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oral sexMy wonderful husband and I recently spent 4 days at a small but exclusive  Rocky Mountain resort. The resort had a natural hot spring  sulfur pool and a naturally heated sauna. On the second day at the resort, we were enjoying the hot sulfur pool. We were the only people in the pool and sauna area. After about 30 minutes in the hot pool, we decided to move to the sauna room. The sauna was cave like with rock walls and a heavy wooden door over the entrance.

oral sex – Rocky Mountain Sex

Since we were the only people there, we  placed our swim suits on the rack by the door and entered the sauna with only our towels.  After a few minutes in the sauna, we began to kiss and explore each others body. It did not take long for my husbands penis to rise to the occasion.

I asked him “Would you like a blowjob?”

I knew the answer before I asked as he never turns down a blowjob, no matter the place or the time. Besides, I like giving as much as he likes receiving.

He was sitting on a bench so I dropped to my knees and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. The first taste was salty from his sweat, but it soon turned to  pure pleasure. I was completely lost in the moment of  sucking and licking his cock and balls.

Suddenly we heard people talking as they entered the hot pool area. We paused for a moment but then we heard them jump into the hot pool.  The presence of other people only added to the erotic experience of giving my husband a blow job in the sauna.

I returned my attention to his wonderful cock. I knew that it would not be long before he would fill my mouth with his hot cum. The knowledge that someone could open the sauna door at any moment only added to the intensity.

I continued to rapidly slide his cock in and out of my mouth. The feeling of his hard smooth cock in my mouth and the taste  of his pre-cum was enough reward for me.

Then it happened.

It seemed like 4 or 5 big squirts. But I was able to take it all into my mouth.

I looked up at my husband and smiled.

Both of us were content knowing that the joys of marriage never end.

He then said to me, “Your pleasure will come later”

We wrapped ourselves in our towels and exited the sauna. We walked by the couple in the hot pool. They asked us if we were enjoying ourselves at the mountain resort.

My husband replied, “we are having extreme pleasure”

We then  headed off to the cold showers to cool down and rise off.

Little did I know what was in store for me later that evening.


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