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car sexI have always loved having some adventure in my sex life. What I mean by adventure is doing things that the average person does not get to do, or won’t do. Things that are different than sex in the bedroom,  or, things that are different than  scheduled sex, like “Now it’s time for sex, strip down.”   My thoughts about that is “How boring!”

Sex, to be fulfilling, needs to start with the mind, then move into the wonderful physical pleasures, and make themlast as long as possible. The combination of those things brings about a great sex life.

When I say it starts with the mind, I mean things like being seduced, or doing something sneaky, or taking chances, or feeling like the person wants you, or even thinking “What will happen next? I hope it is … (then fill in your own things) It can also be being surprised by your spouse. Adventure can also be things like being nude in a wooded area, getting nude in a pool, lake or river. And, in the case of this story, playing around as you drive down the road.

This story deals with both the mind and the physical pleasures. Great sex always has both.

I love having sex in the car while going down the road. If you are thinking that it is unsafe to do that, you probably are right. But, the idea is to be as safe with it as you can be, while playing around.

I was on about a 3 hour trip with my wife, and we were on the way home from seeing my parents. We had gone about 2 hrs into the trip, stopping to occasionally look at some flea markets along the way, as well as making a pit stop at a highway rest area. We both had been enjoying the trip, and now we were about an hour away from being home.

My wife said to me “I am going to lower my seat back and relax for awhile.”

I said “That’s fine, honey. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.”

Once she got her seat all the way back to where she was laying down with her head pretty much in the back seat, she then said “I believe I am going to get a little more comfortable over here.” Then she started unbuttoning her top, opened it up, and slid it off of her body.

I was totally surprised that she had no bra on. Ihadn’t noticed it, but I guess when we stopped off at the rest stop on the way home, she had taken her bra off in the restroom and hid it in her purse. So, now when she unbuttoned her top, her tits basically fell out of the shirt.

My wife has large 38 D tits. She is, maybe, 20 lbs overweight, but still looks very, very good. We are both in our 50’s, and I am also about 20 lbs overweight. (We are both working on changing that)

When she opened her top up, and I saw her beautiful tits, I was thrilled. She knows I love it when she surprises me with this kind of thing. Once, in the past, she did it when we drove 3 hrs to go to an Eagles concert. She went braless for the entire trip, and I totally loved it. So, she does this from time to time, and I absolutely love it every time she does.

I smiled as I looked at her, as my eyes then looked down to her tits, then went back up to her face. Her smile back to me said volumes to me without her having to say a word. It was like the look on her face was saying “I am doing this for you. Hope you like it.” Her body was in a very passive position, awaiting whatever I wanted to do. And, THAT was a huge turn on to me.

These kinds of things are exactly what I am talking about when I say that sex first starts in the mind. My mind was totally thrilled with everything she had already been doing. I actually felt very privileged that my wife would do this for me. Secondly, I also realized that she was taking a bit of a chance in doing it because if we passed a semi-truck they could easily look down and see her. So, not only was she doing this for me, but she was taking some chances in doing it. So, to say I was thrilled (and excited) would be an understatement.

I reached over with my right hand and started squeezing, fondling, and massaging her tits. She was laying back with both of her arms to her side, and in a passive way her body was saying to me “Have at it.”

Her tits are so large that they are bigger than a handful for me. I love massaging them, and it was an even bigger thrill to do it while I drove. I still tried to keep my eyes on the road as I used my hand to play with her, but I would sneak occasional glances over just to look at her tits. I noticed that her nipples were getting very hard, so I took the opportunity to use my fingers to play with them. (I always enjoy doing that)

Later I noticed that laying in the backseat, within easy reach, was a blanket. She saw me looking at the blanket and she smiled and said “Make sure you give me warning when we pass a taller vehicle, and I will cover up with this blanket. I don’t want to be thrilling the truck drivers as we go down the road. They will be calling ahead on their CB’s to all of their buddies and we will have 50 semi-trucks following us down the road..”

