My First Time – Imagination of virgin girl


my first timeSo let me tell you something real first, im still a virgin. what im going to write is pure imagination. It just what i imagine if i have a hubby of my own. And also, english is not my mother tongue, so forgive my few grammar mistakes and typo. Let it begin.

On october 2010 i married a guy named, Ted. He is someone i met and fall in love instantly. It just took us a 5 months of courtship before making a decision of getting married. After the ceremony, i moved to his house and we live as a couple. But he never touch me, ever. At that moment i didnt want to be touch too, probably because i was a virgin.

Like any other night, i lay on my bed, switch off the light and was ready to fall asleep. Then suddenly, i felt something touching me. I was sweating and praying please let it be not him. when i open my eyes, i saw that he was touching ever so soft my hand. Then he touch my hair, followed by my neck then all the way towards my hip. That moment i knew this time i just cant run away no more.

So i took a deep breath and let he do his work. Slowly, he took my T-shirt and my pant off. There i was with only my bra and my underwear. He kissed me slowly while opening my bra. He took that bra and throw it on the flou\or. By that time i already closed my eyes. then suddenly, he kissed my nipples. Oh God it was soo gooddd. He sucked my left boob while playing with his hand the other. That was my first time someone touching my boob. Then he sucked the right boob while playing with the left. I was getting pretty wet that time. Then he went to my belly button and start sucking on it. “ooooohhhhhh” was the only thing i can respond.

He then stood up then took off my underwear agressively. I was blushing looking at his reaction. He look as if he wanted to eat my pussy and that was something new to me. Out of emberassment i closed my pussy with my hands, then he pulled my hand off and start kissing it. ” ouuhhhh Godddd. Ouhh Goddd. OUHHHH GODDD” Then i said ” just fuck me. Fuck me already”

then he took his cock and just put on my pussy. Ouhh that man just tease me. He took my left leg up, closed it and start to rotate it. I was screaming hard at that time. Then he put it down and took my right leg, closed it and rotate. I was soaking wet. I cannot stand that anymore so i raise my hip a little and that cock was inside me little by little. It was hurtful. Then he start playing with my boob to ease the pain. He pushed his cock all the way in and i scream loud at that time. then he started to trust slowly. At first it was pain was the only thing i could felt, after a while, this new feeling, a feeling that i just cant describe take control in my body, i was in heaven. he accelerate his pace, taking almost out all of his cock then bang me hard. At that time both of us had our orgasm.

He stop and i just left there breathing hard. He kissed and smiled at me. When he tried to pulled the cock out of my now non virgin pussy, i said “stop. No. Let it be. I liked the feeling”

“okay fine, just start thrusting if you want more action” he said.

And that was the story on how i lost my virginity to my husband.

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