Ghostly Gang Bang“Peaceful Hills Sanatorium closed in 1950, after the hospital patients rioted within it’s locked doors. The Doctors, Nurses, and Orderlies, who was supposed to keep patients peacefully under control, were overwhelmed by the mad men revolt. The male orderlies, and doctors were tortured and murdered. The nurses were taken by the violently insane men, and raped repeatedly. Inmates quickly turned on each other leaving only a handful of blood soaked lunatics left to roam the property. The bodies were discovered naked, and hanging by their necks, some with plastic over their heads, and several others were drowned in the hospital’s bath tubs.”
“This should be the next place we investigate.” Abigail says, looking at the website where she read the hospital’s background information from. Samantha and Robyn gazed at each other for a moment. “I suppose it sounds exciting.” Says Robyn. “Is the building safe to walk through?” Samantha asks. Abigail ponders the question for a moment:“It seems safe enough for people to explore in order to write about it on their blogs.” “Good enough for me.” Samantha says.

Robyn strolls through the halls of the community college dorm, she is stopped by Rick, the dumb white LAX player who routinely hits on her in the most unappealing ways. “Hey Robyn, when are you gonna come visit me in my room? You can be my sweet chocolate cupcake, and I can pump you full of my creamy filling.” Robyn shoves her middle finger in his face, and ducks into her room, where Abigail and Samantha go over their checklist of items to bring on their ghost hunting adventure. “Rick is a gross creep.” Robyn says. Without taking her attention away from packing extra batteries for the camera, and audio recorders, Abigail says: “He wants to fill my strawberry shortcake with his butter cream.” Laughter ensues, and the three girls head for Robyn’s car.

The old sanatorium is located on the outskirts of town where there is little chance for the authorities to bother them. Headlights shine on the front of the white, brick ten story building that includes additional ten floor wings off either side of the original building. “This place already makes my stomach spin.” Robyn admits. Samantha gives Robyn a shove on her shoulder. “No worries, all the murderous rapists were killed off during the riot decades ago.” Robyn rolls her eyes. “That really didn’t help my jitters any.” The girls exited the car, grabbed their bags, and headed into the large disturbing building.

Samantha hits the record button on the camera. Abigail and Robyn turn on their hand held audio recorders, and start wandering through the huge dark lobby, with only flashlights to light their way. Dust covers everything. Breathing stale air, the girls walk past open doors leading to small rooms where the patients were kept, old broken chairs lined up against the walls in the hallways. A creaking sound is heard coming from the second floor. Abigail moves quickly up the stairs with the other two ladies quickly following her. The second floor hallway has a heavy feeling to it. Samantha notices immediately that her body could sense a change in the atmosphere. “This floor makes me feel funny.” She says. Robyn agrees: “Me too.” The creaking sound returns. Abigail points to a room down the hall. “I think it’s coming from over there.” Slowly, the ladies walk in the suspicious room. As they approach the door, it slowly creaks open. Abigail and Robin look at Samantha, who is recording the nervous looks on their faces. “Let’s check it out!” She says.

Flashlights shining through the door, the three ladies see a dark room with two small bed frames, both have a thin mattress on top. Abigail enters the room first. “Hello? Is anybody in here?” She asks the empty room. Putting her recording device on one of the beds, she continues, pausing for a moment between questions. “Is this your room? Did you live here? Are you one of the staff members who was murdered?” Abigail plays back her recording while the other two continue their own recordings. They hear what sounds like the voice of a woman, but they can’t make out her words. “Was that a woman’s voice?” Robyn asked, wide eyed. “It sounded like a woman.” Abigail agreed.

Distant footsteps could be heard coming from the hallway. Samantha turns around and exits through the doorway. Looking in both directions, she tries to pinpoint where the footsteps came from, but the hallway is silent again. Joining Samantha in the hallway, Abigail and Robyn listen for more clues, and Abigail starts her recorder again, making sure not to record over their first piece of evidence. Footsteps were heard again coming from their left, and the three ladies venture towards the sound that takes them around a corner into another dark hallway that seemed to have no end. On and on they walk, tracking down the footsteps that keep coming from up ahead. Robyn looks behind her, and realizes that even with her flashlight, she can no longer see where they came from. “This is the kind of place people get lost in.” She said. Samantha turns on the camera’s night vision. As soon as the viewing screen lit up green, she sees what appears to be a person quickly disappearing up another flight of stairs. “Oh my god! I just saw someone running up the stairs!” She yells. Excitement rushes through each of them, and they hurry up the stairs, hoping to catch up with the mystery ghost.

