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roleplayI’m the owner of a nice hotel-resort in San Diego. I’ve had years and years of overseeing the place while my top-flight managers take care of the day-to-day details. I’ve enjoyed meeting people in the lounge area and have been invited to join their table from time to time. Tonight I was wandering the lounge again and encountered and attractive older woman who looked to be a little less than my age. I usually just smile at people and if they say something then stop to engage. She didn’t say anything with her lips but her eyes spoke volumes when she returned my smile. She gestured for me to sit across the table.

We exchanged pleasantries, but there seemed to be another channel of communication that was signaling between us. She told me why she was traveling, and I told her why I was here in the hotel. Our eyes were riveted on each other with few glances away; something was there, some chemistry. She was smart, and a good talker but something about her was smoldering to me.

Aha, that’s it. She finally talked about coming out of a long-term relationship. It was a good breakup and fairly congenial with no recriminations… they just weren’t suited for the long haul. Here’s the part where it gets unusual; she started talking about their sex life! Through the ups and downs of any relationship the one thing that stayed steady for them and the one thing that didn’t change was their lust for each other. He was a careful and attentive lover and she poured herself all over him most of the time. She was content with the final outcome of their love relationship, but she was seriously stressed by not having an outlet for her demanding body anymore. Even more amazingly, she admitted to me that even though she could “take care of herself”, she missed the feeling of a man’s weight and she missed running her hands over him.

Whew. Time for a round of drinks. Thankfully as the owner, that’s never a problem.

We talked and talked, and I realized that I was starting to want her myself. I’ve never actually hit on a customer, and I wasn’t going to start now. I finally made up an excuse and tried to finish and move on but she wasn’t cooperative, and I couldn’t get away.

The hour was getting late, and the bar-keep put out the last call. Unbelievably, she invited me back to her room where we could keep drinking and keep talking. My head spun as I processed this. Could I do it? Would it stay discreet?

She stood up and said, “I’m going” and drilled me with her eyes. I knew then that I was following her and that I had some drilling for her too. We headed to the elevators and got off at the 17th floor, just below the penthouse on the 18th. She swiped her keycard and we were in. I had second thoughts about being a guest… but she had invited me, and she had connected with me with those eyes.

She poured us a couple of drinks and put on some music. Almost before we sat down; she was all over me. She kissed and kissed and then sucked and tongued like a starving animal. She pressed against me and writhed and just as she clearly wanted, even against my will (a little) she started a reaction in me that was deeply emotional and oh, so physical.

More kissing and we ended up on the couch. Now the hands started wandering, and I don’t know which of us started feeling under the clothing of the other one first. It didn’t matter since the clothing was gone as fast as you can think.

I kissed and smelled her petite, natural breasts and marveled at their beauty (I really could stare all day). I nuzzled gently at her nipples, not knowing how she would respond. No need for the question, though, seconds later, one was in my mouth, and she pressed her torso firmly into me. I fondled her other breast with my hand, and she rubbed and pulled at my manhood with hers. Wow, she really was hungry.

She rolled me onto my back and straddled me with her backside to my face. I hardly had time to register that when I felt the incredible warmth and smooth glide of her mouth engulfing my dick. Oh, dear god; I’ve missed this. Even with as much passion as we’d started out; she quickly moved much more to pleasuring. She slowed down and yet intensified the sensations. I felt as if my whole being was concentrated in that little appendage. Sure, she was adept with her tongue but I loved that she was dedicated and patient and adding layer after layer of pleasure. I could feel myself almost starting the climb; but not yet.

She lubed her finger and gently circled my own rosebud with it. What, was she really going to do this? I hardly had time to think the question before she gently but firmly impaled me with her middle finger. The penetration sensation was delightful and she moved her hand so the finger when in and out smoothly as she continued to expertly suck me. Just as I was getting used to those double sensations she started rubbing and gently pressing my prostate. At first it didn’t add anything but after a while I felt something like the “climbing feeling” of regular sex but even deeper and slower moving.

Yes, it was slow moving but I knew it was unstoppable. I felt a physical fullness greater than anything I’d ever experienced and at the same time felt an urgency combining with it. She sucked and sucked and increased the pressure and tempo of the prostate stimulation and I finally exploded into what would have been a geyser of cum… except that she kept it all contained in her hungry mouth and gulped it down as fast as it came out. Finally, spent, I stopped ejaculating but she didn’t stop sucking or fingering… she just got more gentle. After a little while longer she quit and said, “there, that takes care of you right now. You owe me payback and more; all-morning tomorrow”. I really wanted to do it now but I felt the crazy sleepiness that sometimes overcomes men after sex and we quickly climbed into her bed and slumbered together.

What an amazing time. What an amazing woman. I think that tomorrow morning actually will be even better than today; I can hardly wait for it and I long to get my hands and mouth on her again and send her into an ever higher orbit than she’s sent me!

I woke in the morning and lay still for a while trying to collect my thoughts and get my wits about me. Suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t alone in the bed and I looked over to find a slumbering companion… it was Mrs. Baldy. Wait, what? It was Mrs. Baldy all along! Wow, just wow. We’d so given ourselves over to fantasy and roleplaying last night that we’d fallen into actually believing it. Oh good, it was okay after all, it was still just us… my real lover and my fantasy lover; both always fun, fresh, new and still familiar and yet both the same.

Life, love and sex are just amazing.

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