Romance and Rawness


Romance and RawnessUnconditionally and irrevocably in love is where we stand. The scent of your breath is caressing my being. My heart dying to accept the love pouring out of our very souls. I’ve found you, and you’ve found me in this little piece of forever.

The warmth of your body against mine is irreplaceable and unexplainable. My body melts from the look you have in your beautiful eyes for me. And, somehow, I know that this is my perfection – my completion to forever with which Christ has blessed me. And, as for human possibilities, the best love that can be received from this world.

The touch of you, the desire in your hardness and our eagerness for each other’s being is provoking. My whole being yearns just to surrender to the taste of your tongue, the scent of your neck, the touch of your hands, your lips parting and moving against mine in the way you connect yourself to me. Feeling you deep inside me, ignites this consuming fire in me I didn’t know existed.

My rational self is drawn to the romance of our existence. But, my irrational self is intrigued, allowing my thoughts to fall into something more pressing and spontaneous. I feel guided by the rawness of our love – this sexual nature.

My mind hallucinating from the allure of your toxication. Wrapping my legs around your waist and my tongue around yours feels right. Your fingers nestled and entangled pulling my hair, giving me a reason to release the most inner parts of me. Our pleasure anticipating release together.

As I am lying down under your stiffening body, my mind is uncontrollably wild. I take in my surroundings as you press in more deeply to all of me. Our movements are rapid and our kisses spontaneous to the most delicate parts.

The taste of you on my lips is nothing but satisfying in a unique kind of way. The expression on your face as you accept the softness of my lips as you harden is nothing short of erotic. The sense of urgency I feel from you giving me assurance that this is where I belong. Exploding with passion, this is our happily ever after.

Time is in the hands of our Creator. But, somehow hours feel like minutes with you. Slowly slipping back into reality, the rawness subsides deep within our minds. Waiting and yearning, we anticipate the next time.

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