day dear.

Me – how can i roam around the city with a hard on.

Julie – Do u want me to jerk it off..

Me – yes baby

Suddenly the phone started ringing. Now it was Julie’s phone.

She took the phone and it was her mother on the phone.

Julie – hi mom….

I decided to take advantage.. I hugged her and pressed her body against me.

My cock found the correct place to go inside… Her pussy lips and  My cock’s tip was now kissing with so much passion.

She said no don’t do it. (in a low voice)

I didn’t listen to her i just pushed my cock inside her pussy.

Julie – Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

As i was so close to her i could hear what her mother was saying.

Julie’s Mom – What happened dear.

Julie – Nothing mom…. Aaahh….. Just doing my hose hold chores..

Julie’s Mom – is your husband awake…..

Julie – Yes mom… he is awake and doing his job so well….

Julie’s Mom – Oh so good to hear…. Do both of you find time to talk with each other.

Julie – He talks less mom…He is always concentrated in his job and he does that really well…

Aaaaahh…… little slower dear….I can’t talk (in a low voice)

I laughed and slowed a bit…

Julie’s Mom – ok dear…. i called you to invite you both this weekend to our home.

Julie – Sure mom… we will come there by morning…

Julie’s mom – ok dear tkcre

Julie – ok maa….

She kept the phone down…..

I didn’t climax and took my cock out and smiled at her….

She came after bath and then we went for shopping…

After shopping and the film we were getting ready for the function

In the function my wife had revenge on me for teasing her.

She sucked my cock in their garden and stroked me to cum so hard…..

Julie – Sorry hubby….Wife has rights to do anything….

She winked her eyes….and kissed me leaving stunned…

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