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Marriage Heat Journey

Marriage Heat JourneyBetween fifteen and twenty thousand visitors a day come to We are a community on the marriage heat journey to bring blessing to our world.

Our goal is to see the beauty of hot monogamy and share it. The world needs this lifestyle to work well as better marriages make for healthier families. Better marriage mean less divorce. Divorce hurts kids, and the spouses involved.  The advice and community sections serve those who want to build hot monogamy so their marriage will be healthy and lasting with God’s help.

The Biblical Song of Songs focus is for those who want to share this beautiful world-view from their practical lives and imaginations. We judge no one’s sexual journey. In fact, we want to surprise individuals or couples to look again at hot monogamy as their preferred futures. We are welcoming singles to be part of this marriage heat journey because we share the hot monogamy imagination and beauty while they are developing their sexual identities.

When it comes to the sexual imagination for both married or single, we compete with the pornography and erotica industry that depicts monogamy as dull and boring. We feel no shame in promoting clear and explicit journeys of hot monogamy. We are excited to include a community to share this marriage heat journey with us!

We have rejected hundreds of posts and comments that paint a world-view where non-monogamy expressions of passion are presented such as swinging, threesomes, and adultery.

Reality check, many of these rejected posts do reflect the hunger for intimacy even if found in a place far away from the marriage heat world-view. Many of the rejected stories were written because their marriages were dull. Most adultery stories mentioned that. “My husband was one of those slam-bang thank you ma’am guys, I wanted more from life” or “My wife was checked out of our sex life.”

Most swinging stories had “spice up” premises, “We wanted to spice up our dull sex lives, so we started watching pornography and began talking about swinging.” These rejected stories usually depicted a leader who promoted the swinging trying to convince the reluctant one to join. The leader was usually the husband by the way. The wife reluctantly joined, and all ended happily ever after in the story. The rejected threesome stories are generally of including a woman and exploring the wife’s “hidden” desire to make love to another woman.

The honest fact is that people are searching for something. Some lives and marriages have become dull and sad. Some marriages are on auto-pilot with one or both checked out. The focus of this website is to ignite marriage passion. We want to share the stories, the parables, the advice of those who practice hot monogamy. We believe the marriage heat journey is practical and insightful for a large percentage of the world population.

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