Hot Horny Wife – An Enjoyable Day of Masturbating


Hot Horny Wife Masturbating

hot horny wifeHot Horny Wife – Okay, this might be a dumb thing to post but I am super hot horny wife today!!!  Unfortunately, my hubby is at work so I have to take care of myself.  I’ve been naked for the past three hours. I had my shower this morning, shaved my pussy smooth, and then used the detachable shower head to give myself an orgasm.

Ladies, if you have a detachable shower head, give it a try. Water spraying on an aroused clit is amazing!  I could hardly stand afterward!  Was I satisfied? Not even close! What woman only wants one orgasm?  My pussy was tingling still. I went into the living room and straddled the arm of the sofa (it’s big and soft). I rubbed my aching pussy up and down on it. Mmm mmm, it felt so good (note to self: be sure to give couch arm a scrubbing ???? ). I teased myself for awhile, bringing myself to the point of cumming but then easing off. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I ground my wet pussy into the soft fabric. My pussy exploded in delight.  I screamed in ecstasy!  Like, there was no holding back; I was loud and proud! I flopped on the sofa enjoying the afterglow. I gently tickled the lips of my pussy. They were slippery with my cum. I rubbed them. I tugged on them. My inner lips like to hang out for all the world to see; they aren’t shy. I gave them a pull. Mmmm, nice. As I stroked them, my clit received some more additional stimulation. It thanked me. I grabbed where my clit meets my lips. I jacked it like a tiny cock. In no time at all I was squealing in pleasure again. Each orgasm seemed stronger than the last. I needed cock and I needed it bad! I wanted my husband so much! I wanted him to pound my pussy like there was no tomorrow. Until he got home, my fake cock would have to do. I ran to the bedroom to retrieve my trusty friend. I suctioned it to the coffee table. I lowered myself down upon its girth. Not as big as my husband, but it’ll do in a pinch. My pussy lips stretched around it as I slid all the way down to its base. “Ohhhhhhh” I let out a sigh of contentment. Just what my pussy ordered. Do you gals ever get that feeling?

You just need to be filled up with cock? You want something big and hard in your pussy? Fingers just won’t do in that situation. You need more; you want more! I thank my man for buying me this rubber cock to use when he’s unavailable.  I bobbed up and down. I rubbed my clit. Oh boy, did it ever feel good!! Here’s the visual: I was a wild cowgirl, riding it for all it was worth!  I came again. Hard!  I couldn’t contain my moans of pleasure. It just felt sooooo good! I hope the neighbours didn’t hear me. :-)

I’m still naked. I think I’ll stay this way until my hubby gets home. May as well have easy access to my demanding pussy. I know she’ll want more. And who am I to say no????? Just wait until my husband gets home. When I’m done with him, he’s going to be one very tired man!


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