Hot Wedding Night – A Honeymoon to Remember


Hot Wedding Night

hot wedding night-My hot wedding night was surely something to remember. I had married my fiancé, my best friend and the love of my life for over 5 years that afternoon and I could not wait to see what marriage had in store for us: especially on our first night together. My husband Cooper and I were very nervous riding the elevator up to our hotel suite that evening. I had only been with one other person before, when I was 16, and Cooper was still a virgin. Needless to say, this was both going to be very new for us.

We entered the hotel room and set our luggage on the couch. It was a beautiful suite. With flowers, rose petals and candles scattered throughout the room, I immediately felt a tingling in my stomach and my heart begin to beat. “Did you do all of this?” I asked him. “Of course I did. I want you to feel just as special as I feel to have you” he replied. I began to blush and a smile ran across my face. He lifted my chin up and tenderly kissed it. “Now, got get changed so I can show you all the other things I have in store”. The electricity ran from my blushing cheeks and warm smile, immediately to my throbbing pussy. However, I did what I was told and proceeded to the bathroom.

I took off my dress and put on the lingerie I had picked only a few weeks ago. A tight black corset that barely covered my size C breasts and a delicious, little, black lace thong, perfectly accenting my creamy white cheeks. I looked at myself nervously in the mirror. This was the first time in 7 years that anyone saw me naked. I was worried about not being good enough. Just then, I heard a knock at the door: “you ready babe”. I smiled at myself in the mirror and said: “be right out”. I opened the door to find him sitting on the bed. He had on nothing, but a pair of black satin boxers that poorly concealed the huge erection they contained. “Hey there sexy lady” he said, grinning ear to ear. Heat traveled down my body and I could feel my pussy starting to beg for attention.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable next to your new husband”. I proceeded timidly towards him and sat next to him on the bed. He turned his head towards me and tenderly started kissing me. First, just the lips, then our tongues began to mingle, then before I knew it, I was on my back. His engorged erection was between my legs, his tongue was like fire in my mouth and two measly layers of fabric, his underwear and mine, were between us. His underwear were quickly soaked with pre-cum and mine were sticky with my juices. “I gotta slow down” he said. “What?” I asked. “I have to slow down or I am going to cum before I even make it out of these boxers” he looked down at me aroused.

“I have an idea” I said. To distract my new husband, I took off the tight corset, showing him my hard, erect nipples and perky tits. “You aren’t really helping” he said winking. Although a virgin, he knew exactly what he was doing. He began sucking, nibbling and licking my nipples as if it were a job he has done all his life. I was so aroused; I reached between us and slid off my panties, to keep them from sticking to my freshly shaven little cunt.

I think he got the hint and shifted his mouth from my taut nipples to my hard little clit and soaking wet pussy. He began doing things down there that no man has ever done to me before. Sucking and licking, my toes squeezing the bed sheets and my hips gyrating into his needy mouth. My pussy was on fire and I felt my core muscles tightened as I climaxed all over my new husband’s face. He smiled up at me. My juices dripping down his face. “Did I do that right?” smiling his devilish grin. He wiped off his face and asked “Is it my turn yet”. Knowing all too well it was indeed his turn.

He slid off his boxers and his hard, thick cock sprang free. I had never seen it before that moment and oh was I excited when I did. He positioned himself right between my legs. “Ready to become mine” he asked. I nodded, barely able to move after the orgasm I just had. He slammed his 8 inch cock into my tight little pussy and I loved every minute of it. Each thrust drove me closer and closer to my brink and I felt like my whole body was going to explode. “I don’t think I can hold on for much longer babe” he said in exhaustion. “Finish inside of me baby. I am ready for it” I responded back. Within two more thrusts, he pushed his cock as deeply as he could and released what felt like a gallon of cum into my tight little cunt. Needless to say, my hot wedding night was a honeymoon to remember.

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