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virgin daughterI often see large tractor trailers park in the shopping plaza next to the hotel for a place to sleep while on the road. It is common for them to walk into the dining room early in the morning to take advantage of the free hot breakfast, and hurry back to driving.

I stood outside the main doors for fresh air, and a quick stretch before settling into my shift. A tractor trailer pulled into the nearby lot and came to a sudden stop that shook the cab slightly. I could hear a male and female arguing with each other, but I couldn’t make out the topic, and I decided sitting down was more appealing to me, so I went back to my desk, where I could still see anything that happened in the parking lot.

Two hours into my shift I was enjoying coffee. The hotel doors opened, and a short, thin girl with long brunette hair walked into the lobby. She was wearing denim shorts cut high, exposing a great deal on upper thigh, and a black tank top with the face of a country/pop singer, who I don’t recognize printed on the front. Without hiding my appreciation for her appearance, I greeted her. “Hello, how can I help you?” The girl leaned into the desk, that was almost too tall for her to rest her arms on, and when she spoke to me, I could hear Georgia in her voice, clear as a bell. “Can I use a restroom?” She asked. I pointed towards the nearest bathroom, and watched her ass as she strolled down the hall.

When she returned, she plopped onto the sofa facing the desk. “Is it okay if I sit here?” “You already are.” I replied with a grin. “My name’s Rene.” She said. “Nice to meet you.” I said. She had a curious expression on her face. “We have been on the road for over a month. I’m tired of riding around in that smelly thing.” I walked over to the coffee counter and fixed myself a cup. “Do you want a cup of coffee, or cocoa?” The girl accepted my offer, and made herself a cup of cocoa. “My dad started drinking about an hour before we pulled into the parking lot. The only time I get to have some freedom away from him is after he passes out. I tried talking him into letting me rent a room, but he’s too cheap.” She said. “You need to be at least 18 years old to rent a room here.” I said. “I’ll be 19 in August.” She replied. I made her a good offer. “If you can pay at least $80.00 I can rent you a room for the rest of the night.” She turned down the offer due to having no cash or a credit card.

There was a guest who rented his room early in the morning, and checked out a few hours later. I remembered when he left, because he wanted me to give him a lower rate for checking out early, and I had to leave him checked in on the computer until morning. He rented the room for a full night. The hotel doesn’t rent rooms by the hour. With this early departure fresh in my mind, and by the looks of the man when he left, I was confident he never used the shower, and offered to let her use his shower. “I have a room that is not in use, but I can’t resell it. If you want, you can take a shower.” Rene was quick to accept the new offer. She ran out to the truck, and returned with a fresh change of clothes. I walked her to the room and observed the condition of the room. It was a two queen bed room, and only the one bed near the door was used. Other than that, the rest of the room was completely untouched. Rene didn’t hesitate to start the shower water, and started stripping off her clothes before I had the chance to exit the room.

Forty five minutes passed, and I called the room to see if she would answer. The phone rang endlessly. I waited another twenty minutes, and tries the room again, but she still didn’t answer. Up to the room I went, and I knocked on the door. Rene still was not responding to me, so I let myself in. Rene was on the bed watching the television, wearing only her panties. Her hair was freshly dried, and her breasts looked like perky C cups. “Hi.” She said with a pleasant smile as I approached her. “I told you that you can just take a quick shower. I didn’t tell you that you could use the room to lounge nude, watching TV all night.” I said with an authoritative tone. “I didn’t think it would matter since the room is not going to get used anyways.” She said. “I made you a simple kind offer to let you shower. In return, you decided to take advantage of that kindness, and tried to get more out of me than I offered.” I said. Rene Looked at me silently. “I have to run this hotel during the night, and I cannot have people abusing my kindness.” I sat on the edge of the bed and took her arm. Rene leaned forward along with me as I pulled her towards me. “Lie across my lap.” I instructed. Rene positioned herself face first over my knees. I teased her ass cheeks with my fingers for a moment, then peeled her panties off her body. Her smooth round ass jiggled slightly when I slapped her ass for the first time. Rene yelped. I gave her ass another hard slap, and Rene yelped again, her ass cheeks clenched when I gently placed my fingers on her, rubbing and teasing the freshly spanked cheek. “When a man is kind enough to offer his help for the sake of kindness, it is rude to abuse that kindness.” I said, followed by another hard slap to the other cheek. “Clearly you need to be taught discipline.” I continued, and again, followed by a hard swat to her bare quivering ass. Switching back to teasing her sore ass, I continued scolding Rene. “Lucky for you, I know exactly how to teach you a lesson in proper behavior.”

