Married fuck – Standing Ovations


It has been a while since we touched each other, with life’s flow pulling us towards everyday chores and tasks, and away from each other. That is why that weekend, alone and undisturbed, wastanding ovations aimed at us and nothing else.

And by nothing I mostly mean clothes: the moment I stepped through the door, after the last day of work for week, she jumped at me from the couch and wrapped herself around me, planting those soft and tender lips on mine – while locking the door behind my back. She was very naked, to my surprise.

“Finally! I thought you’ll never come!” was the exaggerated response to my appeased brow-lifting.

Still smiling, I put down my bag and keys, and proceeded to remove all that I was wearing – happy wife first. She landed on the sofa, staring cheerfully as I bared myself, and stretched. Weekend was here, FINALLY.

“You look surprised,” she said, her smile widening, “is that on my behalf?” she accented her ample breasts, that she know I’m crazy for, with a few deep breaths and a slight shift in her position. I only smiled back, but my dick spoke for me – erecting in front of her face as I stretched.

Her eyes wandered my body as she bit her lip, gently, enough to get me revving.

“Hungry?” I nodded. After a week full of words, some silence was required.

We both sat to eat, the cool breeze from the open window caressing our skin as we both sat stark-naked; the feeling of the fabric of the chair’s cushion against my butt, the taste of the food in my mouth, the view of my lovely spouse and the sound of blissful silence – I was at peace. We finished eating and then chatted a bit about plans for the weekend – all our chores have been made, and with no obligations whatsoever, we could (at last) enjoy some together time.

Then the phone rang.

It was hers, and she answered with a frown, that turned into shock, anger, acceptance, and then – focus. My wife is a delicate flower, tends to find ways to persuade people into action and form, and usually doesn’t give much of a fight in the face of persistent arguers; but not this time. With a few words, said in a strict-but-respectful tone, she brushed this newly found hassle off her, and hung up the phone.

I looked on her with both surprise and appreciation. She looked back at me, composed. “This is OUR weekend, and nobody is going to take it away from us” – then she broke out her smile.

We moved to the bed to pass some time cuddling, talking, watching TV, eating munchies and enjoying the time with each other. It was a cool summer day, and so the windows remained open, and between digesting the food and the troubles of the week wearing off – we fell asleep.

A couple of hours later I woke up rejuvenated, thirsty – and horny. My erection was so hard I could feel my cock pulsating with yearn for my love’s delicious pussy. She wasn’t in bed, so I had to get up. I found her at the kitchen, bent to seek something in the lower cupboard. It took every bit of willpower on my behalf not to impale her right then and there, with this position she was in.

She caught a glimpse of me and stood up, noticing my throbbing member protruding in front of me. Her interest was evident.

“Someone’s happy” she blurted, as she approached me and grabbed my vibrating manhood. She then pulled me closer and said in a gritty voice, “want to see how I make you even happier?”

She didn’t wait for reply, and dove down. Taking a knee, she gulped what length she could into her mouth, feasting on my flesh happy-stick. I gargled something inexplicable vowels and nearly tipped backwards and fell from the rush of pleasure; I was sure I would explode in a moment or two – but didn’t. She sucked me for a moment more, then detached herself and rose up, eyes locking on to mine.

“I thought about waking you up like this, in case I won’t find anything yummy in the pantry.” Her eyes were all flame and passion.

“I’m glad…we got all the good stuff…” I replied, breathing heavily. I pulled her for a long, delicious kiss. I could feel her smiling mid-kiss.

“Not all the good stuff” she pointed out. It was my turn: I dove down, taking a knee and raising her leg onto my shoulder – then proceeded to licking and munching on the best treat in the house. She started moaning right off the bat, as the wonderful wetness that greeted my hungry lips and tongue told the story of unfulfilled desire, echoing my own. I ate her up, licking her silly to a point she wailed so hard I had a passing thought the neighbors might knock on our door just to check on us; she grabbed my hair for stability, pulling me closer to her clit and rubbing herself hard against my face.  Tits flailing, she face-fucked me until she came, screaming bits and pieces of words, as I felt her love juices gushing down my chin. When she came down from her mountain of joy, her groans became meaningful again with three words: “FUCK.ME.NOW!”

