world of lust and power – My Wife’s Political Ambition

My wife’s political wish takes her to a different world of lust and power
After nearly 18 years of marriage my wife was getting restless let me first tell you about my wife she is now 34 year old a perfect MILF she isa piece of flesh who looks much much more sexy and hot then she used to be when she was just married let me tell you she is about 5’3’’ tall but she is very fair and now she wears a bra of size 36c which still I feel is bit smaller on her huge tits which stunningly don?t sag much even though they are big for her slim frame of body they have nice nipples which are quite big and they are of size of a Five rupee coin her saree when worn on her navel and her blouse when worn deep neck she looks more like a women in heat ready to fuck, her face even now looks cute as she has the best smile and her lips are so full of flesh they can hold on to your tool like a vise her eyes are so deep and so black her hair is so smooth it flows on her shoulders like a silk and the best part of her body is she does not have even a single stand of hair on her body any where her thighs are so full of flesh and her cunt is always kept shaved as I love her to keep her cunt shaved always as it looks smooth as I love licking her cunt more then fucking it I don?t mind keep licking her cunt for hours as it is so sexy and so smooth and so beautiful it has black thick lips which protrude out like the pomegranate skin and her tip of the cunt has a protruding clit which is like a small mountain on her cunt and it is predominant and it is so sensitive any small touching of it can make her go crazy and her cunt looks like a mound settled in between her smooth fleshy thighs

Her ass hole is just next to her cunt is also a wonder of body art she has a smooth full fleshed ass it is full of flesh and big for her slim body her neck is so smooth that once u move your hand over from her neck it drops down to her massive boobs they are so fair you can see the blood veins bluish starting from her nipples down to the end of her boobs down and those tits now have really grown big with her age and wonderfully these magnificent boobs have small sag due to weight of them self and that sag makes those beautiful boobs more sexy then her smooth tummy which has not much of flesh on it but it has small bit of flesh at the ends to hold her dress or her saree in place so these flesh has been useful to hold her tight when I hold her to fuck and her hips and her ass curve so well on her tummy as you move your hand you feel as if you are moving over a mountain of smooth silky fleshI think with this explanation you can imagine my wife how she must be looking like , in brief she was a cute, homely, traditional , mother of Two kids one of them a teenager and she looked so full of flesh and she had right flesh in right places and the best part was her fair color and her chubby body her cute sexy smile she was in total a perfect MILF

After having married to such a sexy and beautiful women for 16 years I thought I was the luckiest guy on earth with time moving and years of our marriage getting more I am now 48 but she still is a 37 year old full fledged women at her prime and I was reaching an early old age as with age I left my job and started my own business which flourished and I became too busy with work and too much of work and with day gone by my time was spent more on tours and on office looking after day to day activity of business I became too lethargic physically with this my sexy wife need were not looked after by me regularly she had every thing now a home a big villa with a outhouse a car to move around and servants to take care of the housework
our sex life had become more and more conservative and predictable. Somewhere along the way the woman who indulged many of my fantasies and kinks had grown more and more plain in her sexual preferences.

I fondly recall in years past suggesting that we fill a condom with water and freeze it fill it with water from the kitchen sink, tie the end to prevent leaks and put it into the freezer. I remember watching her fill the condom with a fair amount of water and telling her that water expanded when it froze and her telling me that she knew that and seeing the twinkle in her eyes that let me know she was looking forward to feeling the icy dildo inside of her pussy. Watching her fuck herself to orgasm with the frozen condom was always a turn on as was fucking her after while the walls of her pussy were still chilled from the icy dildo.

I used to tell her to go to the bedroom, get the ropes and to strip naked. I would then tie her feet to the foot board. I would also take a belt and cinch it around her slender waist and then take two ropes, run them under the belt and tie her to the footboard so she could not scoot her ass away from the edge of the bed. Finally, I would tie rope around each knee and tie the ends to the posts on either side of the bed spreading her wide open. For a finishing touch I would jam a pillow under her ass which had the effect of lifting her pussy higher and make it even more exposed.

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