Back To Back Heat – Just Hours Apart


back to back heatI enjoy reading vacation experiences of people on Marriage Heat (MH). Some couples speak of less inhibitions in a hotel -or just that with the ability to focus on each other without daily pressures – unleashes great passion between them.

There have been a couple of MH stories related to how much sex couples had in a relatively short period of time. One that comes to mind – was a couple on a cruise. I don’t remember the number orgasms, but the number was unreachable for me!! Still, I vicariously enjoyed the account of it.

Back To Back Heat – Just Hours Apart

This story is about as close as I’ll ever get to that. This is not about 16 orgasms – it is about 4.

– – – – –

It begins with what appeared to be a regular night of just going to sleep. My wife and I are kind of in vacation mode. It is in-between Christmas and New Year’s. We started watching a movie in bed late at night. The way it works for us is if one starts to fall asleep – we turn it off – so we start back at the same place for each other.

We said good night and that was that. But it wasn’t…not by a long shot!

The next thing I remember is 2 hours later –  turning to my left and feeling my wife’s ass right up against my cock. I’m tired, sleepy and out of it – but that magic touch brought me to a semi-comatose state. Enough to get a little mouse moving in my brain – faintly touching a sex neuron!

Bing! I was now aware that one of the most form fitting asses ever made – was nestled up against my now hardening cock. The crease of her ass was perfectly lined up with the ever expanding length of my cock. What is any respectful husband supposed to do at that moment? Ignore her? What if she is awake? I cannot risk hurting her feelings – I must pursue (for the record, I was certain she was not awake, I know I wouldn’t hurt her feelings – I just wanted to make you smile).

I reached around with my top arm (we were both laying on our left sides) and cupped her pussy. Gently at first – touching on the outside of her pajamas – on a cold night. I began to gently massage her slit as I grinded against her ass. Was she going to answer my call?

Yes!! In fairly short order – my wife was pushing on my hand that was on her pussy – and pushing back her ass into my cock. It was on! We were on! We had been asleep for about 2 hours – but no more!

I moved my hand under her panties. She was so wet! She was hot and wet! Sopping wet! She was already on fire. This was one of those moments that we both recognized. For whatever reason – we had both awakened with fiery passion. I put a finger in her pussy. If my finger were a dipstick checking an oil level – she would have been a quart too full! I was dumbfounded by her wetness. It had me so turned on! This was as close as to what I know to be animal sex. I started to lower her pajama bottoms and panties like we were in a fire drill. I didn’t care if I tore them off. She was contorting her body to help me – like a thirsty woman in the desert. She was horny and wanted my cock as soon as possible. I discarded my pajama bottoms and underwear in Guinness Book of World Record time. I put a finger from my other hand in her ass – an ass so wanting attention! There was nothing but receptivity in her pussy and ass. We wanted to fuck – but if I didn’t stop this now – she was about to cum!

There would be no other foreplay. No kiss. No sucking of tits. No BJ. No nothing. We didn’t even close our door and lock it. If a kid got up in the middle of the night – it was going to be a once in a lifetime show! I whispered “let’s get fucking!”

We were still in a position that we don’t usually fuck in – on our sides. But, that is how I entered her – from behind. In our 30 years of marriage, I’ve never felt her wetter in her cunt. Her pussy hungrily took me and we were immediately pumping. I think we were both surprised how charged we were at this moment. I mean animal sex. I don’t know that the dictionary definition is of animal sex. But, we were fucking rough and out of control. In and out for as long as we’ve ever done. We had two speeds for about 5 minutes – fast and faster.

It is customary for me to wait for my wife to cum first. Well, we were going hot and heavy – and I was starting to wonder how she could hold out so long. We fucked for at least 25-30 minutes. I’m not a genius. I started to wonder “did she cum right at the beginning…when it was so rough and fast…I would have had a harder time knowing”? Then I thought, “she would have told me”. Still, I was enjoying every moment.