I rested my back against the headboard, and removed my pants. “You took your punishment, now it is time for you to show your appreciation for my act of kindness.” Rene took my dick with one hand and stroked it. She moved her face closer, and started licking the tip. The way she licked the tip of my erection felt electrifying, then she began licking my shaft and I felt a mild rush. “Suck my dick, right now.” I ordered. The sensation of ultimate power surged through me as Rene took great care to nurture my dick with her tongue and lips. I gave her another order.“Turn your ass towards me.” Rene did, and I started rubbing my hands on her naked ass. Her lips sucked harder as my fingers tickled the rim of her asshole. My finger slid into her warm teeny pussy, and I fingered her as she performed magic on my dick with the inside of her mouth. Shoving my finger deeper, Rene flinched, yelped, and let out a gentle sigh. She did not stop her task. When I pulled my finger out of her, ready to slap her ass again, I noticed blood on my finger, and quickly realized that Rene was still a virgin.

“Lay on your back for me.” I said. Rene complied, and I positioned myself between her legs. She looked up at me with nervous curiosity in her eyes. I watched the expression on her face as I slid myself into her unbelievably tight soft virgin pussy. A sense of great power rushed through me again, while I began gently fucking her. The way she closed her eyes for a few moments, and then looked up at me was priceless. I could see in her eyes that her mind was trying to process the sensations flooding her body. She began moaning quietly, and let out little sighs. With every careful thrust, Rene was in awe as I stimulated her for her first time. Every moment I spent enjoying her pussy felt precious to me. I leaned in and kissed her red plump lips. I held Rene’s body close to mine, and continued delicately fucking her. I could feel Rene begin to tremble, she her thighs clenched my gyrating hips, and she started breathing heavily, as if she was attempting to catch her breath after a run. The heavy breathing turned into a low moan, she was trying to hold back her voice… “Mmmm… Uhhh… Mmmm…” Her eyelids press tightly together… “Ooohhh.. Mmmm… Oooh… Oh my God… Oh my God” She gripped the bed covers, and let out a glorious cry as she trembled beneath my body. Rene experienced her first orgasm, and she created a puddle in the middle of the bed.

I started fucking Rene harder, she continued crying out as her body experienced deeper, stronger stimulation. I gripped her hips and drilled my dick into her swollen pussy with passion. Rene screamed: “Aaaahhh!” with all her lung strength, and I continued giving her pussy a good, hard, fucking. Her bottom lip began to quiver, her jaw started chattering her teeth together, and her back arched. Yet another euphoric cry belted out of her little body.

With one quick swoop, I flipped onto my back and put Rene on my lap. She slowly slid down until she rested in a straddling seated position with my dick snug, deep inside her. Rene sat almost still for a moment, she seemed to be trying to stabilize herself. I pressed my hands against her firm, delicate breasts, and she placed her hands over mine; pressing my hands against her breasts. Rene began slowly working herself around my groin, and the weight of her body pulled her down, making me penetrate her with more depth. She closed her eyes, and shoved her fingers through her hair with an open mouth grin; rocking her hips back and forth, and side by side. I used a finger to stimulate her clitoris, and her grinding motions quickened, and her pussy continued increasing the size of the puddle in the center of the bed. I pushed my hips up as she rocked, changing her rocking into bouncing. My finger continued rubbing her clitoris and she bounced on my dick with more enthusiasm. Another memorable orgasm possessed her body, and Rene began twisting and shaking like my dick was forcing an exorcism.

As Rene’s body convulsed, I placed her on her stomach, pressed her legs together, lifted her ass for a more accessible angle, and shoved my dick back inside her. My hands locked her legs tightly closed, and I fucked her. I fucked her hard. Rene grasped for the pillows, and clung to them like floating life savers. I had no intention to hold back, and I fucked her with every ounce of testosterone in my body. Her pussy flooded down her legs once more, and I let out a prideful orgasm. Semen spilled out of me, and I enjoyed my last few moments with my dick inside her.

When the morning sun rose, I was preparing breakfast. Rene’s father walked into the building, stinking of cheap beer. I offered him coffee and eggs. The man sat in the dining room and ate his free meal. I figured he deserved it after the night I spent with his daughter.

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