Sex Playlist #3 — “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”


Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend:

I found myself dreaming

In silver and gold

Like a scene from a movie

That every broken heart knows

This week we’re going to take another step in the “be creative” side of this playlist. This song doesn’t necessarily ooze sex unless you know how to use music. Don’t worry. If you don’t, I’m always here. The best thing about this song is it’s also a duet, and so it makes breaking “ladies’” and” men’s” parts down a lot easier.

This week we’re looking at Meghan Trainor’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” on her debut album “Title.” You may know Trainer from her smash hit last summer, “All about That Bass,” and that’s fine. It’s a good song and its tracking young women everywhere to love their bodies. But unlike most candy coated pop stars today Meghan can actually sing and this ballad which she sings with the great R&B legend (pun intended) John Legend. This song focuses on the fact that time in this life is short and we never know when we’re going to lose our lover. A little downer but then the song points out that you should use that knowledge to love your lover as if today you will lose them. But don’t take it from me, take it from the singers themselves.


I found myself dreaming

In silver and gold

Like a scene from a movie

That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight

And you pulled me close

Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone


I woke up in tears

With you by my side

A breath of relief

And I realized

No, we’re not promised tomorrow


So I’m gonna love you

Like I’m gonna lose you

I’m gonna hold you

Like I’m saying goodbye wherever we’re standing

I won’t take you for granted ’cause we’ll never know when

When we’ll run out of time

So I’m gonna love you

Like I’m gonna lose you

I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you


Point blank and simple without even doing it, Meghan used a biblical promise, or pointed out a biblical promise. We’re not promised tomorrow. And as Meghan says, of course, you should love your husband like you’re going to lose him, hold him like you’re saying goodbye. No matter where you’re standing—maybe it’s an argument, possibly tragedy struck in the family, perhaps on a trip across the world, don’t take him for granted.

Always remember that whenever you get to be near him again, whether it’s been months, days, a few hours, or you just woke up from a bad dream and you feel that heart skip a beat when you see them again, don’t let time run out. The whole point of this website is we break the chain of what society says can happen in marriage. That it can become stale, that we stop caring because it’s the same every day. Let this song be a reminder that every day can be different even if it’s on repeat. Let it remind you that when the time comes we will all want a little more time with our spouse. But this song can help you see that if you utilize every minute then there’ll be nothing to regret.

This is a slow dance song. When you get the chance to dance this with your hubby, lose yourself. Don’t say anything. Just stare into his eyes. Whatever he has to say to you with his own eyes, listen to, but all the while say everything you have to say with your eyes and this song. And then when you get the chance. Take him by the hand and into the room. Either lie down and open wide for him or straddle that gorgeous husband of yours and take it slow. Don’t waste a single second lubing—err—using time to every last drop—tick.



In the blink of an eye   Just a whisper of smoke You could lose everything   The truth is you never know   So I’ll kiss you longer baby   Any chance that I get I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets   So let’s take our time   To say what we want   Use what we got    Before it’s all gone    No, we’re not promised tomorrow


Mr. Legend steps in during the second verse and helps us get a little more detail that we just never really know when that time will end with our spouse. Husbands, if you’re having problems figuring out how to continue to show your wife that you truly do savor every moment, John has a few suggestions. Kiss her longer, every single chance that you get. Open up, say what you want to say, don’t hold anything back because once again, we’re not promised tomorrow.

Again this is a slow dance song. If you get a chance, if you have a favorite place you guys dance, get this song on, whether in public or private. Take your woman by the hand and pull her close. Don’t say anything, just look into her eyes and tell her everything you want to say. Let your eyes and the music do all the talking and then take her to your room and grind with her nice and slow. Let her feel all the love and time you guys still have. Don’t waste a sinlge inch—er, I mean minute.



Whether you’re waiting on that special someone, you just started dating someone that makes you feel on top of the world whenever you’re around them, or you know they’re that one you want to spend every waking moment in your life with, this is a warning. What you feel right now, what you hope to feel one day, don’t ever let that feeling leave because you never know. We’re not promised tomorrow.


How I used It:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, dreams are powerful. I had my own dream about two months before I heard this song for the first time where my Wife was just gone. No one knew why but I could tell she wasn’t alive anymore, and it broke my heart because no one really cared how I felt. And my daughter asking me where Mommy was tore me up.

I literally woke up in tears, and, the moment I realized I was in a dark room, I reached out and felt her next to me and just started crying. She heard me and woke up and asked me what was wrong. I was so hysterical I couldn’t say anything I just continued to cry in her arms.

When I first heard this song it brought all those very real emotions back, and I can tell you that I’ve tried very hard every day not to take her for granted. Every kiss she wants, every time she asks me to hold her, even when we’re arguing I still let her know that I love her.

It doesn’t change the fact that when we fulfill that last part of our vows it will hurt. But I’m making sure that I never sit there and say, “I wish I would have done this or that…” Or have her sit there and say the same; or wish I had done more. I haven’t danced with her yet to the song, but I’m going to because she deserves to know.


Here is a pretty cool lyric video:

But the beautiful thing, it’s satisfying to know people can still sing today, not just use the autotune. There is a live performance of Meghan and John performing at the BBMA – which I would have watched if they were performing it live:


Google Play:



Until the next week everyone! Stay happy, keep making love, and every time you look at your spouse do something to remind them that tomorrow is not promised. So love them like you’re going to lose them.


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