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hotel sexThe hotel doors opened, and a visibly overwhelmed woman in her mid thirties walked into the lobby. “Do you have two rooms available?” Her face filled with hope. The nearly empty parking lot should have been a strong indicator that there were plenty of rooms available. “Yes, I have lots of rooms. It’s a slow week.” She looked outside for a moment, then returned her focus back to me. “I have five kids between the ages of 8 and 17, three of them are boys, and they are all driving me up the wall.” She put a middle finger up in the air for a second. “I can understand how tired you must be. I’ll try to accommodate you to your satisfaction.” She smiled again. “Do you have connecting rooms?” I checked the computer, but the best I could do was offer rooms across the hall from each other. “Actually, that sounds even better. I can put those little shits in a room across the hall, and then I get a room to myself. Book it.” She slapped her credit card on the counter. All five of her moody, miserable kids walked in the lobby carrying their backpacks, pillows, and suitcases. The women turned to give her kids instructions, but she was mainly talking to one of her daughters, who was the oldest of the five kids. “I’m getting you your own room across the hall from me. Ally, you are in charge. Make sure the boys brush their teeth.”
After adding her personal information to the reservations, I handed her two sets of room keys, and they went off to the third floor.
Thirty minutes later The woman came back to my desk, alone. “Hi again, by the way, I’m Joanne. I left something in my car.” I gave her my name, and shook her hand. Joanne rushed out to her car, and returned with a box of wine. “Do you have any glasses?” I chuckled at the sight of the wine box under her arm. I pointed at the dining room. “I have coffee cups.” Joanne went to the coffee counter, grabbed one, and walked back to my desk. She placed the wine on the counter, and poured herself a full cup. “This is my emergency travel kit.” I watched with a little amazement as Joanne drank the entire cup. “Wow, it must be a heavy emergency.” She refilled the cup, and leaned on the counter as if she were in a bar. “We’re going to Main to visit their Grandparents; their Father parents,I hope he dies. We live in Florida.” She emptied her second cup into her mouth. “That is a long drive for five irritable kids. I assume you’re divorced.” Joanne quickly replaced the wine in her cup. “He left me for a twenty year old who calls him Daddy while she sits on his itty bitty sperm injector.” I was able to understand why a girl like that would be appealing. Joanne finished her mini husband rant. “Can you believe I had five kids with that creep?” I replied. “I won’t judge you.”

The more Joanne drank, the more relaxed she became, and I began finding her more attractive. Joanne kept in good shape considering she is raising five kids on her own. “This is the first moment of freedom from my kids in a very long time. I’m starting to feel a little drunk. It feels good.” She bent herself over more, her cleavage displayed in front of me, and finished another cup of wine. “Do you plan on finishing the entire box?” More wine flowed into her cup. “We’ll see how far I can get. Hey, you should have some drinks with me.” She looked at me like she was a teenager who gets over excited about doing fun things. “I am not really a drink at work kind of guy, but if you can keep it a secret, I keep a stash of some good hash handy, just in case I have my own emergency need to save my sanity.” Joanne leaned closer to me. “I haven’t smoked pot since I was 22… Let’s smoke some.” It sounded fun to smoke with her, so I agreed, and we went back to her room to ensure complete privacy.

I sat on the chair next to her bed, and began packing my small travel pipe. Joanne grabbed a shirt from inside her bag, and walked into the bathroom with it. Moments later she returned, wearing only her new shirt and underwear; she dropped her bra, and old shirt on the desk , near the bathroom, and sat on the edge of her bed, facing me, and I handed her the pipe and lighter. “I approve of the wardrobe change.” I could see her nipple bumps, her breasts were much larger that I realized. “I figured if I’m going to get wasted, I’d better prepare myself to use this bed before I get too high.” She took a cautious hit, and I was noticing her pink and white striped panties. Joanne exhaled; relief appeared on her face. I took back the pipe, and enjoyed a large refreshing toke. The two of us passed the hash pipe back and forth about six times. Joanne finally reached her limit about four hits earlier, but kept trying. I decided to put the pipe away before I got too stoned to think. “Are you dating now?” Joanne reached into her purse, next to the bed, and pulled out a small vibrator. “I’d like you to meet my boyfriend.” I laughed. “I see you are prepared for just about anything.” She put the vibrator away. “I’m a rock star mom, I gotta be prepared.”

