Skype Sex And Boobs? What Do You Think?


Skype Sex And BoobsOkay, looking for input…

I spend alot of time out of town on business trips.  I have suggested to my wife many times that I would love to have some pics sent to me or have a sexy skype call with her while i am away.

Skype Sex And Boobs

She thinks that people can intercept those messages/texts and or skype calls and it will come back to bite us in the butt.

I have worked in the IT world and try to assure her that this will not happen.

She is not convinced and refuses to do that.  I have given up even trying to get her interested …

My primary love language is physical touch so i get pretty “frustrated” out on the road.  I have never strayed from her sexually but have deviated onto soft porn sometimes.  I know, not cool.  Embarrassed to admit it even!

I found this site and it is awesome because i appreciate the candor and openness.  It doesn’t feel sleezy or odd hearing stories of like minded folks that are not interested in going outside their marriage for their satisfaction.

I adore my wife and love her to bits but she gets hurt when i admit to her that i have strayed off into viewing “boobs” out on the net. (i am really not interested in seeing any of the hard stuff… just a boob man with too much time sometimes after the events finish in the evenings!).

She gets hurt and that just sets her back even further from me.  Takes her longer to warm up to me when i get home too.

My feeling is that if we can do some “fun” on the phone or skype while i am on the road we won’t have that gap when i get back where she needs to warm back up to me.

I also feel like i would not be going anywhere near that computer looking at other boobs if I had her on my phone/skype!  She is amazing and turns my crank massively every time she even just takes her bra off!  (i know… all guys are like that… i can see your eyes rolling as you read this).  It also will be an anticipation for me to know that at the end of the seminar day, i get to hang out and see my beautiful wife naked!  I will be thinking about it and maybe even getting a bit aroused thinking about her!

Any assistance would be helpful. I have given up trying to convince her.  I even had a conversation with another couple friend of ours to see if she could drop a hint into the jar for my wife. (i know, it is not a good idea using other people to do that).

Thoughts?  Advice?  Input?

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