Group sex – Two Girls, One Big, Empty Hotel


group sexThis is the story about two girl with whom i met in office and than how i turned them into for group sex. When I turned 30, I took a job working a hotel desk at night. The job itself was simple; I sat in a chair all night with nothing to do. My only responsibility was to be present at the desk to answer phone calls that rarely came. There was the occasional person stopping in for a good night’s sleep after driving all day, but for the most part, I got paid to sit on my ass and play on the internet, or watch movies on my laptop.
There was a blizzard during one of my shifts. I got a call from my manager, asking me to come in to cover the second shift, and stay for my night shift. The employee who was supposed to work second shift was unable to drive in the snow. I gladly took the shift, and drove very slowly until I was safely at work. My manager left almost as soon as I had put my jacket away. All of the people who were supposed to check-in that evening were either stuck in an airport, or they canceled due to the driving conditions being too dangerous. The entire hotel was void of people with the exception of myself, and it was strange. You might not think a quiet, empty hotel would seem so different to me, considering I never saw any of the guests who were checked-in, but there was an extra layer of silence in the building.
The snow was piling up faster than I was able to remove it from the entrance, but I made sure to keep up with it for the first couple hours. At around 8pm, while moving more snow, I noticed headlights breaking through the dense layers of snow, falling from the sky. The car made its way to the main door where guests usually unload their vehicles before parking. The girl in the passenger seat rolled down her window. I could see another girl in the driver’s seat. “Do you have any available rooms?” She asked. “I have 77 available rooms, to be exact. Just come on in, there is no point trying to park your car, it will most likely get stuck.” I said. Both young women got out of the car, loudly commenting on how cold it was, and rushed into the building. I followed them, but didn’t go to the desk. “Can I offer you some coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?” I asked. The driver introduced herself. “I’m Jennifer, and this is my best friend Stacy. Hot chocolate sounds so good right now!” I offered them both a seat on the couch located in the lobby, and I made cot cocoa.
Returning to the lobby with the hot beverages, Jennifer was talking to Stacy. “To be honest, I don’t even think I could sleep right now. I just can’t keep driving in the snow like that.” She said. I handed them their cocoa. “If you just need a warm place to hang out, you can stay in the lobby and have cocoa all night. I even have snacks in the kitchen I can bring out for you ladies.” I said. Stacy liked that idea. “Really? You won’t get in trouble for letting us just hang out?” I chuckled, and pointed towards the thick blankets of snow assaulting the world outside the hotel. “We have zero people renting rooms tonight, and it is not likely that anyone else is going to show up. It’s unrealistic to expect this hotel to do business as long as the weather is this dangerous, and it is safer for you to be inside.” I said. Jennifer clapped her hands and bounced in her seat. “Yeah!” We can have a little party.” She paused in thought for a moment. “Hey! We have that vodka in the trunk, right?” She asked. Stacy replied. “Yup. I’ll go get it.” She said, and ran out into the cold, returning quickly with a bottle of vodka. Stacy poured a generous amount in her cocoa, and did the same with Jennifer’s cup. While they were warming up, I grabbed some cheese, and crackers out of the pantry, put it all on a nice platter, and presented it to my new lady friends.
The girls were adding more vodka to their drinks after ever few sips, and I was shocked at how much those little ladies could toss back. Both were each no taller than 5′ 4”, with cheerleader bodies. “Where are you ladies from?” I asked. Jennifer answered. “Toronto. We’re driving to visit a friend who’s going to school in Florida.” “Wow!” I said. “That is a long drive in this weather.” Stacy spoke up. “Yup, but luckily we found a cute big man to keep us safe in the storm.” Jennifer threw her hands in the air. “You’re our big hero!” She shouted. The two of them drunkenly laughed at each other. Stacy was still a bit cautious about being in the hotel without having to pay. “Are you sure you won’t get in trouble letting us hang out without paying for a room?” She asked. I smiled. “There isn’t anyone here to care.” I said. “But won’t someone see you on camera later?” I looked all over the lobby; pointing at the walls I said: “We don’t have cameras anywhere here. I can do pretty much anything here and nobody would know unless they walked in on me.” Jennifer stood up. “So we could do anything and nobody would know.” She said. “I would be the only one who would know anything.” I said.
Jennifer walked over the front desk, climbed on top of it, and started dancing to the music that was playing. “Since you are being so nice to us, I wanna give you a show.” Stacy put a hand over her mouth. “Oh my God! What are you doing?” She said as she laughed through her palm. “I feel like letting out the girls.” Jennifer said. Suddenly, as she swayed her hips to the music, she pulled off her shirt. Stacy continued looking embarrassed, but also interested in what was going on. Jennifer continued her dance, put her hands behind her back, and unlatched her bra, letting it fall. Her breasts looked firm, and soft. Stacy laughed out loud, and while she stood up, she said: “I can do that.” Suddenly Stacy was also topless, and she started giving me a lap dance right there. As she sat on my lap, I took the liberty of putting my hands on her waist. Her skin was soft, and I move my fingers along that soft skin, until they were gently playing with her nipples. Stacy closed her eyes, and smiled with pleasure as she let out a breath. I had a sudden realization that if those two could randomly show up out of the blue, then maybe someone else could. “I have an idea.” I said. Let’s go down the hall a ways, and I can make us much more comfortable.” Jennifer jumped down from the desk, taking her clothes with her. “Follow me.” I said. With the two beautiful topless girls on either side of me, I put my arms around their waists, making sure to rub my hands on their naked skin as we walked down the hall, where I gave us access to the nearest room.
