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something newSomething new by My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years, we recently started trying new things to keep the passion going and am I thankful for that. It’s not only amazing sex it also made our marriage and our love for each other so much stronger.

Amazing night! My husband bought me a new toy we have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoyed it but on this particular night something magical happened. I was walking out of the bathroom when I say the bed with a pillow in the middle of the bed ready for me to lay down, as I saw my King next to the bed waiting for me I knew it was going to be a great night. He as me to get undress and lay down, I quickly did what I was told. He lay next to me and started kissing my lips, oh how I love his lips, he then moved to my ear and he whispered “tonight is all about you, we are not going to make love tonight I just want you to cum for your King” like the good girl he always wants me to be I agreed “yes my King”. He continue to kiss me he then hands me my new toy, then he said “here I want you to hold it and make yourself go while I kiss you” again I replied “yes my King”, hearing his voice telling me what to do turn me on more and more.. My King knows exactly what to do to drive me crazy so he quickly starts to move to my breast gently touching my nipple with his lips while graving the other breast with his hands. I started touching my pussy with my toy, I know how much he likes watching me touch myself so I always put on a show for my King.

My body stated to tingle and I felt a warmth going up and down my legs until my body cannot hold it any longer and I stated to cum. It was amazing! Just when I thought I was done I started to feel a craving for his dick to be inside. I ask him to fuck me, but he quickly reminded me that tonight was all about me and that if I wanted his dick I would have to wait until tomorrow. Hearing him say that only made me want him inside me even more. I continue to beg asking him to fuck me, he saw how much my body wanted him so starts to tease me with the tip of his dick while he kissed my lips. Feeling his dick so close to my pussy only made my want him more and so much that I started to beg for him to fuck me. I knew that hearing me say that was turning him on more and more he could feel my body scream for him. As he continues to tease me my begging finally paid off, he inserted his dick inside me and the wait was well worth it. He continues to fuck me until he filled my pussy with his cum….My King has completely satisfied his Queen.

Ladies NEVER be afraid to try something new!

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