Wedding Night


I’m a young woman (and yes I’m still a virgin) who’s waiting for the knight in shining armor….. but while waiting for God to put him in my life…I’ve been wondering about my life with my future husband, especially the intimacy that we will share together. So here are my thoughts put in writing! Hope you like it:

-The wedding night-

Our wedding was extraordinary! The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was a blast. Coming from a part middle eastern background, we don’t settle for “quiet” receptions.

Speeches were made, and it came time for the first dance.

Hand in hand, my husband, led me to the dance floor. There he stood before me. My husband. Finally mine! His stuffy black hair, memorizing brown eyes, his immaculate smile…all mine. He put his hands around my tiny waist and drew me close.

The song began, and we slowly started our waltz. I can barely call it a waltz because we barely moved a metre in radius on the floor.

My head rested on his broad shoulder as his lips hovered over mine. I felt his breathing. In out. In out, so slowly and so subtly.

I could smell the scent of his cologne.’1 Million’ by Paco Rabanne. Good choice, I thought to myself.

“Baby you look so beautiful” he whispered in my ear as we danced. I loved hearing his voice. Throughout the day and night, all  I’ve been doing is talking to friends and family, and barely any time with my man.

“You look so handsome, my husband.” I pulled my face off his tux and smiled at him “my husband” I repeated with a little giggle.

He smiled ear to ear “its surreal isn’t it?” He asked.

For a while, I stared into his eyes and got lost. I thought about our life together in the future, our past and now being here with him. He leaned forward once again and put his lips on mine. Oh, how nice it was. We heard a few loud cheers from our audience, whom for a moment I forgot were there. I pulled away and laughed. He laughed. We both laughed. Again moving in closer, he nudged his face against my cheek.

“How much longer are we staying here?” He said quietly and politely.

I wasn’t too sure, but all I knew was I had been in heels for far too long, and my toes felt numb.” not too sure, another 1 or 2 hours or so..” I replied.

Suddenly, I heard his voice change. A voice is o familiar.

“Good. Because I just can’t wait until I get you alone in that room tonight…”

His husky sexy voice made me shiver, that voice I had now known weeks up to this night.

About 2 months prior to our wedding, we started renting a small house outside the city. He moved in while I, wanting to remain traditional, stayed at home with my parents. Every few nights id get phone calls late, being greeted by that very same, wanting voice.

He’d tell me he can’t sleep in the bed without imagining me in it, and how he’d love to see me naked underneath him , moaning and panting…

Each time he’d call, I would imagine those things, and get hot and flustered and find my heart racing a bit faster each time. I then couldnt sleep and blame him. Cheeky boy.

Hearing that voice tonight, didn’t just make me lose my concentration, it actually made me nervous. All those late night phone calls, those fantasies that played over in my mind, the expectations…it all came down to tonight.

The reception  was beginning to draw to a close and it was time to head to our hotel…. and how nervous  i was….

-The hotel room-

“Ok, its all good…im fine…im totally fine” i kept pacing in the bathroom. Back and forth, back and forth on the marble tiles.

i had told my beloved that i wanted a quick shower before  bed. He didnt object,  but he said he’d  be there waiting…. and ive kept him waiting for a while now.

I faced the mirror. I stood there in my black lace lingerie, courtesy of my maid of honour. The bra accentuated my breasts, which God had blessed me with…they were quite big and now i was questioning if it was too much. My thick black hair was wavy after id removed the pins and brushed out the hairspray. I had enough in there to hold a building together, i swear.

My dark skin looked nice underneath the bathroom light.

“Hmm, guess im glad i didnt try fake tanning the other day”, i thought to myself “Wait! No! What are you doing?! Focus!”

I took a few deep breaths. Then in the back of my head i heard my husbands  voice. Just reminiscing about those phone calls, and imagining him with me… i felt myself getting more and more turned on. I looked down to see my nipples had gone hard. I guess that was a good sign.

I was suddenly filled with desire. I wanted my husband…

To be continued. ……..

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