Their arrival upon the new floor was the same as the previous floor, dark and intimidating. Abigail hears a creaking sound coming from their right, and motions for the other two to follow her. As they walk towards the room in question, Robyn feels a hand firmly grab her ass, and she screams and jumps. “What was that!” Abigail and Samantha turn their attention to her. “Something just grabbed my ass!” “I didn’t see anything on the screen.” Says Samantha. After a moment for Robyn to get her wits about her, they return their journey down the hallway. The voice of the woman from their recording could be heard coming from a nearby examination room. Abigail, excited to capture another recording of her voice, rushes forward, leaving Samantha and Robyn to catch up. The creaking sounds of fresh footsteps appear behind the two ladies. Stopping to investigate what is behind them, the sound goes silent. Discovering nothing behind them, they return to the task of catching up with Abigail, who they lost track of.

Abigail enters the room where she believes the woman’s voice came from, and places her recorder on top of one of the examination tables. “Are you the woman who spoke to us earlier?” She asks the empty, dark room, and pauses before her next series of questions. “How did you die?… Are there others here with you?… Do you feel cold?. She waits patiently in silence for a few moments, and rewinds the tame to review her recording. The response she hears is startling. None of her questions were answered. Abigail heard a woman speaking in a static filled voice: “They’re watching you.” Abigail looks around the room and realizes that her partners aren’t with her. “Hey!” she calls out. “Where are you two?” She goes to the door to see if they are still in the hallway. The door makes a clicking sound, and Abigail can’t open it. The first moment of fear rushes through her, and she uses all her strength to push open the door, with no luck. “Hey!” she begins yelling again. “I’m stuck in here! Where did you go? Help me get this door open!” No sound comes from the other side of the sealed door.

Robyn and Samantha rush down the hall, but can’t find the room Abigail ran off to. They call for her, but receive no reply. The two of them reach the end of the hall, and find themselves facing the decision to turn left or right down the connecting hallway. Standing still, Robyn feels yet another hand grip her ass, and she jolts forward, rubbing her rear with her hands. “I just got grabbed again!” She cries out. Samantha turns the camera behind them. In her viewing screen stood a man wearing a dirty old patient gown. She screams as he grins back at her Samantha grabs Robyn’s arm, and the image of the man is suddenly gone. “What?” Yells Robyn. “I saw a man through on the camera.” Samantha says in shock. They watch as an old dusty stretcher wheels itself across the hallway leading to their right, blocking their path in that direction. Robyn moves to return back to where they came from, and stops as suddenly as her sprint started. Standing in the hallway where they came from are the figures of several men, all dressed in old filthy patient gowns. Robyn and Samantha scream, and they run down the open hallway to their left.

Abigail was having no luck opening the door. Her calls for help were going unanswered, and she feared she might be stuck in that room for quite a while. An invisible hand touches her shoulder, and she spins around with arms swinging. The hand grazed her cheek, she screams and slaps her face as if she walked through a spider’s web. A disembodied voice whispers into her ear: “I get you first.” suddenly a pair of hands grip her arms and forces her over to the examination table opposite the one holding her audio recorder. Abigail screams and struggles to free herself from the invading hands, but finds nothing to punch, kick, or bight in her defense. She is being held down by an invisible force that seemed not to be there. Her hands are forced above her head where they get bound to the table by the leather straps in each corner. She screams and pleads for help, but all she hears is the heavy breathing of her invisible attacker. Abigail feels cold metal pressing against her belly and her shirt is torn up the center, exposing her pale white skin. The cold sensation continues on her chest as her bra gets snipped off, falling to her sides. She fights to free herself as cold, rough hands grab her breasts and fondle them. The hands slowly wander down her belly. Amanda feels the hands unbutton, and unzip her jeans. She kicks her legs about with no success. The hands grip her waistband, and pull both her pants, and panties off, leaving them to fall to the floor. Abigail feels the cold, rough hands rubbing her pussy, she continues her attempt to kick the hands away, but she still finds nothing to make contact with. A mans voice chuckles as his hands grab her inner thighs, and hold her down against the cold steel examination bed. Her legs are pulled open, and she feels a cold hard cock sliding into her pussy. She screams from the cold shock that rushes through her body. The invisible entity leans over her body, she feels his breath against her neck. “There is nothing better than fucking a little ladies pussy.” It whispers in her ear. Abigail turns her face away from the sound of the disembodied voice. The invisible cock feels like it’s growing inside her while it begins thrusting itself in and out of her soft wet pussy. The cold hands grasping her thighs pull her towards the invisible body, making her body rub against the cold bed.