I smiled and then laughed at her cute humor. I reassured her with “I sure will. By the way, thanks for doing this for me. I appreciate it soooo much. This is wonderful”

She said “I love you, and this is just another way I can show it. Besides, don’t you remember when you said to me ‘Married couples can do things in the eyes of God that unmarried people are not allowed to do.’ So, we need to always take advantage of that. We need to make our marriage fun and playful, even a little sneaky at times.’”

I said “Yes, I do remember saying that.”

“Well” she said “I am showing you that I paid attention to that comment.”

When she says stuff like that it means so much to me.

After about 10 minutes of me playing with her tits, suddenly she looked at me, smiled her ornery smile, then she reached down to her jeans and started unbuttoning them, and then unzipping them. She slid them all the way down to the floor, and then completely off. She had on nothing but a cute red nylon lycra thong.

I said “Mmmmm, baby. You look so hot.”

Then she turned over on the seat onto her belly so that I could see her cute ass. She knew I loved seeing it when she wears thong panties. I had told her many times that thong panties shape a woman’s ass. I always described it as a beautiful picture frame, on a great painting.

When I first married her she was hesitant to wear them, saying what most women say “I am not wearing those things where they stick up into my ass.” But, after a little encouraging on my part, plus buying some for her, she eventually gave in and then found that they really were not like she thought they would be. She began to love them, and she especially loved the attention I gave her when she wore them. She started realizing that thong panties make the ass even hotter, plus it does not show panty lines when she wears pants or jeans.

As she laid on her belly, I started rubbing her ass, and then I would occasional glance over at her near naked body, laying on the seat. All of this had my cock growing inside of my blue jeans. In fact, I had to keep reaching down and shifting it around.

After a few minutes, she then lifted herself up onto her elbows so that I could see her tits hanging down. She knew I loved seeing that, so she made sure that was a part of my view of her. So, I now had a view of her cute ass in those adorable thong panties, and could also see her big tits hanging down, as well.

“Mmmmmm. What a hot view,” I said.

She said “Well, thank you. I am glad you are enjoying it.”

Then she began moving her ass around in little circles as if she was trying to entice me. I had a big smile on my face, as I took turns playing with her hanging tits and then rubbing on her ass.

We had been into this little game a good 20 minutes or so, when she reached her hands behind her and pushed her panties down to her knees. Then she went back to wiggling her ass around slowly. And, if that wasn’t enough, she asked me “What would you love to do with me right now?”

I said “I would love to pull this car over in a nice secluded spot, and fuuccck you from behind.”

“Mmmmmm. That is what I would want, too. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy.”

Then she reached behind her and slid off her panties entirely. Then she went back to her previous position of sticking her ass up in the air and wiggling it around.

Meanwhile, I was making sure that, as I drove down the highway, I was not passing any taller vehicles. I wasn’t ready for her to cover up and slow this little game down.

After about 10 more minutes, she slid her head over to me, while making sure she continued to stay low in the car so she could not be seen. She unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, then helped me slide them down to just past my knees. My cock was hard as it pressed against my thin, black, nylon lycra underwear. You could see a wet spot on the underwear where my precum had leaked out of my cock

She said “Mmmmmm. Someone IS having lots of fun. Glad to know I can still effect you like this.”

I said “Yea. You really are good at that.”

We were now about 25-30 minutes into this little game, and it was starting to turn dark. I knew it would be completely dark by the time we got home.

Next, she started rubbing her palm up and down my cock on the outside of my underwear It felt awesome.

For me, and I am sure most guys, once the precum is flowing, every touch feels 10 times better.. I loved all that she was doing, even though she had not officially touched my naked cock yet. I kept thinking “I wonder what else she has planned?” (Do you see all the ways that great sex always involves the mind?)

Then she slowly slid her hand down inside my underwear and wrapped her fingers around my cock, and started lightly stroking it up and down, as she watched my facial expressions.

She was able to use the precum that was flowing from my cock as a lubricant to stroke me with. I wanted to close my eyes and just lay back and let her do her magic, but I knew I had to keep my eyes on the road. I did think “What a way to drive home ! You can’t beat this (no pun intended. he-he).”

