marriage heat – The never ending screaming orgasm


Ever since my wife and I have been together, I’ve learned that she is multi orgasmic and she is a screamer.  So the more we have leaned each others bodies, the more orgasmic she is and thus the longer she screams.

Each time we make love, its better than the time before.  So the last time we made love was one for the record books.

When we make love,  the structure is still the same but it gets hotter and hotter each time.  We not only have the physical intimacy,  but we also have the spiritual intimacy as well.

So when we make love, it starts out with some kissing but mainly on bodily foreplay.  It’s neck kissing, stomach and side kissing and a lot of breast and nipple stimulation.   After 10 minutes or so of sucking her nipples, she was squirming A LOT,  begging me to go down on her.  I then buried my face in her pussy while I’m playing with her nipples.  After another 10 minutes or so, my face is extremely soaked and she is VERY much reved up.  I then put my middle finger in her pussy while still licking it.  After another few munutes, she came HARD and I could feel her pussy pustating around my finger while she was screaming for about 30 seconds or more.  After several seconds,  I slowed the licking down until the orgasm died down and then I went back to licking and fingering again and she immediately went into another screaming orgasm.  After she caught her breath, she told me that she wanted me inside of her.  When I pulled my finger out, she immediately went to manual stimulation and before I had a chance to go inside of her, she came again.  So I went inside of her without a condom and after only about 1-2 minutes of intercourse, she came again and again and again and again and again back to back, non stop all the while screaming and what seemed without a breath.  This lasted for what seemed at least 3 minutes.  Along with hearing her steady orgasmic screams, feeling her wet, tight pussy around my cock and my nipples brushing against her large breasts, that pushed me over the edge and I came inside my wife.

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