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Sex Lubricants Study

Marriage Heat has published user-generated material about sex lubricants. Many married individuals have asked for recommendations concerning which products to buy. The Marriage Heat staff decided that we should research the different types of lubes out there. Here is what we found out.

Sex lubricants are widely sold including water based products, natural coconut oil based products, and organic formulas. Women have different sex lubricant needs.  Some women need lubrication for sexual activities such as intercourse. Often as women age, their need for sex lubricants increases. Menopause or hysterectomies often bring vaginal dryness and sex lubricants are important for enjoyable sexual activities. Many breastfeeding women need lubrication as well.

Others Reasons for Sex Lubricant Needs:

Hormonal Forms of Birth Control
Lack of Arousal
Use of Some Medications

There are different sex lubricants product approaches and pros and cons for these various approaches. Many readers at Marriage Heat have recommended pure coconut products and other organic lubricants.

How do you choose a personal lubricant? Pick a lubricant that meets your safety, comfort and affordability needs. Here are different types of lubricants. If you are interested in looking at the product listed on Amazon just click the link.

Organic Health Sex Lubricants

The organic health industry has also been researching sex lubrication products that provide many of the positives of water lubricants while avoiding some of the downsides of oil based products.

Examples: Good Clean Love, and Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating and more Organic Sex Lubricants.


Largely organic processes
Often uses waterbased or aloe-based products
Specially designed for alternative health store specifications
Often 100% vegan and gluten-free
Often biocompatible
Latex and polyisoprene compatible
Safe for toys and throughout pregnancy


Often expensive
Not easily available

Coconut Oil-Based Sex Lubricants

Remember most oil-based lubricants destroy latex condoms.  This includes coconut oil.  Condoms made from nitrile, polyisoprene or polyurethane are not affected by oil-based lubricants. 

The general rule is that if it’s safe for you to eat, it’s safe to put on your vulva and inside your vagina. The body can clear out natural oils more easily than petroleum-based lubricants. 

ExamplesOCO® (Only Coconut Oil)Coconut Oil CareCoconu Natural Personal Lubricant, and Cocolube Organic Natural Coconut Based Lubricant


Great for massages
Considered safe
Safe to consume
Good for all forms of sexual play
Easily accessible


Destroys latex condoms
Stains fabric

Water-Based Lubricants with Glycerin

Water-based lubricants are the most common ones sold. They often produce a slightly sweet taste when containing synthetic glycerin. There are flavored sex lubricants including many fruit flavors. These products tend to dry quicker and can be easily restored with a little water or saliva.

ExamplesAstroglide, K‑Y Liquid/Jelly, Embrace, FriXion, Wet, Good HeadWet Flavored,ID Lubricants,Replensand Liquibeads


Easy to find
Latex condom friendly
Do not stain fabric


Dries out quickly
They are sometimes sticky
Yeast infection threat for women prone to yeast infections
These products contain parabens or propylene glycol that can irritate sensitive skin 

Water-Based Lubricants without Glycerin

Water-based lubricants without glycerin have been developed with vegetable-based products. These lubricants do not ordinarily trigger yeast infections.

Examples: Maximus, Passion, Ultra Glide, paraben-free Astroglide, Liquid Silk, Slippery Stuff, O’My, Probe, andCarrageenan 


Longer lasting
Often reduces irritation
Latex condom friendly
No staining of fabric


Often bitter taste
Less available for purchase
Those that contain parabens or propylene glycol still can irritate the skin

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone sex lubricants do not penetrate the pores of the skin. These lubricants are considered safe and are not the type of silicone that is used for breast implants.

Examples: Eros LubeWet PlatinumID MillenniumPink LubricantsGun Oil Lubricants, and Slippery Stuff


Silicone sex lubricants are hypoallergenic
Generally considered safe
Very effective for women with extreme vaginal dryness


More pricey
Not for use with silicone or CyberSkin sex toys
Not readily available in local retail settings
Sometimes need to be washed off if over applied

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