My First Black Experience – True Sex Story


My husband and I have good friends, Becky and Rick, who live down the street in our subdivision and we often go over there after dinner for a drink and maybe play a board game. Over Christmas they called us up because they had some family over and wanted us to meet them.

There were about 20 people when we got there and they had been having a good time. We met Becky’s parents who were in from T****to for the holiday week and also their daughter, Kaitlyn, was home from college at the University of Wisconsin. What a great group of folks with some cousins and we seemed to fit right in.

After a couple hours some people left and Becky’s dad went to bed. Since it was mostly girls left, my husband, Mike, decided to call it a night and walk the four houses down to our house. I told him I’d be home soon and I had a garage door opener so don’t wait up. We live in a gated community in Batavia among homes that cost over $600,000. It’s very safe.

Kaitlyn had two girlfriends over from school and they were talking about boyfriends, sororities and college life. They were all cute, but one girl named Andrea was very pretty, like a beauty queen, and she was apparently dating one of the star football players on the University of Wisconsin team. She said that he was in town visiting football buddies in Chicago and that they might stop by later.

At this point there were nine of us girls left and we had been drinking plenty of wine and beer. The gate attendant called in and said that an Escalade was here with Jason and three other guys requesting entrance to see Kaitlynn and Andrea. Of course, we let them in and soon they were in the driveway. Since it was late Becky, Kaitlynn’s mom, understandably did not want her driving around with guys at night now that it was past 11pm. Even though the girls probably did such things while away at college, it was agreed that she would stay in tonight.

Becky invited the boys in for a visit in the basement and the adults would even stay upstairs in case we got in the way. When they came in, I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen such huge guys before in my life! The way Kaitlynn and her friends were talking I expected the usual skinny high school kids that I always saw around the neighborhood or at school events. Instead, four hulking black guys walked in wearing full length leather coats, shiny gold jewelry and bright white teeth. The shortest one was over 6’5″ and I have to say they were beautiful.

So here were four suburban moms all staring with our mouths open and the guys started chuckling. They were extremely polite and even brought a gift for the hostess, Becky: a box of candy, which was a very nice touch. Instead of relegating them all to the basement too quickly, we invited them to sit at the dining room table for a bit and have a conversation. They were all quite interesting and well-mannered for young guys who surely did not want to waste time with a bunch of “old ladies.”

Jason, Andrea’s boyfriend, grew up in Chicago and went to high school at St. Rita before getting his scholarship to UW as a running back. D’ondrey, who must have weighed over 300 lbs, was from South Carolina and stated that he wasn’t used to the bitter cold we had up north. The tallest guy was Malcolm from Grand Rapids, Michigan who was Jason’s roommate and played wide receiver.

The darkest boy sat next to me and introduced himself as Bilal, from South Africa. He also did not like the cold weather, but was getting used to it now that he had been here for two previous winters. He said he played on the defense but missed half the season with an ankle injury. Bilal had three more semester before he finished his business degree and hoped to go back home and work in the capital city.

We talked for almost an hour, and I drank another two glasses of wine. The night was very pleasant and I was surprised at how interesting these guys were, all with varied backgrounds, positive outlooks and educated opinions. And Bilal smelled good. They were not intimidated by adults, although at 35, I was the closest to their ages of the adults at the table.

After midnight I decided it was time to go home, but had to go to the bathroom, and excused myself. The powder room off the kitchen was occupied by one of the girls so I went downstairs to use the guest bathroom there. Becky and Rick’s house is one of the largest on the block, over 7,000 square feet, the rooms and hallways seem to go on forever and the basement door is all the way around the back of the house.

The basement was empty and dark but familiar to me. The bathroom is cavernous and has a Swedish sauna attached off the huge shower. The heat had not been turned on and I barely sat down and began to piddle on the cold toilet seat when a soft knock was at the door. “I’ll be out in a minute,” I said at a louder than normal volume.

“No, no, it’s me, ” said the soft voice outside.

“Who? I said I’m almost done,” I replied. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

I finished, and washed my hands and straightened my sweater. When I opened the door, it was Bilal!

“Oh!” I was surprised at how close he was to the door. “I’m done here, Bilal, it’s all yours.” And I began to walk past him.

“Shhhh,” he said quietly. “You don’t have to go.”


“I came down here to see you.”

“Me? Bilal, I have to go home now.” I felt myself sway a little bit form that fourth glass of wine, or maybe it was the musk cologne Bilal was wearing. He put his huge hands on the sides of my shoulders to steady me. He was warm and strong and it felt good.

“You don’t have to go home yet, Maggie.”

“Umm.” I hesitated. I did not know what to say. I looked out into the cool, dark basement. Nothing there. “Well…”

Bilal leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I can’t say I felt guilty, but I remember thinking that I should be feeling guilty. But immediately I was warm. Instinctively, I pushed away and he released me.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I did not mean to do anything wrong.”

“No, no. I mean yes, yes. It’s wrong, Bilal.” I stuttered. “We could get in a lot of trouble here.”

He laughed and a broad smile broke out across his mahogany face. The top few buttons on his white knit sweater were unbuttoned and his chest was muscled and glistening. He had black dress slacks and shiny black shoes. I noticed a huge bulge behind his fly, which, given his height, was only about a foot below my eyes.

