Indian English sex story – A Pleasant Visit


Sex story – A Pleasant Visit

I am Sheetal Rajput from India. I am vary fair in color. I am 23 years
old. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall with big breasts and big swaying ass. I
have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes. They make
every male look at me twice. . In collage every guy look at my boobs
with greedy eyes. I have a terrific figure of 36-24-34 and innocent oval
face. I Have light brown color pointed nipples with about old one rupee
coin size areola hungry for some mouth to suck them. I am working
for a leading NEWS channel in India.

This happened when I just finished my graduation and was heading for
my masters. We (my sister and I) are extremely good looking. My
sister (Shivani Rajput) got married to Javed (a muslim guy) who is
very handsome. Actually it was a love marrage. Initially my parent was
against of this marriage but later they accept it. They stay in Delhi. My
M.S entrance was in Delhi so I reached the place a few days before.
Javed stay here with his younger brother Tariq. That night, I was
preparing for my exam and I was studying. It was about 10:30 pm
and quite & calm outside. After a while, I heard some creaking noise
from their bed room. I switched off the TV and sat quietly on the sofa
next to their bedroom door. My Brother-in-law was making love to my
sister (38-28-36 her stats). I quickly understood what was going on
and thought of getting out of their privacy range. But, it was night and
it was a small apartment there wasn’t any choice left. I slowly walked
up to the wooden partition that was separating the bedroom from the
hall and their love making sounds became quite clear now. Their
bedroom was dark but the dim blue night lamp was good enough to
see them. His hands were stretched out over both her breasts. He
began lifting up on the bottom of her bra, trying to pull it up. My sister
reached around behind her back and unhooked it for him and it fell
away in his hands. He looked at her full, soft breasts. Creamy white,
firm with erect nipples. My sister bent over a little, her beautiful breast
wavering only inches from his mouth. He instinctively licked his lips,
then placed his mouth softly over her nipple and areola. My sister
gasped lightly as he took it into his mouth. She placed her hand on the
back of his head, holding his mouth against her bosom. Meanwhile,
she continued to rub her crotch against the bulge in his pants. She
was already so excited and her clitoris swollen from rubbing against
his erection. As he suckled liked an infant, his right hand moved slowly
from her other breast toward the elastic of her sweats.
He moved it gently over the soft bulge between her legs. He pressed a
little harder, which solicited a gasp from My sister’s mouth. He pulled
his hand back and slid it into her sweats, but over the silky softness of
her panties. He stroked her for many minutes, at the same time
switching his mouth back and forth between her breasts. Finally, he
pulled his hand back and slid it into her underwear. He had no trouble
sliding two fingers into the mouth of her vagina. “Oh Bhagwan (God).”
she moaned in a whisper. He worked his fingers slowly back and forth
into her vagina, each time he penetrated deeper. My sister arched
herself back away from him, allowing him to pull down her sweats and
panties all at once. She then twisted around on the bed, slipping out of
the remainder of her clothes. She lay facing him, naked. His shirt was
partly unbuttoned; a situation which she soon remedied. He pulled her
bare breasts against his chest and he began to kiss her passionately.
Their tongues were clashing and their hands were moving furiously
through each other’s hair. He pushed her to her back and she wrapped
her legs around his hips. He rubbed the bulge in his pants against her
like he was already deep inside her. My sister was being overwhelmed
by the speed and force with which he was grinding against her and she
suddenly exploded in tremendous waves of pleasure. “Oh oh oh, oh
God. I’m. ooooh. I’m coming!” she cried in his ear. Her hips and ass
thrust about wildly as he pressed into her with all his energy. After a
few seconds, the heat was flushed out of her system and she collapsed
for a few minutes. He slid off of her and lay his head on her breasts,
gently suckling like he had been before he became so aggressive. My
sister ran her fingers softly through his unruly brown hair.
He turned from her bosoms to look into her eyes. He smiled back and
kissed her softly on the lips. He moved down and softly nuzzled her
breasts before continuing his downward journey. His mouth slipped
past her navel and began to kiss the top part of her soft, brown, pubic
triangle. She spread her legs slowly as his mouth moved down
completely over her wet mound of Venus. The tip of his tongue slid
down partway into the cleft of her labia at the top. She shuddered as it
darted around her clitoris. He wrapped his arms under and then over
her thighs, which helped her hold her legs apart. He slid his tongue
down all the way to her inner labia, sliding it gently into her vagina.
