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Role Playing Sex StoriesRole Playing Sex Stories – From the moment, my boss entered the office that Monday morning, I knew there was something different about his manner. It could have been the inappropriately suggestive remark he made about the clothes I was wearing, or it could have been the intentional lingering eye contact he made as we casually chatted in the reception area. He certainly seemed to be sending sex-charged signals!

Did I mind? No, not at all. In fact, I had fancied the pants off this man for ages! His deep blue eyes and rugged good looks had captivated me a long while ago. Smiling to myself, I walked ahead of him up the stairs to his office. I slowed my pace very slightly so he would get a good long look at my legs and my firm, curvaceous arse encased in a tight pencil skirt, as I mounted the stairs in front of him.

As we paused outside his office, I stood aside to let him unlock the door. He pulled back from unlocking it, and as he did so, his arm brushed against my breast. He was not looking at me but I caught the tail end of a smile on his face, and my pulse quickened. Something was going on here!

He shut the door behind us, and I heard the lock click. I knew it! I wasn’t sure what had brought about this sudden change in him this morning, but I didn’t care! Maybe my subtle but deliberate flirting in the office in recent weeks was starting to pay off!

His face was giving nothing away, so I tried to match his poker face with a businesslike expression of my own, except I couldn’t resist a flirtatious sidelong glance up at him from under my lashes.

“Well, Ms. Woods,” he said, taking his seat, “let’s get down to business! I would like you to take some notes for an email to Mr. Smith…” I leaned down to extract a notepad and pen from the top drawer of the desk, angling my body to ensure that he got a tantalizing glimpse down my blouse to the curve of my breast and the edge of the lacy black bra below. I wondered just how much encouragement I should give him, and where exactly it was going to lead. But whatever he had in mind, I was up for it!

Mentally congratulating myself that I was up to date with my body waxing and had put on sexy underwear that day, my horny imagination leaped ahead to the possible delights in store. Office nookie, here we come!

His deep, seductive voice recalled me back to the present. “You’re too far away over there, Ms. Woods. Come a bit closer.” I moved over to where he was sitting in his comfortable desk chair, but when I got near him, he suddenly reached up, caught me around the waist and pulled me onto his lap. I gave a startled giggle but did not resist. “That’s much better,” he murmured into my ear. “Yes, sir,” I responded, straight-faced, “I’m at your service!”

He laughed at that, and wasted no more time, but swiftly and expertly undid the top button of my blouse, sliding his right hand down inside my bra to cup my left breast. I gave a small gasp of surprised pleasure as he immediately began using his thumb and forefinger to play with my nipple. My nipple hardened and became deliciously sensitive under his touch. The notepad and pen fell unheeded to the floor.

My heart was now thumping with excitement. As he continued to caress my breast, I reached up my hand and with my fingertips began to stroke his strong jaw and his right ear, and then to run my hand through his thick dark hair. Our mouths instinctively gravitated towards each other as if they had done this many times before. Then I found myself holding his face with both hands as we kissed deeply and passionately, with tongues urgently exploring each other’s mouths.

By now his hands had found and undone the remaining buttons on my blouse and were doing delightful things to both breasts in turn. I started to moan with pleasure at the sensations he was creating and felt his corresponding response underneath my thighs as his cock began to swell inside his pants.

Just in case, he hadn’t yet got the message that I was into this in a big way, I hitched up my skirt to give him easy access to my panties. He instantly got the hint and slid his hand slowly and caressingly up my thigh until he reached the edge of my panties. My thighs parted willingly as his fingers reached under the lace and began gently stroking and squeezing the outside edge of my now highly aroused pussy lips. By this time my juices were flowing, and I squirmed in ecstasy as his fingers probed deeper into my wet pleasure garden.

I urged him to keep going and at the same time I leaned in towards his chest, reaching behind him and tugging his shirt out of the back of his pants. I slid my hands up his bare back under his shirt, gripping him and half digging my nails into his skin in response to his fingers, which he was vibrating with increasing intensity inside my pussy. “Ohhhh, ahh, oh, oh, oh” I groaned, as he stepped up the pace of his movements. What a phenomenal feeling! I wanted him to continue this forever…

At that moment, the phone started ringing. Suddenly we were both jolted back to reality for a split second. But then, as if by unspoken consent, we chose to ignore its insistent ringing and the call finally went to answerphone.

The interruption was enough to break the flow, but not to quench the passion we had ignited. I decided to take charge for the time being. I grinned and whispered, “OK, now it’s your turn, boss!” I slid down to my knees in front of his chair, reached up and unzipped his pants. A deft flick was enough to release his hardening cock from the confinement of his jockeys. Now it was his turn to moan with excitement as I held his cock with both hands and massaged it up and down in strong rhythmic movements until it was rock hard. Next I took his stiff member into my mouth and sucked expertly down on it while continuing the up and down thrusting motion with my hands.

“Ohhh, that feels so good. I’m going to cum any second!” he gasped.

“Oh wait, please cum inside me!” I begged.

Impatient with Desire, we quickly moved our lovemaking to the floor. I pulled my skirt up out of the way and then hitched my arse up so he could strip my panties off me. His pants and underwear swiftly followed, and the next thing I knew he was over top of me, thrusting his fully primed cock into my passion chamber. I grabbed and held onto his muscular arse as we rapidly worked our way into a frenzied rhythm – harder and faster, stronger and deeper, until we finally exploded together in a primal body-slamming climax…


He lowered himself onto me, and we lay there for a few minutes panting and exhausted from the exertion, our bodies still locked intimately together. My body was tingling all over, and it was only then that I became aware of the small carpet burn on my lower back. A memento of our orgasmic floor show!

Finally, he opened his eyes. He turned his head to look at me, smiled and said, “Thank you, sweetheart – you were amazing!” Then he continued, “I hate to say it, but we’d better get respectable again”. I was very reluctant to move, but I knew he was right. We’d been extremely lucky to have had that uninterrupted window of opportunity, but it was unlikely to last.

Not that I could imagine doing any real work for the rest of the morning. Not after such a fantastic, earth-stopping encounter with the sexiest boss in the world – my darling husband.

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