“Come in here, Bilal.” I looked around again and then closed the bathroom door. “We can’t do this. I’m married and have two kids. My husband is just down the street and there are people upstairs.” My lips were pleasantly numb and I could sense that I was slurring ever-so-slightly.

“You are beautiful, Maggie. Nobody will know.” He came close and kissed me again before holding me tight. I could feel his immense penis against my sternum, just below my bra clasp.

“I’m beautiful? What do you want with an old lady, Bilal. I’m more than ten years older than you are.” I looked up and saw his puppy dog eyes staring down at me and then they wandered to catch a glimpse of my small cleavage beneath my loose-fitting purple sweater.

“Gorgeous.” He kissed me again and his right hand groped my left breast before slipping down to my crotch. “I know you have the fever, Mom.”

“You’re very fast, Bilal.” I was wet and began to giggle.

He unzipped his pants and released his cock. I looked down and was amazed at it’s size and dark color, so black that it looked deep blue. I could not help but touch it. Then I grabbed it. It became even harder and larger.

I’ve been married for ten years and I have not been with any other man since I met Mike 14 years ago in college. Even before that, I had only two other boyfriends growing up and I would barely call my experiences with them sexual. Sure, Mike and I have had our small problems, but nothing serious and we are dedicated to each other and raising our two boys. I have never considered straying.

Bilal was unzipping my jeans with one hand and stretching my sweater at the neck with the other, trying to feel my breasts. “Wait,” I said. “You’re ruining my new sweater.” He stopped and I took the purple sweater off over my head. What was I doing? Just to save him from inadvertently straining the neckline, I voluntarily became topless!

He looked down at my lacey white bra and immediately tried to un-do the front clasp. I began to sway again and was undecided if it was the alcohol or the sight of his large cock swinging in front of me. Soon my bra was off and my tiny breasts were cupped in his beefy hands. I pushed against his solid abdomen and felt the ripples between my fingers.

Again Bilal leaned over to kiss me and this time he lifted me up from the armpits and placed me on the counter near the sink. “You’re tiny, ” he remarked. “I love tiny women.” I saw his dark hands holding his solid log dick on my pink-white thigh. My jeans were on the floor.

I blushed and felt my crotch getting wetter as he stroked it with his two fingers. At this point I knew I couldn’t turn back and decided to hurry the process and get home. Also, it was so illicit that I was very excited. I bent forward and put the cumbersome thick cock in my mouth. He began to thrust his hips smoothly and I gagged slightly. I had no idea that dicks were ever that big and it took both hands to control it.

I sucked it and licked it and he caressed my hair and breasts. Then he lifted me off the counter and turned me so that we were both facing the mirror. I leaned forward, holding tight to the stone countertop. Bilal eased his monstrous cock into my soaked vagina. I let out a whimper.

He thrust it hard and fast. I had never imagined such a large dick would even fit, but it did. Oh Jesus, it filled me up. I looked up into the mirror to see his contorted face, eyes closed, working to fuck me with all his might. I would usually say he “made love”, but this was different from any sex I had had before. I pushed against his thighs to make him go deeper.

He turned me around again and fucked me from the front as I sat on the counter. I saw the frothy jism at the base of of his penis. His titanic cock abused my poor little pussy. “Maggie, you’re so tight.” Bilal had beads of sweat on his brow and his tongue protruded out the side of his mouth.

We quickly changed positions a few more times: on the floor in missionary, then I was on top straddling him and finally he took me from behind again, pumped me several times and spilled his juice all over my back. I collapsed on the cold bathroom floor. He laughed and threw me a towel.

I lay there for a few minutes in ecstasy, trying to gather my composure. What the hell just happened? Is there even a word for it? Before I could get to my feet, Bilal was gone and the door was closed. I staggered to my feet and hastily put my clothes on, except for my bra which I stuffed into my front jeans pocket. I looked in the mirror and finger-combed my red hair into some semblance of order.

As I walked up the stairs I mentally rehearsed my lines to Becky and then, later, my husband. How much would they suspect? I had to walk through the kitchen and dining room to leave out the front door. “Maggie! you’re still here?” Becky asked. They all turned to look at me.

“Uh, yes. I went out the back but realized I forgot my coat.” I walked over to the front closet and got my ski parka out, put it on. I noticed Bilal and his buddies smiling and looking down my loose sweater as I slipped on my boots.

“Geez, you are drunk, girl,” Becky said. She came over and helped me zip my coat, then gave me a little hug good-bye. Two of the college girls were shaking their heads in agreement. We all laughed. “I’ll watch down the street to make sure you make it okay, Mags.” Did anyone else know?

“Oh, sure. I’ll be fine. ” I went down the stairs and out onto the sidewalk. I hitched up the collar against the bitter cold air and thrust my hands into my coat pockets. What the hell did I just do? My thighs were already sore from the rough pumping and my vagina was burning. As I entered our warm garage, I glanced back and saw Becky waving as she was closing her front door.

I remained stealthy as I ascended the stairs, threw my clothes in a pile in the corner of the bedroom and slipped into bed next to Mike. He groaned without awakening, and rolled toward me to spoon, with his left hand reaching around to hold my left breast. Relaxed and content, I fell asleep.

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