Robyn and Samantha run into an empty room, and hide behind a mattress that leaned against the wall. The door opens slowly, and the footsteps of several people are heard filling the room. The mattress concealing the two ladies flung through the air. The two ladies screamed as the hands of several men grab them, dragging them both out of the small corner. The camera is knocked out of Samantha’s hand and she is pulled into the hallway.

Robyn struggles to free herself from the grips of the dozens of men grasping her and pawing at her. With seemingly no effort the crazed angry spirits tore the clothing from her body. Her soft brown skin felt cold hands fondling every inch of her body. Hands grabbed her breasts, squeezing them painfully, and others pulled on her nipples. She screamed out and the hands forced her to bend over the bed. A hand grasped the back of her head, and a cock suddenly gets shoved into her mouth, she struggles to get away, but the hand is forcing her head to stay put as the man’s cock continues its assault on her face. Another set of hands grabs her ass cheeks, and spread them apart. Another cold solid cock forcefully penetrates her pussy, pumping violently. Robyn fights to push herself free, but there are too many hands holding her down. The cock in her mouth suddenly erupts, causing her to choke on the curdled sour substance that filled her mouth. The intrusive cock pulled out, and before she had a chance to gasp for breath, another erection made its way into her mouth. The entity that was enjoying her pussy continued thrusting itself deep into her pussy, forcing her to lean forward with every thrust, causing her to choke on the cock in her mouth. The thrusting increases until suddenly she feels the inside of her pussy fill with an eruption of the same cold fowl sticky substance that she tasted inside her mouth. A new spirit took its place. There is no escaping the never ending assault on Robyn’s naked body. One by one they penetrated her, forcing her to swallow the spoiled ejaculate, and pumping her pussy full until it overflowed with spoiled semen.

Samantha is pulled into the hallway, hands gripped her clothing, shredding them from her body. She is thrown onto the cold floor as lunatics grabbed. She is held firmly to the floor, and the violent spirits began licking her nipples. A set of hands pulls apart her legs, and she feels a cold, slimy tongue licking her pussy. Samantha screamed for help, and a hand pressed against her throat. The tongue licking her pussy slides away, and she feels a large hard cock penetrate her. The man who is only partly visible to her grinds his oversized dick inside her sore pussy; he has a disgustingly satisfied expression on his face. He fucks her with great joy, and suddenly, the disgusting spirit has an orgasm, pumping her pussy with disgusting semen. The dick pulls out of her, the hand choking her loosens its grasp, and she is quickly flipped onto her stomach. Another disgustingly excited spirit began fucking her again, and she felt hands grabbing her head. Samantha is being forced to suck a filthy cock as another spirit fucked her doggy style with violent selfish rage. Over and over again Samantha is forced to suck dick, and choke down overwhelming amounts spoiled dead semen; her face is getting covered in its sticky mess. The pounding her vagina was taking came to a sudden stop. Her pussy drips with the same gross substance. With one shocking jab, Samantha felt a cock penetrating her ass, she screamed, and joyful laughter erupted from behind her. Shock flooded her brain as the violent spirit fucked her asshole hard. Tears break free from her eyes, and more violent spirits begin fucking her open mouth again.

The girls were reported missing two days later. The police discovered them wandering naked through the halls of the dark building. They refused to speak when asked what happened. To them. Nobody found their recording equipment, and their misadventure remained a mystery to everyone.

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