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Share story is about stating the obvious: Marriage Heat not only has the hottest stories promoting hot monogamy – it also has a great number of hot commentators!

And I think this is more valuable than you might already appreciate.

I want to bring two things into focus about this:

First – Just as the leadership of Marriage Heat does a wonderful job in setting guidelines, and lovingly upholding them for our edification – they also tirelessly keep updating the recent comments. Keeping us in touch. Thank you Marriage Heat!

Secondly – What is the benefit of these comments? Personally, I so enjoy the reactions and responses of the MH family. They often help contextualize and personalize each story in meaningful ways.

I love hearing comments from both husbands and wives about how a story touched them, brought a new idea, got them heated up – or added a new wrinkle to something they already do.

I love the honesty and frankness. There are so many things in the stories that are perhaps not part of our current experience. It is fun to learn more about how others tweak what was just written about. I am so often put in the mood for action as I read other’s comments – it leads to hot sex. Often the sex is soon after.

I like that some who (for whatever reason) choose not to write stories – still choose to give comments. They too, make a huge contribution to MH. More than they probably know.

For example: PacMan recently wrote a story. In it, he said that he was a commentator on MH – but not a frequent story contributor. Honestly, I was kind of surprised – because I see his name so often. It struck me anew, “the commentators make up a huge part of Marriage Heat.” I had thought that PacMan had written many stories because his writing had touched me – but came to realize that it was his comments that had touched me often.

So, my whole point in this MH family is: If you don’t feel motivated to write stories – Remember how much your comments can impact others! And comments don’t take much time or effort. They get published relatively quickly.

Don’t misunderstand me! I love so many of the stories – yet on occasion – a comment from a story touches me even deeper. The stories and the comments all come together in a wonderful and unique way at Marriage Heat!

We all mix together to make a sizzling, hot melody – praising God for the joys of sex in marriage! And hopefully we are stimulating one another to hot, monogamous sex with our spouses – or with our future spouses.

Which leads me to this final point – on which I plan to write more about: None of us have the perfect sex life. We all face trials and tribulations – some more, some less. Without promoting depression, perhaps we need to also include a few more of our struggles – and how we overcome them with wisdom by God’s grace.

Brothers and sisters who love swimming at Marriage heat – JUMP in the pool of commentators if you haven’t already. Even brief thoughts can touch a nerve – or make something turn hard☺

I want to say thank you to all for helping us in promoting our marriage heat.

Your partner in the sizzle,

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