I leaned forward, placing my hands on her bare legs. I slowly pushed them mu to her thighs, and gripped her panties. “So I guess it’s been a long time since you got well fucked.” I pulled her panties off, and started massaging her groin. Joanne pulled her shirt off and started playing with her nipples. Moments later, I removed my pants, laid on the bed, and told her to start sucking my dick as I put my face between her legs, and started massaging her clitoris with my tongue. Joanne put my dick in her mouth like she was embracing her long lost knight in shining armor. I began fingering her while I licked her clit. Joanne responded appropriately by sucking harder, which triggered an orgasm, and I ejaculated in her mouth. Joanne swallowed. “I missed that taste.”

Placing herself on her knees, Joanne said: “Please, fuck me.” I spread her pussy lips apart, and slid my dick into her fuck-hole. From my point of view, you would never know that woman had kids. “Joanne, it pleases me to inform you that your pussy is in perfect condition, and feels amazing.” I slapped her ass, pulled her hair, and fucked her like I was in a rodeo. Joanne took to my dick like riding a bike; she knew just how to grind on it. “This is some good pussy, it makes my dick harder the more I fuck you.” I fucked her so hard, she had to brace herself so she didn’t fall forward. “You missed feeling a mans dick inside you.” Joanne moaned: “Yes.” I slapped her ass again. “That’s right. All you really need is dick, and a good hard fucking.” Joanne moaned again. “Yes! I need your cock!” I fucked Joanne from behind, shoving myself into her pussy at every angle. Her pussy got thoroughly, and properly fucked. She started yelling: “You’re gonna make me cum… Yes! I want it so bad!…. You’re gonna make me cum!…I’m… I’m… I’m… Uuuhh! I’m cumming!”

I was making the bed shake, and it knocked over her purse that sat on the night stand. Standard contents spilled from from the inside, keys, makeup cases, her dildo, and to my joy, a small bottle of lube. Joanne was not kidding about how prepared she can be. I reached over, and took the lube. Joanne watched me pick up the bottle, and closed her eyes as if she started praying. I squeezed the bottle over her asshole, and gently slid my finger in. I kept fucking her pussy while working my finger into her ass, preparing it for the arrival of my erection.

Putting a generous amount of lube on my dick, and some more on her ass, I grasped Joanne’s hips, and began my slow, gently maneuvered insertion. Joanne squeezed her eyes tight, and clenched her teeth with a grimace on her face. “Just relax, you are going to love this.” Cautiously, I pressed deeper, making sure not to harm her, then in the blink of an eye, Joanne relaxed, and I slid in perfectly. I began a slow, easy grind, and Joanne eased herself onto my dick a bit more. Soon, she let her whole body loosen up, and with a bit more lubrication, I was fucking Joanne’s ass at a pleasantly steady pace, and with every deep inward motion, I could feel the awaking of my orgasm. Joanne turned her head towards me. “I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this.” A surprising smile appeared on her face, and she closed her eyes, indulging herself in the moment. I was pumping away inside her ass, and stars began floating around my head. My orgasm was pushing itself to the surface, and I began squeezing her ass cheeks together. With a huge seismic quake, semen burst from deep down inside me. My body shook and Joanne shouted. “Oh my God, that feels amazing!” My orgasm rippled through me in a fluid-like pulse; semen continued flowing out of me.

I came out of my daze, pulled my sick out of Joanne’s ass, and took a shower. Joanne was lying in the bed while I dried off. I walked over to her, and she looked up at me with grateful eyes. Standing in front of her with my freshly washed dick in her face, I pulled her mouth open, and slid my dick between her lips. Joanne happily sucked my dick one last time. “I want to make sure that when you remember what my dick tastes like when you leave.”

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