Mr and Mrs Bond At The Banquet


james bondIn 1996, my aunt was celebrating her 60th birthday, the whole family, even some of my husband’s family were coming to the 60th birthday party at the Astoria World Manor in New York. My aunt chose that one, as it has the name of the town we’re all originally from and the fact that my sisters and I had our wedding receptions here, so that brought back a lot of memories too.

This was obviously going to be a formal occasion, so we were in for a bit of Mr and Mrs Bond secret role-play. I wore a white dress with bits of black lace on it, giving it a bit of a Parisian feel. This was an amazing place with amazing food. We ate a scrumptious dinner before lighting up the dance-floor. Sure enough, the slow dance songs came on, and I felt blissful as my husband and I danced together, just like we did on our wedding night, especially when the lovely Celine Dion song “If You Asked Me To” was playing.

The banquet was wonderful, and after I said goodbye to my dear aunt, we went to our room and put the girls to bed. Mission accomplished!

“You know what I liked most? Dancing with you, sweet heart.” I told my husband,

“Me too. Holding your hand with my other arm around your waist felt so special as it always does.” He replied. As we knew they would be, our girls were both sleeping like babies after this big night, but my husband and I had no intention of sleeping yet. We played Marilyn Martin’s version of “Move Closer”. My husband undid his bow-tie and also undid one of the buttons on his shirt, which looks very sexy on him. He then gently kissed me on the lips after which I undid the rest of his buttons while I kissed his collarbone as he off took his suit.

He felt my breasts over the silk of my dress before loosening it, and gently pulling it down. I saw the aroused look on my husband’s face when he saw that I wore no underwear at all. I unbuckled his belt and the the zipper and let him do the rest, as I love watching him pull his pants and boxers down.

He then lay on his front getting ready for me to massage him as we sometimes like that before having sex. I applied some oil on my hands and his back. I was so wet, and my ladyplace had no hair on it so it was silky smooth. After massaging him with my hands, while straddling over him, I applied pressure on his shoulders and back using my hands as I wet-massaged his butt with my silky wet ladyplace.

“Ohhh yes, my sexy that’s the stuff! You’re always so silky down there when we have sexy times!” Moaned my husband as I polished his sexy bum with my feminine fluid.

I applied some oil on my breasts and front of my body and I performed a body-slide on my sexy husband, massaging his back with my breasts while I slid on him back and forth, listening to my husband’s aroused breaths.

“Oh yes, baby, yes!” He moaned.

Then, I lay on our bed so he could do me. My husband skillfully used his fingers and hands to do my back before doing my head and neck.

“Oh, honey you’re always so good at this!” I managed to say as he massaged my neck and shoulders.

Then, I spread my legs for the best part. I could tell my husband was thinking “Oh yes, my sweet. You’re wetness feels best on my hardness.”

The entrance to my vagina was extra sensitive as he came inside me, with no hesitation at all, and he kissed me passionately. Everything turned passionate immediately. We embraced tight as he passionately thrust deep inside me and grunting with every thrust, while I, too, responded pleasurably.

“Throbbing and slippery hot, my little darling. You smell wonderful with that rose and lavender. It gets me extra turned on.” He said between kisses.

Every part of my ladyplace felt the pleasure as he went at it with a passion and he felt my right breast before moving his hand up to caress my neck, French kissing me again. My moans turned into cries as he heightened his speed. He was so deep inside me, and that in itself was always intense for both of us.

As my sexy husband pleasured me, I had a sudden orgasm, accompanied with ecstatic cries and slight pelvic jerking movements, thus making my orgasm even more intense, so much so I could barely handle it! My arms were wrapped around him tight as I responded to the throbbing orgasm while he hugged me tight. Sweaty when I came down, my arms remained around him as I relaxed, enjoying the erotic sounds of my husband coming.

He let it all out, loudly vocalizing and then taking a moment to catch his breath after the orgasm subsided. He rolled me on top of him and he gently kissed my head as I rested my head on his chest. I remembered his heroic act when we played Mr & Mrs Bond in 1987, and smiled as he stroked me. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, not letting go until we got out of bed the next morning.

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