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She sighed, stirring slightly as light filtered in through the windows. Slowly opening her eyes she shivered, the still air of the bedroom chill in the early morning light. She wished, not for the first time, that she was allowed to wear clothes, or that he would at least keep the place warmer. She huddled up on the mound of pillows that covered the inside of her cage, trying to conserve as much of her body heat as she could. She was careful to make as little noise as possible, enjoying the quiet solitude before the work of the day started. She could hear him gently snoring on the bed nearby, and she gazed enviously at the thick comforter that covered his bed. It had been nearly a year since she had signed her contract, agreeing to be a fuck toy for 5 years in return for having all of her debts absolved, and although there had been some ups and downs, she was quite sure she would do it over again if she were given the option. Although some of her treatment was quite humiliating, by design of course, her master was not as cruel as some. The fuck toy contract protected the toy in a number of ways, such that they could not be killed, or seriously injured, and there was a minimum level of care that had to be met, such as being fed every day and having sufficient medical care provided. The mere fact that she was allowed to have pillows in her cage was a blessing that many other fuck toys would have killed to have.

Although she was almost 25 years of age her master was only 18, her contract bought for him as an 18th birthday present by his wealthy father. With the sort of perverse inventiveness that only teenage boys could muster he had found many ways to use her. Though, she thought fondly, he was oddly careful to ensure her own enjoyment most of the time.

She sighed quietly to herself as the snoring stopped and she heard the first indications of his stirring from the bed, indicating that her moment of solitary contemplation was at an end. She readied herself as was expected of her, and smiled obediently up at him from her cage as he glanced over at her on his way to the bathroom to relieve himself.

He stopped by her cage after he had finished in the bathroom and dropped his pants, pressing his erect cock through the narrow gap in the bars. Obediently she took his cue and set to work. She gently enveloped his cock in her mouth sliding her lips tenderly along the length of his shaft until she was pressed against the bars of her cage before working back towards the tip again. She worked with the skill that a year in his services had engrained in her, wrapping her tongue around his thick shaft, and was quickly rewarded when a spurt of thick cum hit the back of her throat. Again as she had been taught she swallowed all of his load without complaint.

“Good girl.” he said, smiling down at her. She returned his smile, beaming up at him despite the fact that being treated like a dog was something that she found utterly humiliating. “Shall we go downstairs and get some breakfast?” he enquired.

He reached down and undid the clasp on the front of her cage, allowing her to crawl out and stretch her legs. Once she had finished loosening muscles that had been cramped by the long night in the small enclosure she obediently sat at his feet. Grabbing something off the top of her cage he leaned over her and slipped her collar and leash around her neck. She shivered as the cold steel of her leash touched her bare flesh but obediently sat still without complaint. Once he had finished securing her collar she was thankfully permitted to stand up and they descended the stairs to have breakfast.

One of the irritating parts of her services, one of many to be sure, was that her master still lived at home with his parents. This meant that every day she had to endure family meals, where she was leered at by her masters father, and slightly more covertly leered at by her masters mother. It was in fact during a weekend early in her service that she had been used by someone other than her master, the only time this had occurred so far as he was fairly jealous of her service. Her master and his father had left for the weekend on a hunting trip, and she had been instructed to stay in his room and not bother his mother until they returned. They hadn’t been gone for more than an hour when his mother had entered into his room and commanded that she follow her. Obediently she had obeyed, following the older woman to her room where upon she had removed the bathrobe she was wearing, revealing that she wore nothing beneath. Confused she had simply stood there in shock until being commanded to lay upon the bed. Once she had stretched herself out the other woman had straddled her head, posing her cunt directly above the helpless slave’s face and commanded that she eat her pussy. Aware of the trouble she would be in if her master were told that she had failed to obey a direct order she and done as she was instructed. Her tongue caressing and penetrating the other womans cunt as her hips pressed down upon her face. She had found the taste of her pussy to be salty and slightly bitter, and the whole experience to be utterly humiliating. Although her master had commanded her to make out with or fondle other slaves before, she personally had no attraction to women. When at last the older woman had cum, her hips bucking with pleasure as the poor slaves tongue skillfully brought her to climax, she had thought that she would be allowed to retreat to her master’s room to try and forget that this had happened. Instead she had been forced to spend the night in the other womans bed, enduring her hands upon her body throughout the evening as she caressed her young breasts and slipped her fingers inside of her. It was only when dawns light had filled the room that she was at last dismissed.

