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Give Your Man a HandThis one is only for the ladies. Guys, please do not read this. (Oh yes you will!)
I am aware that there are some ladies who have a much higher sex-drive than their husbands, but I also know there are times when the ladies are just not into making love and yet they are aware that their husbands need some release.

If this is the case, may I then suggest that you Give Your Man a Hand!

My dear ladies, a Handjob is one of the easiest and quickest ways to satisfy your husband. May I be so bold as to share a few ideas with you? Please take a few minutes to read this and just maybe your life can be easier and your husband’s life can be happier.
There are many different types of Handjobs. From the “quickie” that only takes a minute or two, to the “Full Attention” that can take as much time as you would like to give.
The most important thing to remember is that when you give your man a hand, please be involved in what you are doing. Do not seem to be detached or not even in the same room. Watch him, not the TV. Focus on his reactions and see his joy.

Before we start! Lesson one for each of these techniques….. LUBE, LUBE and more LUBE! Nothing hurts more than a dry Handjob!  Ready?  Let’s go.
The Quickie: – How you do it does not make any difference. The idea is to get his rocks off. Just do it and give him some relief. However, there are many ways to make it much more fun and ways for you to show that you care and truly love your husband. Here are but a few. Please add to the list with your desires or things that you do that your husband enjoys.
1. Surprise at the door: – Be ready when he comes home and meet him at the door. (It would be better if you did that completely naked) Do not say a word. Just close the door behind him, open his pants, take out his cock and start wanking him. While you are busy, loosen his pant and allow them to fall to the ground. If you see he is getting close to cumming, kneel down and allow him to cum on your boobs. Turn around and leave him like that while you go and clean up (or go and masturbate)
2. Behind in shower: – When you hear him getting into the shower, climb in without warning (wearing a T-shirt without a bra that will show your nipples when it gets wet will be a bonus) Stand behind him. Get your hands lathered with conditioner and put your arms around him, grab his cock and start working your magic.
3.  TV Distraction: – The idea is to be a bit of a control freak. While he is watching TV, you sit next to him and tell him that he has to continue watching the TV and MAY NOT give attention to what you are doing. Be slow in what you do. Take his cock out and see how slow you can be while keeping him on the edge. (Remember to bring some lube)
4. Wake the Snake: – This has been one of my fantasies. While he is asleep (encourage your husband to sleep in the nude) start playing with his cock. He might move away in his sleep, but just keep on pursuing him and get that prize at full attention. (It can be very exciting by the time that he is fully awake to hear the buzz of your sex toy and that you are masturbating yourself while you are wanking him)
5. Toothpaste Chiller: – Join him in the shower. Take some toothpaste and rub it on your hubby’s balls and the head of his cock. It will take a few seconds, and he will feel a ‘cool’ burning sensation. It is not unpleasant but arousing. Now continue to give him a handjob. (Some hair conditioner in your hand can add to the experience.
6. The Rimmer:- (focus on the rim) This can be sweet agony or heavenly torture for some. You focus on the ridge at the back of the head of the penis. Make fast little movements with your finger(s) on the ridge. This is called the Corona of the penis.
7. The Perpetual Sleeve:- (two hands –non-stop) Pour lots of coconut oil on his cock. Close your hand lightly to form a ‘sleeve’ around his cock. You move your hand from the tip of his penis all the way down, but as your one hand moves down far enough that the head of his cock comes out at the top, you start with the other hand from the top and keep on changing hands in such a way that it is as if a sleeve is rolling down his cock.  Try making your grip tighter and see the difference in his reaction.
8. Lighting the campfire:- (rubbing between two hands like lighting fire with stick) The idea is that instead of rubbing up and down the shaft, you place it between your two hands and gently roll from side to side. Like a slower version of twiddling a stick to start the aforementioned fire. Make sure that you make lots of contact with the head. Use plenty lube ladies.
9. Self Service:- Ask your husband to give you a demo – you watch and encourage him while he performs and masturbates for you. The important thing is to get involved. Talk to him. Tell him what you like. Ask him to do things. Play with yourself or sit in such a way that you show off your better parts. Some dirty talk or sexy sounds can be a great encouragement. If you get to excited it will not upset your husband if you join him and play with your pussy.
10. Reverse Jockey:- – Let him stand on his knees. You sit on his back, facing away from him. Now pull his penis through his legs and masturbate him from behind. This can also be done while sitting behind him. This can be a good time to give him some anal stimulation as well. Rub some oil on his anus and just allow your fingers to play around. (Be careful with those long nails)
11. Polishing the Head – Grab his hard cock just behind the head with your one hand.. (if UN-circumcised, pull the foreskin back all the way till the head is completely open) use lots of lube and just polish the head with the palm of your other hand. Be gentle. The sensation can be overwhelming and border on tickling.
12. Full Attention:- I love focusing on my wife. She is multi-orgasmic and has to cum a few times before I allow myself to cum, BUT…. there is great joy in becoming the main focus once in a while. Tell your husband that it is just about him now. Let him lie back on the bed, get some coconut oil and start rubbing it all over his body, focusing on his genital area. Play with his cock. Try different movements. Talk about his cock. Tell him how much you like it and how you enjoy playing with it. Tell him how it feels when he is in you or what it feels like when he cums in your pussy or mouth. Scratch his balls lightly with your nails. The main purpose is to give him maximum pleasure and focus only on him. He might ask you to do certain things or you could ask him what he would like you to do. He might ask you to touch yourself or to masturbate so that he can watch you while you are busy with him. Then do it!

Here is a wild idea that will have your husband on a high for a very long time. Tell him that you want to do a bit of research. Tell him that you want to give him a Handjob for seven nights in a row and each one will be a different technique and that he has to rate them on a scale of 1 tot 10. The suspense might just kill him. Now go and give that man a hand. Happy hunting! (and post your results here so that we can all learn from his (and your) experience.)

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