I sat in the comfortable chair, next to the bed. Jennifer, and Stacy stood in front of me with their breasts tempting me. “I want to see the rest of you.” I said. Jennifer started taking off her pants Stacy took a moment to watch Jennifer, and followed along. They looked stunning in the dim light coming from the nightstand. “Good.” I said. “Now I want you both to lie on the bed, and rub your pussy’s for me.” The girls gave each other a curious glance. Stacy shrugged, and got on the bed; grabbing Jennifer’s arm, she pulled her towards her, and they both started playing with their clits. “I meant each other.” I said. The girls did what I expressed, and started fingering each other. I watched them play with each other for several minutes. The more they touch each other, the more excited they became.
Watching them enjoy each other started giving me an erection. I stood up, unzipped my pants and approached the girls. Jennifer took the liberty of freeing my dick from my pants and put it in her mouth. Stacy kept rubbing on her own pussy and watched her best friend suck my dick, and she was not holding back on her talents. “That’s my good girl.” I said to Jennifer. Stacy looked like she was getting more excited as she watched her friend put more effort into her task. As amazing as Jennifer was, I wanted to know give Stacy a try. I pulled Jennifer’s head away, gently, and moved over to Stacy, who wrapped her lips around my dick as soon as it was in reach. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. She kept sliding her tongue along my shaft in a way that I never experienced before. Jennifer looked at Stacy, and said: “I always knew you were a slut.” Stacy pulled my dick from her mouth. “I was an innocent little girl, until I met you, whore.” She said, and returned her focus on sucking my dick. Jennifer moved in, and began to kiss my neck. She unbuttoned my shirt and started pressing her lips down my chest. I kept switching between those two for several more minutes. One was sucking on me, and the other began playing with my testicles. The combined sensations between the two of them felt amazing.
When I had my fill of oral pleasure, I got in the bed, lying on my back I pulled Jennifer towards me. She placed herself on my lap, grabbed my dick, and positioned it so she could gently glide down onto it. Her pussy was soaking wet. I placed my hand behind my head, and relaxed as Jennifer rocked, and rotated with my dick inside her. She closed her eyes, smiled, and began breathing heavy. Stacy got next to me, and started kissing me on the lips, neck and chest. Jennifer seemed lost in what she was doing. As much as I was enjoying the sex, I believe Jennifer was enjoying it with more appreciation. Her gentle grinding turned to a bounce, and Stacy began cheering her on. “Ride that dick, you whore.” Jennifer took her advice, and kept passionately working my dick inside her. Suddenly Jennifer’s eyes squeezed shut, and she let out a loud scream; her pussy gushed as her orgasm took over, leaving her body helpless as the orgasm pulsed through her. Stacy watched in awe as Jennifer kept grinding along with her orgasm.
Stacy was more than aroused when I took a hold of her. I put her on her back, and she spreads her legs, obediently presenting her tight wet pussy for me to enjoy. I slowly slid my dick into her, and she gasped for air. Her eyes closed, and she shouted: “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!” Jennifer knew exactly what she was talking about. “I know, it’s like my pussy can’t stop cumming.” She told Stacy. I lean inward, and started thrusting myself in and out of Stacy’s pussy. She kept kept yelling out: “Oh my God, I can’t believe it… Please don’t stop.” listening to how vocal she was, kept exciting me. I started thrusting harder, and harder, and Stacy wrapped her legs around my ass, which resulted me my going that much deeper into her pussy. She began shaking as if she were epileptic, with clenching teeth, and her head bouncing back onto her pillow. Her orgasm, just like other times in my past, set me off. I pulled out just in time to explode, sending shooting my orgasm onto her belly, and chest.
“Oh my God, that was so hot!” Jennifer yelled. Stacy, while also catching her breath, kept saying: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh my God, thank you so much.” I placed myself between them, and they curled up to cuddle, with their heads resting on my chest. We cuddled like that for a long while. I had to return to being responsible, and got myself cleaned up, and dressed. The girls fell asleep next to each other.
I let them stay in the room for the remainder of the night. By 6am I had coffee made, and I set up a small breakfast. My boss called to tell me he was going to be a few hours before he was going to be able to leave his house, due to the lack of available plows to keep up with the massive storm. I agreed to work until someone arrived, which was cool with me, because I had to make sure the room we used was presentable for use. The girls took the liberty of using the shower, and I watched them wander into the dining room where I was having coffee, and watching the weather on the television. We all ate breakfast together, and occasionally commented on how fun the night was.
After we ate, I went to fix the room. The girls were kind enough to lend a hand in putting fresh linens on it, and I was able to make it look just as perfect as the housekeepers left it. It took the plow until 10am to clear the parking lot, and Jennifer, and Stacy went back on their journey to a much warmer climate down south. We exchanged contact information, chatted online for a while, and stayed in touch, but we never actually saw each other again.

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