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Unfully Consummated MarriageHello all on MH. 🙂

My name is Christian(AKA NerdyRooster)

And while I’ve been a reader of MH for well over a year now I just recently joined after my wife and I just got married in October.

Sex Education

Anyway to straight to the point I want to ask for some advice/help because my wife and I haven’t been fully able to have sex yet. We have tried many times and when I try to penetrate, she says it “hits a wall” and I can’t really get any father than my head in and then I slide either up of down and out. Because of this and the fact that its very new since we are both virgins who only dated each other it results in either me or her becoming unaroused.

We’ve mostly resorted to(sexy I might add) oral and manual sex and have both enjoyed it but we, of course are upset by the fact we cat seem to “get it” right.

We’ve read about vaginismus, but besides the whole not being able to get in part she says it doesn’t really hurt it doesn’t fully seem to make sense.

Her labia I believe are a little bigger and protrude and when I try to finger her she says she starts to feel uncomfortable and like there is a growing pressure.

Any help and/or advice would he so helpful.

Like I said, I’ve been a reader of this place for awhile and I don’t mind saying this site helped me(along with my now wife and God) put away my need for porn)

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