romance-Letter to my lover who is far away


Dear Lover,

It is so hard to be without you. When you are away it feels like part of me is missing. I don’t get to hug you and tell you how much you mean to me and how good you make my life. I know I say those same things a lot, but I feel them everyday and never want you to forget that I think about you and thank God for you every day.

You are a remodeler. Just like you remodeled our homes, you saw in me a guy with good bones. Without nagging or threatening you have made me better. How could I not want to please you in every way when you make every day of my life a little slice of heaven? You make me feel completely comfortable, completely wanted, completely happy. That is what motivates me to try to be the best husband a woman could ever have. And then, when I do things for you, you are so appreciative. When you recognize the little things I do that makes me want to do even more for you. I love this beautiful cycle of selflessness that we keep going.

The incredible thing we have together is only fully expressed when we make love. I feel sorry for people who only the experience physical pleasure part of it, and have never had what we do. In fact, I never had it until you came along. There are certain experiences that I relieve in my mind over and over again because they remind me of what it is like when we share our bodies, minds, souls, when our spiritual, physical, and emotional energies are all focused on us, and only us. I have never experienced such committment, attachment, connection, and pleasure with anyone else.

One of those is the times I have been massaging your back, caressing you and I sense that all of the tension has left your body. You completely relax and melt into the bed and fall asleep. I lay down next to you and feel so happy to have been the one that can do that for you. I am so filled with tender feelings toward you in those moments. Even though I may have wanted to make love, it doesn’t matter. I know that it will happen later. I just enjoy being your man.

I think you may feel something similar with me. For example, the night before you left you were so tired and you went to sleep. I remembered you telling me that it would be OK with you if I took advantage of you when you were asleep, so I got courageous and slipped inside of you. You woke up and helped me enjoy your warm body. I felt a little selfish, which is why I was surprised that you told me twice how much you enjoyed it and were glad that I did it. I guess the feeling we get in those instances is the joy of selflessly loving the other person.

Another thing I think about a lot is what it is like to be slowly moving inside of you and then to lock eyes with you. In those moments I feel such an intense connection to your innermost self. It is something I have only experienced with you. It is like we communicate things that we can only fully express in those moments, and can only fully understand then. We are not two individuals, but one being. I feel you giving yourself completely over to me. You trust me unconditionally. I open my soul to the only person in the world that I feel this bond with. I desire you and only you with an intensity that I cannot describe, but that I know you understand because your eyes tell me that I am all that you need. I love to notice your breathing become shallow and rapid, see your face flush, and hear you burst out in moans of pleasure. I love knowing that when you see me coming, and feel my hot liquids on your skin, that that sensation is just what you need to take you over the edge yourself.

Everytime I watch you go down on me I remember the first time. I remember the way you wanted me so much, and wanted to show me how much I meant to you. You made me feel so loved and cared for. When I realized that I told myself to just give myself over to you. I completely opened up to you and to the pleasure you were giving me. The last few times have been incredible when you’ve let me finish inside and then I feel you spit my hot liquids back onto me. That is so intensely erotic for me.

The last thing I’ll mention, and I hope you don’t get tired of it, but I think a lot about how wonderful it is to inhale your signature fragrance. It is almost like a drug. It puts me in an altered state of mind, and makes everything else in the world disappear. I just want to breath it in, relish it, mix it with the sensation of your skin and hair brushing against my cheek. I want to focus on the woman of my dreams, the woman who completely sastisfies me. I want to taste you, drink you in, fuse myself to you, probe every part of you, become one with you, become the only one for you. Then I feel that you have complete confidence and trust in me. You open your soul to me and understand how much you mean to me. I especially feel this when afterward you pull me close with your still trembling arms and hold me like you will never let me go.

You are everything to me.

Your husband

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