I spent no time arguing, and span her around as I got up, ending with her back pressed against my belly, head resting on my chest, my dick tucked between her buttocks. I could feel her heaving… once… twice… then I leaned her forward, slowly, until she was perpendicular to me. She took in a breath…

…and I drove my long, hard, sleek shaft into her inviting sweet vulva, smack between those gorgeous round buns. She exhaled sharply, having been impaled so fully. I let out a small yelp of great joy, with my balls pressed hard against her entrance, begin fully submerged into her. We held like that for a moment or so.

“YESSSSSSS….” The word drizzled from her mouth, as if by the sheer force of the piercing.

I then began to pump her good, the way we stood: my hands on her thighs, pulling at her “love-handles” as a contra to my thrusts; her hands grabbing any hold she could find and on her own thighs, looking for support against the waves of excitement and pleasure that coursed through her. We fucked like our lives depended on it, giving in to every thrust, reaching every top together. The rhythmic thumps as her ass bounced off my pelvis was like standing ovations, soon to be followed by moans and grunts, and as the beat grew quicker – so was the intensity of the mumbling.

“Fuck meeee… fuck meee!!!! Oh, fuck meeeee goooooddd…” she cried in between thrusts.

“Oh baby, your pussy is so tight… you like that dick, don’t ya?” I replied as I hammered my shaft into her love cave again and again, battering away every day of forced abstinence, every moment of longing. Her breast wacked back and forth as the motion made them flap – adding to the building rhythm.

“OH.YES.I.LOVE.YOUR.COCK.RIGHT.THERE.JUST.LIKE.THAT” with every pulse another word escaped your lips, as if trying to hold against the tide of pleasure.

I could feel her vaginal muscles wrapping and contracting around my hard shaft, deep inside of her. Then I felt it – the shivering from deep within – and I knew something marvelous was coming. Her.

With a few more rigorous stokes, she flanged her head backward while pressing hard against me to a standstill, voicing her insurmountable burst of passion loud and clear. I could feel her nectar flowing, dripping down my balls. As I held her carefully against the breaking tide. A moment passed, then another, then she breathed heavily as I laid her down on the couch, panting.

She was slumped on the large cushioned seat, sweating and heaving, smiling. “I want you back inside of me… but I don’t want to move… god you have such a wonderful dick..” her voice trailed off and her eyes closed.

I leaned and kissed her, then straddled her thighs and began rubbing her magnificent bottom. Humming of acceptance came after. Having my dick all wet and slick between her ass cheeks, I began rubbing it between them while messaging; the feeling was sensational – her round buns smothered my member, encasing it in a warm wrap of soft skin and love nectar sauce.

That is why, when I pulled back and spread her cheeks, my cock slid so easily into her warm and welcoming vulva – it felt so natural and amazing. My partner voiced her agreement: “goooood… that’s the spot”, and I agreed: “I think we should stay like this all the time. Your sweet ass… so amazing”. I kept sliding in and out, slowly fucking my incredible wife on the way to another glorious climax. I so love to make love like this: with her on her stomach, chest propped up on some pillows, to allow her to rest with those buxom mountains of breasts; her ass cheeks between my thighs, my cock tucked deep inside her warm and luscious, wet pussy; feeling that silky-soft skin caressing my testicles with every motion, in and out. If I could, I would have stayed like this forever.

But as nature has it, too much can only end with a blast: after a while of playing, I came in a gratifying burst inside her round, sweet ass. We stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying the afterglow.

“You fuck so nice,” she murmured, purring while I rubbed her back, “care to do me more?”

I smiled and kissed her sweaty back, my dick hardening again, rubbing in the bosom of her butt.

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