Sex on the boat – OUTDOOR SEX


sex on boatSex on boat-We found REALLY cheap airfare to Florida.  The in-laws lived there, and our plan was to take their run-about boat out on the water, drop anchor… and then drop our clothes.  A few days of lounging around naked sounded GREAT!

Once we finally put out the anchor, the clothes came off quickly.  The cooler full of drinks was next.  I don’t remember how many hours passed.  I just remember that we were finally completely relaxed, alone with each other, without the kids, and without a stitch of clothing.

I made the first move.  We had been cuddling for at least an hour.  Boats in the distance passed by, but none seemed close enough to see us, let alone our state of undress.  He looked like he was asleep.  So I took the opportunity to slide down beside him on my knees.  He looked so relaxed, layed out in all his glory, but all I could focus on was his cock laying casually to the side of his hips.  I could fix that!

A little lick at first.  A flash of tongue on the head of his cock.  He didn’t even flinch.  A second flick of my tongue on his dick didn’t wake him… but it did seem to arouse him below the waist!  I quickly sucked the entire length of his cock in my hot mouth.  As I sucked gently, it grew long and hard inside my mouth.  With every little lick, every caress, his dick grew more rigid, and quickly stood at attention.  Soon I could only slide  up and down the last few inches.  Surely he was awake, but the rest of his body lay motionless.

Then I heard a moan.  Even if he was dreaming, he was enjoying it!  I grew bolder, and my head began to bob up and down with abandon.  It was SO hot!  The sun, the waves, our bodies on the open water… and the realization that someone could motor by and catch us at any moment! I wished he was fully awake to enjoy the situation, since I know he loves the chance of being caught.

I don’t know how many minutes I spent making love to his dick before his eyes opened.  But I know he loved it!  His first conscious thought was how the love of his life was giving him a blowjob in broad daylight on a boat in the middle of the sea!   I KNEW how hot this was for him.  I love his dick in my mouth, but I love it when he’s lost in sexual passion just as much.  I couldn’t wait for him to tell me how hot and sexy I was… once he finally started talking again!

After a while, he was aroused AND awake.  And loving it.  He looked into my eyes as I looked up into his.  My mouth was full of his cock, and the eye contact made it even hotter for both of us.  He rubbed his fingers through my hair, then slowly wrapped his hands around the back of my head.  He began to take control, grasping my head and guiding me gently but firmly in time with the movements of his hips.  In and out, his cock slid faster and deeper into my mouth.  I was so hot, I couldn’t help but rub my own pussy with one hand while I used the other to pump his shaft into my mouth.  I could tell by his timing and his increasing force that he was getting ready to cum.  As much as I know how much he likes it when I take his cum in my mouth, I have to be in the mood to taste it.  This time, I was.  I couldn’t WAIT to get a mouthful of his hot, salty, yummy cum!  I started moaning myself, lost in the glory of the moment we shared.  Gagged by his cock ramming in and out, I could only let out a repeated “Mmm Hmm!  Mmmm!” to let him know I was ready for him to explode down my throat.

And that’s when I heard it.   A boat motor approaching.  We were both ready to climax, to lose ourselves in each other right there in open water… and someone was coming!  But we were cumming too!  I decided without really thinking.  Nothing was going to stop this moment.  I HAD to taste his cum, and feel him tense up inside me.  As the motor grew louder and our unwanted guest grew closer, I kept sucking and bouncing my head in his lap even faster!  Of course, I knew all of this was making it even better for him…

As the sound of the nearby motor reached its peak, so did he.  He grabbed my head, thrust repeatedly into my mouth, and shouted out loud in ecstasy.  Just as I felt the hot, thick cum fill my mouth, I also saw a boat race by in my peripheral vision.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

I have no idea if anyone on that other boat saw us.  In fact, I suspect they didn’t.  But having my husband’s dick deep in my mouth, feeling load after load of hot cum wash down my throat and drip from my lips and down onto his balls… both of us naked in the Florida sun and bobbing on the waves… all while totally exposed to these passing strangers, was the hottest moment of my life.

It took him a while to compose himself and say so, but I know it ranked in the top 3 most intense sexual moments he has experienced as well.  And I know I was the one who gave it to him.  The memory of that day makes me want to buy a boat!

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