His lips came to press fully against her genitals, his tongue at least
two inches inside of her. My sister was rolling her hips and ass as well
as arching her back and head, as she moaned his name softly. As My
sister ran her fingers over his head, holding it between her legs, he
pulled one hand back and slid one finger deep into her vagina. He
pulled it out a few seconds later and slowly, but in time to his licking,
began to move that finger back and forth into her anus. My sister felt
electricity shoot up her spine as he touched this forbidden part of her
anatomy. After a short time, his finger was all the way up inside her
rectum, moving in time to the massaging movements of his tongue
and mouth on her genitals. She felt the pressure of another orgasm
building within her loins. Slowly she rocked her hips, keeping her
actions as tender as possible. “Oh, oh, please. ” She cried, softly. “Oh,
oh, yes. ” She fell into a short sleep. The erection in his pants was
straining. They lay together, letting their passions cool again. She had
her head on his chest and was gently stroking his erection through his
pants. She unbuttoned his pant and slid down the zipper. He lifted his
hips and she pulled them off. The bulge in his underwear excited her
again. She rubbed the cotton cloth of his briefs before she reached her
fingers under the elastic and pulled them down past his socked feet.
She lay beside him. He began to suck her breast again as she wrapped
her hand around the length of his circumcised penis of about 9 inches
long and 3 inches thick and started to stroke it back and forth. She
pulled away from his mouth as she moved hers down toward the head
of his erection. Gently she took it into her mouth. She wrapped a hand
around the base of his penis and lightly squeezed. His head became
swollen and then she took it into her mouth again, this time she took it
all the way to her throat. On the other hand I realized that I was
sweating lightly on the forehead and my palms have become hot and
my legs were shivering.I was horny by then curiously watching live
sex. “Uh. ohhh, Darling. ohhhh. Honey. ohhh. that feels so wonderful.
” he moaned softly to her. She moved her mouth up and down on his
erection. She began to quicken the pace. He was tightening his hip,
buttock, and thigh muscles as she sucked on him. His breathing was
becoming more rapid. “Darling. I. I’m going to. uh!” he called tenderly.
“It’s too much. uh. I’ve never been this far. you’d better. uh. stop. or
I’ll. uh. OH!” It was too late, he began to come. His hips and thighs
shook as the semen rose in his genitals and his prostate gland
tightened. Then he was throbbing. My sister let his organ slip out of
her mouth as the first wave came. a hot white gush of sperm
ejaculated onto her cheek before she could get it back in her mouth,
then she began bobbing her head up and down. Five more loads
squirted from his erection before his supply was depleted, though it
continued to throb for several dozen more times. She swallowed all
that came into her mouth, ignorant of everything but the passion his
climax made her feel. “Oh Darling. ” He was crying. She climbed up
and wrapped herself around him and caressed him. He stood up and
went across to where My sister had thrown his pants. She rolled slowly
onto her back with him riding her. His erection seemed to naturally slip
into her vagina. My sister spawled herself out as he slid his hands
under and over her shoulders to hold more firmly onto her. He slowly
pushed himself into her mound, stopping every so often to pull back
and then thrust deeper into her again. Soon he was moving
rythmically back and forth inside of her.
“Ohhhh. .uhhhhh. you’re so wonderful. ” she moaned, caressing his
back with her hands. Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss,
her tongue darting in and around his mouth. His chest was pressing
against her breasts, flattening them against her chest. She continued
to raise her hips against him whenever he would thrust into her.
Finally, one time, her struck her cervix lightly and she gasped in
pleasure. She felt another powerful orgasm coming on. My sister was
the first to achieve a organism. He was hitting her cervix frequently
now and she was trying to hold back the screams of pleasure. Her legs
wrapped around him as she began to squeeze his body, but then they
unwrapped so she could lift her hips and buttocks up against him. She
was pounding against his strength. “Oh, Bhagwan!” She cried as
gently as possible. “I’m coming. I’m coming. ohhh. uhhhhh. please.
yes. ” He could feel her vagina contracting against his penis. Her
tightening body and passionate words made him need to thrust only a
few more times. “Urrr. uhh! Oh, Darling. Darling!” Again, hoarse
whispers of passion as he reached his second orgasm of the night “Oh
Darling. I. I. ” The hot semem and sperm gushed out of the headof his
prick into the her choot. ” Darling. I LOVE YOU!” he cried and
continued thrusting as the last few drops of his passion spurted into
the choot. He then slowly lay himself against her, where he held her
for a few seconds in a kiss, then he withdrew his penis from her
mound and lay gently at her side. “I love you too, she said to him
softly as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. By this time I was
feeling like a horny bitch. My panty was all wet by the time. I was
taken aback when I felt two hands one my hips and ass. I turned my
face and found Tariq smiling at me. Suddenly, Tariq grabbed me from
behind , and put his hand on my throat. “Pooja I love you ” he said, in
a frightening voice. He was so sweet, rubbing my back kissing my
neck making sure i was ok. i did all i could to make myself feel better,
i knew what i wanted and i was sure he wanted it too. Silently, Tariq
reached to the top button of my dress, and unbuttoned it. “Please aisa
mat karo, TARIQ. Koi dekh lega.!” I said. “Come on, it’s only a game.”
he said. I sat motionless on the bed.
