Mr and Mrs James Bond Return


james bondShortly after our fun time in Canada, my husband and I went to New York. My mother and aunt were staying in New York, as my mother was there on business (mom worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines, so she traveled all over the world, and we’d either go with her when we were young or stay with relatives depending of the time of year).

James Bond Return 

We stayed at a grand hotel in the Times Square area, as my mother was a regular guest here with her company so she was like a guest of honor really, so she invited us and everyone welcomed the rest of us too. We were so surprised, when my mother collected us from the airport, we weren’t expecting this beautiful hotel! After spending the day sightseeing, including Times Square, we returned for dinner. The hotel was very pretty and cosy, and the dinner dress code was formal. So it was role-play time again for us!

My husband wore a black tux with a white bow-tie, and I wore this time the same white dress that Lois Chiles wore in “Moonraker” and when my husband saw me in it, he almost lost it! I smiled as I walked over to him and kissed him.

“You smell of rose and lavender. I’m gonna be all over you tonight.” He said,

“I hope you will be. Your men’s cologne is doing things to me.” I responded.

We walked down to the dining area, and we saw some of my cousins sitting with my mother and aunt. We talked while having dinner and then hung out by the pool where some of the other guests were. Then, all of a sudden, a little girl fell from a balcony into the pool, startling us all, and my husband immediately dove into the pool, swimming to the girl’s rescue. As he walked towards the pool steps carrying her out, I went in a little bit and stepped on the pool stairs to help him out of the pool.

I happened to have a towel, so I dried her off a bit. She seemed quite in shock I gave her some candy, and I held her so my husband could rest. Her parents swiftly came so I handed her back, and as I dabbed my other hand towel on his face to dry him off they told us:

“We can’t thank you enough. You both are very noble people, you’re Godsends, you two.”

They said that they’d be delighted to have us over sometimes, and we’ve been close friends with them ever since! We went back to our room to wind down. My husband took a shower. I stripped down to my strapless, silk white under-dress as I lay back and had a stretch. I put on some more scent as I heard my husband drying himself.

He came out of the bathroom, naked and he ran his hand up my leg, onto the the silk, caressing my body through it. He kissed my neck and savored the scent. He got me to flip over so he could loosen the bows on my garment and gently slide it off me before I flipped back over.

“What you did tonight, was so amazing! I’m completely turned on.” I told him.

“You were amazing too. Comforting the girl, and giving her candy. And that dress looks better on you.”

I sensually spread my legs, as my husband slowly went inside me. I knew his arousal was high because he was so hard! It was almost as if his penis had a bone in it! He kissed me so tenderly as his thrusts pleasured both me and himself. I caressed him while embracing him, remembering his heroic act. My husband dug his hand behind my head, with my hair running through his fingers as he stroked me. I felt so blissful feeling his love and as he kissed my neck I kept smelling that cologne of his, which got my senses tingling.

I kissed him while savoring that scent, and that particular scent is so good on him specifically. He kissed my neck while holding me tight. My sexy husband started gently thrusting as he stroked my breasts.

It felt so good to make love in the white silk, it made it all the more sexy. I ran my fingers through his hair, and I breathed sensually as he went a little harder. I suddenly had a strong, and beautiful orgasm rush all over. I let out sharp cries of ecstasy as my body tightened, responding to the sweat-producing climax.

My husband went faster as I came, holding me close to him and I felt him quivering with pleasure, going even harder as he does when he comes. I loved orgasming while listening to my husband’s orgasmic exclamations.

When we came down, we both were truly exhausted. After taking a moment, my husband rolled me on top of him and he embraced me again, and kissed my head, lovingly. I rested my head on his chest, and I felt his heart beat rapidly. He gently stroked my hair behind my ears as I started to fall asleep in his arms.

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