She then slid down my underwear and my jeans all the way to the floor, I had cowboy boots on and the jeans were wide enough at the bottom that she was able to easily slide the jeans and underwear over the boots and completely off of me. I was sitting there in the driver’s seat, now almost completely naked. My cock was standing up in the air with precum flowing down it. I was wearing nothing but my cowboy boots. A nervous thought entered my head “What if a cop stopped me right now?”

Then I thought “Well I hope if it happens, it will be a cop that understands how important it is to have a good marriage, and he or she would be understanding.”

My wife knows how to pace herself when she strokes my cock. She has always done a great job with stroking me. Most of the time (when not driving) I will close my eyes when she strokes me and just lay back and enjoy all of the feelings. Then when I do open my eyes up, quite often I catch her looking at me closely and watching my facial expressions as she plays with me.

So, as I drove down the road, she was using a slow steady stroking pace, as she twisted her hand as it slid up and down my cock. It felt sooo good. I thought to myself “There’s not a woman on earth that can turn me on any better than what she has done in this car today.”

I have always believed that the best sex should be in the lives of Christian marriages. Unfortunately, that is not the case in all too many Christian marriages. It is only the select few who have made sure that they work hard at keeping their sex life adventurous and fun. They are the ones who have the best sex lives. They are the ones that make sure that Satan doesn’t defeat their marriage because of any wrong views that either one of them might have about sex. They make it their goal to never allow Satan to give unrighteous people a better sex life than they have.

We were now about 20 minutes from being home, as she then lowered her head down to my lap and started licking all over the head of my cock, then sliding her mouth down so that she was sucking it, then pull her mouth back, and start licking it again. It was not long until my cock was starting to throb, so she stopped what she was doing. She said “I better slow down, huh? I don’t want you to cum in the car this time. I would rather save it for when we get home. I want us to both run into the house naked, and fuck each other’s brains out.”

Her comment made me both chuckle at how cute they were, and how much of a turn on they were for me. In my marriage it took a long time before she would use some dirty words with me, especially the word “fuck”. But, over time, she realized that, in the context of a marriage, these words are fine. She knew that they turned me on when she occasionally used them. And, to be honest, I was thrilled when she reached that point of seeing things that way.

When she laid back down on her seat, she laid down on her back. I really wanted to rub on her pussy anyway, which I had not gotten the chance to do yet. So, for the last 15 minutes or so of our drive home I played with her pussy. I also would occasionally slide my hand up to her tits and play with them for awhile. I kept doing this, back and forth, from her pussy to her tits, again and again. I loved it, and she loved it.

When we pulled into the driveway, we were like 2 kids running from the car naked into the house. I still had on my cowboy boots, with nothing else on. As we ran she said “Keep the cowboy boots on while we fuck. I love how they look on you.” I just laughed.

We ran through the house, and once we reached our king size bed, I pushed her onto her back on the bed and got on top of her, still wearing my cowboy boots. She spread her legs wide, and bent them up for me. She then placed both of her hands on my ass and shoved me into her as my cock easily slid right into her pussy.

I normally like to fuck slow and sensual, but I was so worked up from everything we had done on the trip, that I pounded her pussy. This was the first time I have ever seen her cum from me fucking her. She always cums only from me playing with her pussy. But, I guess we were both so turned on that this turned on her orgasm switch and she came hard. I could feel her pussy pulsating, throbbing on my cock as I kept still for a moment, allowing her to feel all of the feelings.

After about a minute, I started up again, fucking her, but not quite as hard as before. Again, in about 2 minutes, she came again. But, this time, it was too much for me to last any longer and I exploded my cum inside of her.

Afterwards, we laid in each other’s arms as long as we could until my cum started streaming out of her. As we laid together we rubbed on each other’s bodies during that entire time. We also smiled a lot, and then finally she started laughing. I said “What is so funny?”

She said “Everything we just experienced. Was that a blast, or what? We were like two teenagers having fun. I loved it.”

The last thing I will say to wrap this story up is this. I really think a great sex life should involve really hot adult time, but it should also involve tapping into our “kid” side. Playing in the car, being sneaky going down the road, running into the house naked, and finally laughing at the end, tapped into our kid side. And, it was wonderful as we mixed hot adult stuff, with our kid sides ….

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