Ever since that weekend she had done all that she could, without disobeying an order, to stay away from his mother, though that did not save her from the older womans lustful gaze.

“What are you up to today son?” her master’s father asked, interrupting her musings.

“Oh I got a new toy yesterday, I think we are going to head up to my bedroom and try it out after breakfast.” He said. She eyed her master with concern. He had a discomforting amount of anticipation on his face, which did not bode well for her at all.

She tried to eat her breakfast without allowing any of her concern to show, ignoring the remainder of the conversation between father and son as they discussed their plans for the day. Her mind could not free itself from the threat of the new toy that her master had mentioned. The last time he had purchased a toy it had ended up being a massive vibrating dildo, and he had insisted on using it on her tender cunt to the point that she had difficulty walking comfortably for several days afterwards.

When at last breakfast was over she obediently gathered the dishes from the table and placed them in the sink before following her master back up the stairs to his room. After instructing her to sit at the foot of his bed he headed into his closet, returning quickly with a large cardboard box roughly the size of an old TV. Placing the box on the floor in front of her he freed the new toy from within. It was revealed as a small leather covered device roughly the size of a saddle with a small patch of latex at one end covered in bumps. She was confused by it, utterly at a loss for what it could be.

Returning again to the closet he returned with several lengths of course rope. She was instructed to straddle the odd device and once she had he set about securing her to the end of his bed, tying her tightly so that once he had finished she was unable to move so much as an inch in any direction. Seeing that she was properly secured he reached into the box and removed a remote. Once he pressed the activation button on the remote the purpose of the device was at last revealed. The small bump covered piece of latex, which was positioned directly under her pussy, started to vibrate. Gently at first but with increasing ferocity as he cranked up the power through the remote. Immediately her hips attempted to buck and writhe as the vibrations stimulated her cunt, but the ropes held fast and she was unable to do anything but endue. Within seconds she reached climax, panting and moaning under the machines ministrations, but it continued on with the characteristic indifference that only the mechanical can possess. Scarcely a minute later she reached her second orgasm as the powerful vibrations rocked through her body. Vaguely she was aware that her master was sitting in a chair, watching her as she rocked in the throes of her pleasure. Time seemed to stretch and then stop completely as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her, leaving her drenched in sweat, hanging limply against her bonds periodically shuddering as she climaxed again.

After what seemed like an eternity the vibrations stopped. She was to weak to respond and was supported only by the rope that secured her to the bed. When her bonds were released she collapsed to the floor, moaning weakly in response. Time passed as she rested, utterly worn out. When she at last awoke she was not sure if she had been asleep for minutes or hours, though it was still light out. She sat up and saw that her master was sitting in a chair nearby reading a book. He carefully set the book down as he saw her stir and watched her rise up.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you for letting me rest Sir.” she responded. She could tell by the predatory look in his eyes that her ordeal on the toy had only been the start of the day’s activities, and watching her cum over and over had done nothing but whet his appetite.

“Good. Then since you are all rested now and got to have your fun, I think it is time for me to have some fun.” So saying he freed his cock, which stood upright in testament to his unquenched desire. She stood on shaky legs and approached him, although she had intended to suck his cock in order to spare her already ravaged pussy the moment she was within arms reach her snatched her up and pulled her into his lap. His cock found its way into her and she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as his thick cock forced its way into her sore cunt. He thrust into her with savage force, causing her breasts to bounce and sway each time his balls slapped against her. She started to moan in pleasure rather than pain as his cock stirred her desire once more. His hands reached up and found her breasts, pulling and pawing at the tender flesh as tended to be his habit when they coupled.

In the end what surprised her was how quickly the session ended. Their typical bout lasted anywhere from 30 min to an hour, with a variety of positions. However after scarcely more than a handful of minutes he grunted and pulled her hard against him, the telltale splash of cum pumping into her pussy announcing that he was finished. She leaned back against him as both of them paused to catch their breath. She realized that he must have been more turned on by watching her earlier than she had suspected for him to have finished so quickly.

In the end she was dismissed with permission to rest in her cage until he needed her again, and for once she was happy to return to the pillow covered enclosure as she was more worn out than she had been in a long time. She realized that she would probably be fucked two or three more times before she was put away for the night but for now she could use the rest.

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