He moved to the front of me, then pushed me down into a laying
position. Ok, I had thought to myself, ‘let’s see how far this goes.’ He
reached for the second button, and slowly unbuttoned it. He
continued, until the dress was completely unbuttoned. I could feel the
coolness of the air brushing against the small line of now exposed skin
between the flaps of my dress. I was becoming more frightened, and
more excited, the tin-gling became more intense. Slowly, he slid his
hands inside of my dress, parting the material. Beneath the dress I
was wearing a small bra, which, because of my size, wasn’t covering
much, and a pair of white cotton panties. The cool air was taking it’s
toll on my nipples, which were hardening under the strain of the flimsy
bra. I looked up at Tariq. He had this weird look on his face. His hand
moved to my heaving breast. He gently caressed the rock hard nipple
with his palm. It felt incredible, like an electric shock through my
body. I moaned. He then removed my dress and bra, but left my
panties on. He took the nipple of my left breast between his thumb
and forefinger, pinching it slightly. I bit my lip in pain, but, didn’t cry
out. Tariq moved his lips to my right breast, taking my nipple into his
mouth. I had never felt this way before. There was a burning between
my legs, one that seemed to get worse every moment that passed. His
hand moved to the softness of my stomach, his finger toying at my
belly button, which protruded slightly. Then his hand moved lower, to
the waistband of my panties. His hand slid beneath them, down to my
hairless cunny. He slid his finger over my small opening, gently
massaging the soft petals of my cunny lips. Playing with myself was
nothing new for me. It was a way of passing the time when I was
alone. But, with Tariq touching the spot that had only previously been
touched by me was even more exciting. I felt his finger part my small
petals to my tight little hole. His finger darted in and out, but, it was
just too tight for him and then, with a quick snatch, he had removed
my panties. Tariq then got on me, with a leg on each side of me. He
outstreached his arms to my shoulder, caressing me from my arms, to
my breasts, then sliding off the end of the bed, moving down my body
to my ankles. He slowly moved his tongue to my ankle, then licking
upward, worked his way up my leg, to the inner part of my thigh,
finding my pussy open to his attack.
I felt that I was losing my mind. My hips gyrated to each move of his
tongue. He licked my small hole, down as far as he could, then moved
upward once again. He darted his tongue to the entry of my pussy,
gaining a little. Then I came. He moved from the bed. I heard the
rustle of clothes, and I presumed he was getting undressed. I was
right because a while later he joined me once more. What I saw in
front of me was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was fully
erect and a good 10 inches long. He moved to where my head was,
brushed the hair that was sticking to my cheek away, then placed his
dick close to my mouth. “Open your mouth.” he said. Obiediently, I
opened my mouth. There was a clear fluid coming from the head,
which tasted salty, but, not too unpleasant. “choose ise (Suck on it.)”
he commanded. I closed my lips around the head of his cock. He
pushed foward, slipping his shaft into my mouth. I sucked hard, but,
was careful not to bite him. Several times he thrust himself deeply,
almost choking me. He continued to move in an in and out motion. I
felt him getting harder, his dick throbbing in my mouth. He moved his
hand to my breast, massaging it gently. I continued to suck. When he
came, it was a surprise. I felt the hot sticky liquid shoot to the back of
my throat. I felt myself gagging, but fought desperately not to let it
show. I was exhausted, feeling my arms and legs aching.
Tariq pulled his now limp cock from my mouth. I laid back on the bed.
He moved to the side of the bed and picked me up, carrying my limp,
exhausted body to his room. He laid me on his bed. I rolled over onto
my back and pulled him on top of me. Tariq moved between my legs
and positioned the head of his magnificent cock between my swollen
lips. I was so turned on that my cunt seemed to grab his cock and pull
him inside. Shit, I’ve never been so full of cock in my life, I thought, as
I looked down and realized that Tariq was only half inside me. He
pulled back slowly and than slammed his cock all the way inside my
juicy cunt again. That threw me over the edge again as my body was
wracked by another powerful orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuck.
I’m….ooooooooooo nooooooooooo,” I moaned as the power of his cock
overcame me. Tariq began to jackhammer my pussy like this was his
last fuck of his young life. I had never had anyone make love to me
like this before and I couldn’t stop cumming as his powerful cock kept
slamming into me. I wrapped my arms and legs around his hard body.
He began pumping his gorgeous cock in and out of my cunt. Tariq
fucked me to a wonderful orgasm. Tariq rolled over on my stomach
and entered me from the rear. He slapped me on the ass and told me
to move my hips. He fucked me harder than Jeff had, and it hurt a
little. Then, suddenly, he pulled apart the cheeks of my ass and
plunged his dick up into my bowels. I screamed in agony and tried to
pull away from him, but he held me firmly in place and fucked my ass.
After the initial pain receded I realized that I liked it, and I started
moving my hips against his. Tariq drove his cock in and out of my ass,
and we both came at the same time, Tariq shooting his wad deep into
me. It was a “unique” night for Tariq and I. Which led to many other

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