I could tell my wife was starting to be a little less responsive – and I finally asked – “Did you already get excited baby”? She sheepishly said, “yea, when we first started”. She had had a bigger and smaller orgasm – and I was too busy on the trampoline to notice.

I was hoping I hadn’t been too long and rough with her. She would tell me. But, now I felt free to cum and enjoyed a wonderful climax with my arms around her from behind. We were sweaty and satisfied.

I think we were both initially thinking – wow, what got into us tonight? That was so fun! Within 5 minutes – we were both asleep.  It was about 3:30am.

– – – – – – –

Fast forward 5 1/2 hours later to 9am. It is still vacation mode.

We both wake up and cuddled. Of course, nothing would happen now. Our last thoughts were still with us. We had just had Mount Everest sex.


My wife reached and touched my cock. This was no mistake. She was not just cuddling. Something was happening. I reached around and put my hands on her ass. Her tits were now in my face – but clothed. I pulled her top off and went to town sucking and nibbling.

We both knew this – it was on again!!

I went from left tit to right tit – and back again – and again. Her nipples were hard as rock. It was like we had not had sex in 2 months. I was feasting on her tits. Sucking. Flicking. Gently twisting the nipple of the one I wasn’t sucking. She was loving me in her grill! This went for a while.

I put her on her back and kept up the titty play as I positioned myself between her legs. I lowered down little by little – and started kissing her tummy. Inch by inch – kissing to her belly button. I kissed her upper pubic area – teasing her pussy. Moving around it to her upper thighs – kissing. Her pussy was aching for my tongue. I finally gave her what she was anticipating. I started to lightly lick her pussy lips. She pressed her cunt up against my mouth. I pushed my chin into her clit – and made movements that messaged it. Then, I dove in with my tongue. She was wet and juicy again. She told me she was a little sore from our rough fuck – more than a little.

After eating her pussy, I asked her to turn over on her tummy. I wanted to fuck her ass with my tongue. She loves this. It was not time for any more teasing. I licked the length of her crack. She was fully relaxed and open for me. Her ass is so perfect. I love just looking at it. I can’t imagine a better shape. I love the feel of her cheeks in my hands. My face fits so nice down there.

I circled my tongue around her rosebud. Slow at first, then faster. One of my hand was on her pussy. I could tell she was immediately getting close. I started to plunge my tongue in her ass and she was so relaxed. I was going in and out – then swirling around – then in and out again.

Like any couple, we have times when we are very horny – and other times when we have to work up to it a little bit. There was NO work at any moment of this! We were both again like animals. My wife was in a state of euphoria – enjoying what she was feeling – from the man she loves.

My girl came so hard! It was wonderful. The pulsating feeling of both her pussy and ass hole – and the fact that I could feel them both at the same time – was so amazingly thrilling. I laid with my head on her butt while she continued to wind down and finish her excitement.

She then reminded me that her pussy was sore. So, I positioned my cock in her butt. It was like a hot dog in a bun. We both like this feeling. She tightened and loosened her butt cheeks around my cock. I told her I want to cum in that place. She encouraged me to cum! I got up on my knees – still keeping my cock pretty much in the same place – but a different angle. And watched as my cock emptied cum in her butt crack. It looked so hot! She tightened her cheeks on the head of my cock as it was happening. It was hot to see the cum oozing in both the top and bottom of her crack. I was SO excited.

She had a towel positioned under her – so we laid there for a while – but not too long.

But long enough to communicate our love and tenderness to each other. Because, even though we can experience the highs of animal sex – we know that we are not animals. We are made in the image of God. We are man and woman – distinct from animals. Our love is to mirror God’s love – as we live out His image. We marvel that in the kaleidoscope of all that God has made us to be – with all the variations of sexual experiences. So, we can have animal sex – and then end with the most tender, heart to heart connection. And that is what we did.

Yes, those two experiences just 2 days ago from writing this, remind us that God is full of wonderful surprises and gifts for us. We might think from our regular and usual habits – that we would never have such to high octane sex experiences at home. But we did! Back to back! Coming about 6 hours apart. It was hot! It was fun! We are grateful for our love.

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