Pregnancy Sex – A Rush of Hormones


For some reason every time I think about how I got pregnant I get very wet. Just the thought of conceiving on my wedding night as a virginal newlywed bride turns me on. pregnancy sexThe first time Nate released himself into me the start of new life was being created in my womb. I’m getting excited just going back to this.

After I found out I was pregnant, making love with my husband was, unfortunately, one thing that was hard for me. I had all day sickness, sore breasts, I was tired all the time, cranky, I hated certain foods, and didn’t want to be touched. I felt terrible that Nate had waited so long for us to marry but couldn’t enjoy himself. We only recently discovered how amazing making love is. How addicting it can be and how exciting it was. I wanted him and myself to continue to enjoy God’s gift of sex to us, but pregnancy made it extremely hard. Fortunately, Nate is an amazing husband and man of God. He makes sure I have everything I need and wants me to feel comfortable. The one good thing about pregnancy and sex is trying different things. We explore and do trial/error going out of our comfort zone.

Throughout my first trimester, I would take Nate penis and play with it. Sometimes I would stroke him to ejaculation, which went all over my hand. He would take his fingers and rub my clitoris and gently touch my breasts. In the middle of my second trimester, my pregnancy symptoms started to subside. I started feeling a lot better.

One day Nate and I were in the shower, washing each other off like we sometimes do. As he washed off the soap from my breasts, he placed one hand on my very nonexistence baby bump.

I’m grateful that we created this life together; Nate said as he kissed my belly.

I don’t know what came over me, but immediately I felt a rush of hormones. Especially in my vagina. My vagina was throbbing. As we finished showering, we dried each other off and helped each other into our night clothes. My vagina was still throbbing. I felt myself getting moist between my legs. The underwear I just put on was slowly getting wet. Nate went downstairs to the kitchen. I tried to fight off my urges. It’s been months since we had intercourse. My pregnancy symptoms made it hard to enjoy sex with my husband. But now I’m craving what we’ve both missed. I guess it’s hormones.

I knew Nate had worked bright and early tomorrow. It was already early evening. We still had to eat dinner. But my body called for him. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed Nate inside me. I needed him to be on top of me. My panties were full of my juices. I went downstairs to the kitchen and saw Nate at the stove. My vagina throbbing got faster. I felt my heart racing. I went up behind Nate and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I’m making dinner Nate said. I hope you can keep it down. If not, I’ll make something else.

It’s okay. I said. I feel a lot better now. I haven’t thrown up in days.

I didn’t know how to get him in the mood? Should I tell him that I wanted him? Should I just pull off his clothes? It was usually Nate that knew how to start off. I just followed. Finally, I just went for it. I took my hand and put it on his red pajama bottoms. I pulled down his boxers exposing his penis.

What are you doing? Nate asked with a stunned look on his face.

Doing what we did in the beginning. Before we found out I was pregnant, I said.

Before Nate could get another word in I stroked his penis. He opened his mouth to speak but I quickly shhh him.

I know you have worked tomorrow, and it’s getting late, but I need this Nate. We both do. I have a throbbing feeling in my vagina that was very sudden. It’s getting intense. I need to feel you inside me. I want you to ejaculate in me.

Nate couldn’t get his words out.

Wow, Nate said. I didn’t know. I don’t  know what to say. I’m worried about you and our child.

Are you okay? Hungry? Is the baby okay?

The baby is fine, I grumbled.

I’m not, because I have a throbbing feeling down there. I want you inside me.

Leave the food for later. Turn off the stove.

I didn’t know what I was thinking, but I was scared that Nate might reject for some reason. So I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do because the thought of it was gross and I wouldn’t know how to do it.

Wha-What are you doing? Nate asked surprised.

I feel bad that you couldn’t enjoy me, I said in a sexy voice.

We went without making love for months. I feel bad.

