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Spending Night

Greetings Guys! I’m Ravi, 36, Ahmedabad, Architect by profession. I am well travelled and well read in all the means of fun people dream of and to describe my physique and I’m 5’5″, fair, shaved head, athletic gym built with adequate sizes and stamina to satisfy in the best way.

This comes as my first story to start with and with good responses and I have a stock of one story every day to share and enjoy. Let’s come straight to the point now. I was in Dubai at that time say in 2009 and used to freak out at the discs and pubs on week end nights.

One such Friday night I was at a premium disc on Sh. Zayed Road with my friend and his girlfriend night was getting lovely with every number played and people were chilling out to the max and we had already booked the table for us to make things more comfortable to us.

We had one of the finest locations in the hall and I ordered with a bottle of Chivas 21 for myself, Jack Daniels for my buddy and breeze for his girlfriend and some eatables. We were having fun with drinks and lovely music playing and having great views of some lovely babes around.

My friend pointed me to a gorgeous babe standing alone in the corner sipping her drink and looking around for place to settle down. It sounded me as a good potential. She seemed to be very beautiful gal in her 20s and seemed to be from Middle Eastern background. I speak a bit of Arabic being in that place for more than 10 years.

I took my glass and went towards her and gave a smile and started the conversation with full confidence and entire conversation was in Arabic + English but I translate for you guys.

Me: Cute smile buddy where are you from?

She: Yes, I came from Dubai before one week.

Me: Yes Dubai is beautiful same like you.

She: Big man business man gives me job haha

Me: Between what’s your name? I forget to ask you

Me: Nice to meet you Ilham and can we be friends?

Me: great why don’t you join me on my table and my friend and his girlfriend too are there.

She waves and walks with me to the table. I introduce her to my public and we settle down and by that time we all finish our drinks. I ask her for drink and she agrees with single word same. I order for her and us chit chat about how she managing to live in Dubai, etc and she told me

She was staying with some of her distant cousin sister but she was not comfortable. I took the opportunity and said if you work for me. I can offer you a room in my house itself hahahah I had a huge 4 bedroom apartment where only me and my friend were staying he just giggled and said no problem.

We had a great night full of fun drinks dance and food came out around 2:00 AM and while just casually talking while driving and she told me she likes to watch sunrise from mountain and have never seen it yet in her life and all antennas up in my mind

And as I am always immediately declaration lets go to see sunrise at Jabal Hafeet it’s a hill station approx 150 Km from Dubai. All accepted and in few minutes and we were on highway in my Prado and reached on top of Jabal Hafeet around 4:30 in the morning perfect to watch the sunrise in those cold days.

We were just 4 and one car on the top as mostly that place is deserted just like a normal picnic place in the early mornings in some time and we were watching the glory of a lovely sunrise and I was also delighted to see such a lovely view enjoyed a lot and after having some snacks and coffee there.

We left back for Dubai around 8:30 reached back at 11 and dropped Ilham and my friends GF and came home and we had already exchanged the numbers for further communication.

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