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Sex Parables – Little Sister Song

Mark 4:2 And Jesus taught them many things in parables,…

The Bible has sex parables. Song of Solomon in the Bible has many sex parables. Here is one:

Song of Solomon 8:8-10


We have a little sister,

and she has no breasts.

What shall we do for our sister

on the day when she is to be spoken for? (8)

If she is a wall,

we will build on her a battlement of silver.

But if she is a door,

we will enclose her with boards of cedar. (9)


I am a wall, and my breasts like towers;

Then I was in his eyes like one who finds peace. (10)

Sex parables are plentiful in Song of Solomon. Sex parables like this were often sung. The story and the art of poetry were put together to communicate straightforward, passionate truth. This “Little Sister Song” is one of the sexual parables in the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible. The verses tell the story of a little sister who will grow up soon. This “Little Sister Song” is filled with irony and beauty. The innocence of a girl (or a boy for that matter) before the hormones begin to awaken. We all can relate to this story for ourselves and for our children and the way sexual desire blossoms in all of us.

Many of us remember the time before our sexual awakening. The thought of the opposite sex had little physical attraction. “Boys have cooties” and “Girls are annoying.” Then one day something dramatically changes. For boys, the mere sight of a girl, can cause their penis to become erect. For girls, the longing for the “love story life” starts filling their imaginations.

This place of maturity is where verse two in this “Little Sister Song” takes us. This innocent child has grown up into a sexual being. The implication is that she now has breasts and sexual desires. She is now processing all relationships as a fully sexual person. This parable brings us to see different sexual responses to maturity. One response is sexual virtue where this grown-up sexual sister is a wall and builds her virtue for her husband someday. This is not to say that she is repressing her sexuality. No. She is building her sexuality into a fortress to be erected for her future with her husband.  The result of her sexual maturing is that she is prepared for her sexual journey in marriage, where she was building her wall/fortress for victory and protection.

If she cannot keep her sexuality for marriage and she is tempted to sleep around before marriage, the community of those who love her will do their best to protect her until she is married. We will “enclose her with boards of cedar.”  The community structure of that day certainly seemed to have a more protective presence than ours today. We need to find ways to speak into the lives of our daughters and sons again.

There is no doubt about it, in this “Little Sister Song” the woman who builds her sexual identity for marriage is building a feminine fortress. This feminine fortress will bring hot sizzling protection and pleasure in marriage for her and her husband. Song of Solomon 8:10 is verse three in the song, where a hot mature wife says, “That was me. I built a wall and fortress for my man and me.  My breasts are no casino pa natet match for an army of breasts who try to break down our marriage.”

There are many sexual truths in the sex parables from the Song of Solomon for women and men. It takes a lot to build a fortress. When our children are young, we want them to learn how to construct their sexual fortress. Here are some of the sexual truths I see from the “Little Sister Song”:

1. Sex Education by Relationship Connection – Help our children know that Mom and Dad love marriage and enjoy the fortress. This fortress is not only about sex, it is also about protection. This protection brings hope and stability in more areas than only moral faithfulness. Your children see your “city walls” by you talking to them about your journey and how you learned to be towers of sizzling protection.

2. Masturbation Encouragement – When our children are starting to masturbate, encourage them to masturbate to develop their imagination for marriage. Talk about the worldview of pornography and how this worldview is tearing down what they are trying to build. At some point, have them read Horny Husband”s Defense of Masturbation.

3. The Power of Story – The songs in our culture are usually about being doors and not fortresses as they tell sex parables about sexual freedom from God”s way. I remember a line in a Billy Joel song, “Good girls don”t, but I do.” A MarriageHeat Girl sings, “Good girls do in marriage, and marriage sex is hot.”

4. Sexual Protection is Needed. We live in a time in history, where married or single can easily see and read sex parables of unrestrained lust through pornography and erotic literature. Many of our imaginations have been exposed already to sights and stories that have put us at risk. Building or rebuilding your fortress is something this community is about. The steamy, sizzling sex parables shared here bring a refreshing and sexy God-glorifying worldview. Pastors and counselors will tell you that where there is a hot marriage, it usually fuels faithfulness.

5. Share More Godly Sex Parables In Our Culture.  When you share your stories, you help others build their fortresses. MarriageHeat has received thousands of comments about how MarriageHeat has changed the game for their marriage. It is not the website address that has changed the game, it is the stories and sex parables shared here that have made a difference.

Sex parables are powerful. The world is telling them in music, movies, books and word of mouth. The sex parables are told everywhere, mostly breaking down marital love.

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