Don’t-D feel…Nate said as we tried to get the words out

I didn’t answer. Instead, I put my wet tongue on the tip of his penis. I didn’t know about oral sex until I read about it after I was married. The thought of it sounded gross. Besides, I didn’t even know how to do it, but I was trying to do something different.

I took Nate’s penis into my mouth. I dont know how to give a blowjob correctly. I just took the head and began sucking and licking.

Krissi….. Nate moaned.

I loved the sound of my husband enjoying my blow job. I didn’t think I was doing a good job. I pretended his penis was a big piece of hard candy I was sucking on.

I tried to take the rest of Nate’s now erect penis in my mouth. I didn’t think I would fit all of it in my mouth, but I gave it a try.

Ouch, Nate yelped. I immediately took his penis out of mouth.

What’s wrong, I asked panicked.

You kind of bit me; Nate said trying to get his words out.

I’m sorry baby; I didn’t mean to I said remorsefully.

I took my hands off of Nate’s penis. My vagina throbbing grew harder by the second. It was also very wet.

I went to the stove and turned it off. I then took Nate’s hand and tried to pull him out of the kitchen.

Let’s go, I said. We’re going to the bedroom. Don’t even object!

Whose objecting? Nate asked with a grin. I like you like this.

I’m glad you do, I said. Because there’s no way you’re getting out of this. I want your sperm inside me again.

I truly believe when I said this Nate’s penis got even harder.

How come we didn’t just have sex in the kitchen? Nate asked as we made our way to the bedroom.

Because I want to cuddle after and see your face. I want to enjoy everything you for a while.

As we got to the bedroom, Nate started kissing my neck. He took full control. Next thing I knew we were both naked standing up in our bedroom. Both of us kissing and touching one another. Eventually,  we both ended up on our bed. Me on my back and Nate on top of me.

I don’t want to harm the baby, Nate said.

There’s no harm, I said. The baby is fully protected and alright.

Nate took my left breast and gently nibbled on it while rubbing my clitoris with his right hand. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensations.  Suddenly Nate got up.

What’s wrong? I asked.

Nate didn’t answer. Instead, he came back over to me with two pillows.

Lift your hips, Nate demanded.

I did as I was told.

Nate put the pillows under me. I swear he was teasing me. My wet throbbing vagina needed his erectile penis inside me to fulfill me.

I want your big penis inside me, I demanded.

I’m not ready for that, Nate said.

With the pillows underneath my butt, Nate took his finger and stuck it in my very wet throbbing vagina.

Oooh, I slightly moaned that’s good.

Suddenly, I jumped.

Are you okay? Nate asked

You scared me, and it felt different, but it felt good, I said

Nate caught me off guard with licking my clitoris and giving me oral sex. I never in a million years thought we would do oral sex.

Just then, Nate went back down to my clitoris. I felt his sweet tongue flicking over it.

I tried my best to hold in my moans that were trying to escape my mouth. I wasn’t usually the type to lose control or make too much noise. But I couldn’t help the pleasure that was going through my body.

OOOOOO, I moaned slightly

I heard the slurping noises my husband was making as he put one finger inside me.

The sensations were too much to hold in. I grabbed a fistful of sheets and started moving my head from side to side.

Oh my goodness, Nate I moaned. It feels so good.

My breathing got heavy. I tried to muffle some of my moans with my hands.

Goodness baby, I tried to say while covering my mouth with my hand.

I tried to cover my face with my hands.

Don’t do that, Nate said as he stopped eating me out.

I want to see your face and hear your moans. Nate said. Show me I’m pleasing you and doing a good job. It turns me on more.

I removed my hands from my face as Nate went back down on me. Finally, I just allowed myself to let go.

OOOOOO, Nate I moaned. I love the things you do with your tongue; I moaned louder.

At that point, I needed him inside me. I needed to feel him.

Put it inside me now, I demanded. I need you inside me.

Nate got between my legs. His hard erect penis was inches away from my hole. He kissed me deeply on my lips. I then took my hand and Nate took his and we both guided his penis inside me.Only the head was in, which made me crazy.

