Great sex in spite of sexual dysfunction


In the ideal world of lovemaking, every man gets a rock hard erection, and everyone involved has a mindblowing orgasm with no hiccups along the romantic path to erotic bliss. In the real world, my world, I cannot get an erection without help from my friends. I have what is called a venous leak. Additionally, I have delayed ejaculation meaning that it takes me a long time to reach orgasm. This is probably due to medicines I take. I realize that many men would die to trade places with me on that one. In spite of all of this my wife understands my issues and helps me have an incredibly satisfying love life. I describe one of of sessions below.


How nice it is to have lots of time, no kids, no rush, no appointments. We started off by showering together then in bed just cuddling, talking, and kissing. There was no hurry. Lisa made the first move and told me to kneel over her so she could go down on me. (When we were first married she thought that I would take it wrong if she told me what she wants. Now that she understands that I love to know what her desires are.) Licking me gets her really turned on so she made the second move and let me know that she wanted me inside of her. I was getting hungry for her love place while she was pleasuring mine so I told her now way, I had to get her wet first by licking her a little bit.
When she slipped off her panties she gave me a nice surprise. She had shaved in the shower after I got out. This was an unexpected novelty that was kind of fun. I don’t have any problem with her hair. In fact, I like to rub my face against it, and I think it looks very attractive on her. I enjoy finding my way through it with my tongue to her clit, but this time there was no hunting for it. It was plainly marked.

This was a good time to make use of my little friend call trimix. It is a prescription injection that goes right in the the side of my manhood. Yes, it hurts, but when I get it in the right place, it is well worth it. While I went down on Lisa the trimix started to kick in. She was hot and wet and I was hard and ready to go. I knelt in front of her and slipped inside. I particularly enjoy this position since I can enjoy looking at her body, and locking eyes with my lover. I alternated pumping inside of her then pulling my cock out and to rubbing her clit with with it.

After a while we switched to doggy style, and since there was no rush I just enjoyed the sensation of moving in and out inside of her soft wetness. She reached for the vibrator and put in on her clit while I grabbed her thighs and thrusted in and out inside of her. Some of those vibrations were getting to me and heightening my sensation along with hers. All of a sudden I get a freaking cramp in my hamstring. I pull out, stretch out my leg and we switch to spooning. She grabs my cock and glides it in, but something feels a bit different so I reached down and realized where she had stuck me. I’m in her backside, which is something we’d never done before. I had always imagined that that would be a tough thing to get into, but we were already very lubed up with coconut oil, so it slipped in easily.

I finally decide that I want to ramp it up a bit and go for the finish line. She tells me she wants to feel me cum inside of her pussy, so I go back to her pussy and start focusing on moving in ways that maximize my own pleasure. A few seconds later she starts panting. I feel her contractions. She pushes the vibrator hard into her flesh and lets out a moan of pleasure. She tosses the vibrator on the floor and I know she’s been satisfied.

I keep at it and almost cum a few times, but can’t quite get there. There has been plenty of foreplay, I’m extremely turned on, and it has been a while since our last session. I’m feeling her really well and my cock is very sensitive. In my mind I start to wonder if I will be able to cum this time. At the same time I’m telling my inner voice to shut up and concentrate. I imagine squirting inside of her, but by this time I’m getting really out of breath from pumping inside my wife’s warm body. I’ve been going at it for about 20 minutes. Our slow-paced lovemaking means that time has gone by and the injection’s effect is starting to wear off. My inner dialog is telling me that I probably didn’t get the injection in the right place because it should last longer that this. I focus on the pleasure of moving inside of her wonderful body and almost get there when I go limp enough that I can’t be inside anymore.

Lisa knows me really well, and even though I may get frustrated about it, she never is, and just focuses on me. She suggests I put a penis ring on. This is a bit tricky because the trimix is still there and I’m not completely flaccid. If I put on a ring that’s too tight it is painful. I go to the bathroom and choose the loosest one, mount it on the tube, put the tub on my cock, pump it up, transfer the ring from the tube to my cock. By the time I make it back to bed, I’ve gone to half mast again. The ring wasn’t tight enough. At this point, I’m shaking because I am so freaking horny and so tired from an extended period of thrusting, so getting that damn pump assembled again, and putting a tighter ring on becomes a bit harder. I drop a few pieces onto the ground, and fumble with the damn parts. I try a tighter one, but it is really uncomfortable and not going to work.

When I get back she’s got the vibrator on herself again so I kneel next to her and rub my half erect self while I enjoy the show. After a while I lay down hoping that that position will help. Lisa presses her body next to mine and watches me. She kisses my neck and rubs my nipples, but I just need a rest. We kiss and cuddle a little bit more and I ask her to finish me off orally. I go rinse off all that oil in the shower then position myself sitting up in bed so I can watch her. She lays between my legs and goes to work. It doesn’t take her long to take me to pleasure’s heaven. There is a point that I reach that I know I’m going to cum if we keep it up. When I get there I suddenly have this desire to unload all of my love liquids in her mouth so I tell her not to stop and that I want to cum in her mouth. She takes that as a sign to rev it up and the feeling of her mouth around my cock and the caressing of her tongue make me cum. I feel her suck it all out of me then spit it out onto my now spent cock. I lay there panting and twitching while she gets a drink in the bathroom then comes back and tells me “I like it when you cum in my mouth.” Wow! I’d never heard that before.

Later that evening after work we got talking about how much we liked our earlier lovemaking session, and how we’d tried some new things, and have become less and less inhibited as time goes  on.  Talking about it gets us going again, but we are pretty much spent so we decide to just climb under the sheets naked and cuddle. However, I’m kind of interested in how this newly shaved pussy feels so I start touching her. She enjoys it so I put some oil on her. She starts to guide me with her hand and tell me how and where to touch her so that it feels the best. She starts getting really turned on and tells me to go down on her. The nice thing about coconut oil is that it doesn’t taste bad like other lubricants. I eagerly slide into position and start licking while she guides me like she was before. I love to look up at her to see how she’d enjoying my loving. Her eyes are closed, her head back. Her chest is rising and falling fast as her breathing gets shallow. She’s got both hands on my head guiding me. She pushes my hand under her and tells me to spread her labia while I lick. I watch her face flush red and hear her making more sounds. When she comes she squeezes my head with her legs, pushes my face into her pussy and screams with pleasure. I come up and hug her and she tells me how good it was. Women are so lucky they don’t have to wait to orgasm again. I wish I could have.

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