New Life Part 1 – It’s all yours.


new lifeIt was morning 4 am, and everybody in the home was getting ready for the wedding.


Everyone went to the church, and I was getting ready in my home.My friend was waiting with the car. After getting ready, we went to the church, and I saw my future wife dressed beautifully as an angel. Seeing her made me happy and hot too. Our first meet was in a Restaurant, and we discussed each other about our interests. She was open minded and modern too. She wore a t-shirt and jeans. My eyes saw her boobs, and I have to say it was pure and big. She also saw me seeing her breasts. Suddenly I coughed and drank some water. She laughed at asked

Julie – Are you ok

Me – you….

I suddenly made an excuse and left to my office.

I told my parents that I liked her, and they fixed the wedding.

After the wedding, i talked to her

Me – I am sorry that I went suddenly on our first meet.

Julie – Don’t worries I understood that you were nervous.

Me – Ya I was ……. But it was because of u.

Julie – Me……. What did I do

Me – you were too hot….

Julie – She laughed and said, so that was the reason you went suddenly ah

Me – Yes…. u r really beautiful as an angel…. (in her ears) you body shape is a goddess…

Julie – Oh my hubby started to admire me…..

Me – How about we play some games like dare

Julie – right here…. and do you want to play that now….

Me – S ….

Julie after some time said yes with a smile.

Me – I want you to give me a hard on….

Julie – Here……No

Me – Hey then accept me that you have lost

Julie – No…. Every one wud see us dear….it shud b personal only between us.

Me – Ya…. I am sorry. I have sum wild fantasies…that y ….dent mistake me, sweet heart

Julie – hey dint ask sorry my dear hubby….. I AM ALL YOURS FOREVER FROM NOW…..

Me – I love you Julie….

Julie – Love you Sam…..

Me – feel to kiss you now.

Julie – hmm… how about you take me to home now….

Me – sure….

I took Julie in the car to my home….

While driving, she removed her dress and showed me her boobs.

Julie – Honey…what do you feel about this…

Me – you are making me hard dear….i cant control it

Julie – don’t worry I will take care of it

She removed my pants and started stroking my dick….

I was in heaven she slowly caressed with her lavender color polished nails….

Julie – hubby I will take it in my mouth….

Me – Oh you are wild dear…..

Julie – it’s for u…..i love you

Me – I love u baby….(kissed her on her lips)

Me – I cant reach home.

Julie – I feel to fuck you now….

Me – k…take me as u wish ( she removed her dress completely)

We got off the car and checked if anyone was there…..

Me – no one is there come out….

Julie – make it soon dear….we don’t wants to get caught on our wedding day

Me – Hmm.. yes … how about you suck it first

Julie – you are not afraid of being caught ….

Me – Nope…

Julie – your wish

She took it in her mouth and started sucking with love

after some time, i asked her to bent over, and I took her in the doggie style

she started moaning with pleasure….

Julie – I think someone is coming

Me – no dear….

Someone was coming but was not able to stop….

Julie – I know you cant take it out….you can take me inside the car….

I took her inside and started pounding…..

Me – I think I am going to cum….can I cum it inside

Julie – sure hubby….don’t ask these nonsense questions….you can cum wherever you want in my body.

After that, we were tired and took some rest ….. seeing her hips and navel I was turned on again

And we nearly did three times before we reached home…..

Finally we reached home…..

Mom – Son takes Julie and go to your room

Me – k mom

Julie – (slowly laughing) eh already you did me three times….

Me – don’t you want to make it four times…

Julie – 5 is my lucky number…..

I took her and removed her clothes and bent her over and started pounding……she kissed me, and we slept….

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