Put it inside me, I said angrily

I want to take it slow, Nate said

I don’t want slow; I want now! All of it, I yelled.

Nate slowly inches his way inside me. I felt my vaginal walls expand and wrap around his erect penis. It’s an inscribed feeling. The moment of penetration is the best thing about being intimate. We always look at each for that moment. I love watching him look at me during that moment. When I gasp, I can tell he loves it. It’s the sexiest/sweetest thing to watch each other become one; the moment of entry the most wonderful feeling in the world. It is the expansion and fulfillment of desire. Wanting to have something in there is one of the most lovely desires, especially when you know it is going to happen.It feels awesome, like getting hugged down there very snuggly. You can’t tell where “you” end and “he” starts physically.

We kissed, looked at each other, hugged, breathe, without moving. Nate was inside me not moving as long as we can take it. We stayed there for a few minutes (staying still is harder than it sounds, needs determination) Then when we both couldn’t take it anymore, he went slow. I pulled him in.

Kiss Me I said. Nate kissed me on my lips.

Nate pumped a little harder and faster.

Oh my goodness. This feels so good; I moaned.

I wrapped my legs around him as tightly as I could. I felt his hot breathe on my neck.

Don’t stop. Stay right there. It feels so good; I said through gasps.

Suddenly Nate stopped.

Noooo, I screamed. Keep going.

I want to take it slow, Nate said. I want to cherish being inside you.

Nate, I love you, I whispered. But I need you. I need you to ejaculate inside me.

Nate put wet kisses all over my mouth and neck.

We both need this. I want you to slide in and out of me. Pleasure me, I said.

I want to make sure you’re okay and comfortable, Nate said.

I want you to ejaculate your seed. That would make me comfortable; I told him through kisses.

I love you so much Krissi; Nate whispered in my ear.

I wish you could get me pregnant again right now, I said. So I  can carry two of your babies in my womb at once. My vagina is calling for your hot sperm.

Just then, Nate started to pump again. I held onto him tight. Wrapping my legs around him again tightly. We both continued to kiss and lock eyes as his erect penis slide in and out of my very wet vagina.

Yes baby, yes right there I said through moans. Spill your seed inside me. Let me feel it.

Nate picked up his pace. My whole body melted away in pleasure. Both of us were hot and sweaty.

Harder baby, harder it feels good I screamed. OOOOOO, goodness it feels so good.

Please ejaculate. Please ejaculate. Please ejaculate inside me, I said through my moans.

Nate continued to slam himself into me. My breasts jiggled up and down against his chest. Both of us were covered in each other’s sweat. Breathing our hot breaths on one another. Then it came. The moment when I knew my husband was about to explode.

Mmmm, Mmmm Nate moaned. O Krissi. I love you.

Nate continued to thrust. This time with everything he had in him.  I pulled him closed and with all my might held on tightly. Knowing what was about to happen. Nate kissed me on my lips and closed his eyes.

No! Open you eyes, I demanded. I want you to look me in my eyes as you ejaculate inside me.

Come on. Spill your seed. I said as we both locked eyes.

Nate started grunting. I started grabbing hold of his ass checks as his sweaty body was close to mine.

Just then I knew what was about to happen. His face and sounds said it all. I saw a few drops of sweat fall from his forehead.

Come on, don’t hold back baby, I yelled.  Release yourself to me.

Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Nate screech.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I said. Thank you, Nate. I love your hot sperm.

Nate and I were both breathing hard, as he shot his load deep inside me.

He stayed inside me for a few more minutes as he kissed me all over. He kissed me one more time on my lips as he slowly withdrew from me. He laid down next to me with his head on my chest.

I love you Krissi and love our baby in your womb, Nate said.

Eventually, we completely forgot about eating and fell asleep after an amazing evening of pregnancy sex.

P.S. I’m currently a few days away from my third trimester. My husband and I  love every ounce of pregnancy. We can’t wait until our little one gets here.

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