A Beautiful Dream Come True


beautiful dreamRecently I had a beautiful dream of making love with my husband during our younger days. It was very vivid, I could feel the gentle caresses, the orgasms, and as I felt my husband kissing my neck, coming down, I woke up to my husband kissing my neck.

I caressed my husband’s body, responding to him as we started kissing on the mouth. My husband slid a strap on my nightgown off my shoulder and kissed my cleavage. I sat up to take my dress off so he could view my body before laying back down.

“I dreamed about our younger days in the 80s.” I told him between kisses,

“Were we making love?” My husband asked, quietly. I smiled and nodded, letting out a soft “yes”.

“We were kissing, you were caressing me, so gently. I could vividly feel our orgasms before you kissed my neck. Then I woke up to you kissing my neck in real life.” I explained.

My husband gave me a lovely wet kiss on the mouth before saying:

“I woke up and felt like looking at our European photo album, and those photos always bring me back to those times. And here we are, and you’re still so beautiful and sexy. I just had to kiss you, and touch you, sweet darling.”

My husband took all his clothes off during this sensual conversation, and then he resumed kissing me.

“Mmmmm…” I smiled as he kissed my neck and then I exhaled sensually with my eyes half closed in arousal.

I lay on my back, and I wanted him inside then and there, and I know he felt the same because I’d barely spread my legs as he entered me right away. I breathed with pleasure while hugging him, loving him so and still attracted to him after all these years, and I’m so thrilled that he still finds me attractive. We still feel like newlyweds.

Sounds of pleasure escaped our mouths as we passionately kissed each other. All the nostalgia was so raw, as always and it just makes love each other even more.

I let out soft cry of pleasure as he kissed me. We still were feeling the nostalgia of our Christmas in Greenland and remembered how it all got to us. My husband made my ladyplace throb as he played inside of me, while savoring our passionate, sensual kisses.

His hands felt warm and comfortable on my breasts as he stroked them, warming my nipples. I held him close, and ran my fingers through his hair, caressing him so gently.

Then he sped up, intensifying the throbbing sensation. My ladyplace heated up, and got wet some more. I clutched my sweaty, sexy husband as I orgasmed powerfully, letting out all my pleasurable expressions while he twitched and shivered in ecstasy.

We embraced lovingly as he kissed my neck, just like in the dream before we rolled on our sides, embracing close snug in our soft white bed cover. We soon fell asleep again and woke up still in each other’s arms.

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