lesbian sex story -The Porn Stars Bodyguard, part 1


Alyssa Breeze is a 38 year old semi retired adult film star, turned adult film talent agent. She hires 42 year old private detective Joe Mason to be her bodyguard. After a fanatical killer kidnaps and murders her old friend, adult film star Alexis Carlisle then threatens her life as well. Erotic sparks fly when she invites Joe Mason to come stay at her home in Malibu, along with two of her

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Chapter 1. Joe Mason, private detective.

Its been a slow month for Joe Mason’s one man private investigation service, as a mater of fact it has been a slow year. He used to have his own secretary, to answer the phone and make appointments for prospective clients. But lately things have gotten so slow, Peggy Fair, his long time faithful employee and friend left to find a better paying job. Now the forty-two year old ex L.A homicide detective sits alone in his office, leaning back in his office chair reading today’s lead stories in the L.A. times. One of the headlines catches his eyes. Missing adult film star, Alexis Carlisle’s body has been found.

Joe claims he’s not into watching porn, but he knows a little about the ageing porn star. Alexis was a big star back in the mid eighties into the nineties. She has been retired from the industry up until she disappeared without a trace two weeks ago. Reading into the article he sees the name of his old friend L.A police detective Mark Sanger, they were patrol car partners in the early days, and they both worked homicide together up until Joe quit the force five years ago. The reporter who wrote the article quotes his old friends statement to the press.

“All we know as of now is, some sick freak kidnapped and murdered Alexis. Her body was discovered by hikers at the bottom of Fernando canyon this morning. No suspects have been apprehended, but we are following up on some good leads. Ms. Carlisle was in the porn industry for a long time, It’s possible that over the years she’s gained a few nutcase fans who might have done something like this.”

Reading the article evokes his homicide detective experience, he begins concentrating on the grisly facts of the porn stars murder. Suddenly his concentration’s interrupted by the sound of a woman’s voice emitting near the door of his small office. “Excuse me,” her voice trembles. “Are you Joe Mason.” Startled by the voice he looks up seeing an attractive auburn haired blue eyed thirty something woman standing near his secretary’s old desk, his brown eyes trace there way over the woman’s well toned body.

He’s a trained observer, he cant help but notice every detailed curve of the alluring woman’s body. She’s wearing her shoulder length auburn hair tied back away from her face. Her face is beautiful, naturally long eye lashes a slender elegant nose, her lips are pouty and full. “Kissable” he thinks. Looking at the woman’s face a bit closer, he thinks to himself. I’ve seen her somewhere before, but where.

She’s dressed elegantly, wearing what looks to be the latest fashions from Rodeo drive. A white silk blouse with about five buttons undone exposing a slight bit of cleavage and just a hint of the black lace pushup bra accenting her full firm breast. The snug fitting black skirt she’s wearing comes just about six inches above her knees, making her legs appear long lean and sexy.

“Yes, I’m the one and only Joe Mason…What can I do for you sweetheart.”

She steps forward smiling offering a handshake. “Hi my names Alyssa Breeze.”

He stands abruptly pushing his chair back while reaching out to shake her hand. Although his ex-wife might disagree, he at least tries to be a gentlemen. Some might say he sometimes over does his gentlemanly appearance when it comes to an attractive woman.

“Its a pleasure to meet you Alyssa…,” he stops in mid speech. “Are you, thee Alyssa Breeze…The adult star?”

She flashes a quick smile replying almost reluctantly. “Yes I am, thee Alyssa Breeze.”

Realizing who she is he suddenly becomes a star struck fool, he keeps shaking her hand acting like an overzealous fan. He’s usually calm and cool, but he knows she’s one of porn’s most successful stars. She hasn’t been in the industry quite as long as the late Alexis Carlisle, but she’s been around long enough to be well known. Finally he gains control of himself and lets loose of her hand. His voice trembles slightly. “I’m sorry…please have a seat.” he says.

She looks around, not seeing one nearby. “Oh sorry,” he says flashing a nervous smile. “The cleaning lady must’ve moved the chair.” He tells a little white lie not wanting to admit, business has been so bad lately the rental company repoed some of his office furniture. “Here have a seat in my secretary’s chair,” he lies again. “She’s out sick this week.” She takes a seat, he loosens his tie leaning on the edge of his desk needing to be close to the only famous person ever to grace his office.

“So Miss Breeze, how can I help you today….Or is it, Mrs. Breeze.”

She smiles leaning over placing a hand on his knee. “Please there’s no need to be formal.” she says gently stroking his knee. “All my friends call me Alyssa,” she smiles sweetly. “And no, I’m not married.”

Just the feeling of her hand on his knee causes his heart to beat a little quicker, he becomes aroused as well. He hears his own voice tremble. She hands him an eight by ten vanilla envelope, he takes it noticing fear in her bright blue eyes. “Okay Alyssa…What can I do for you.”

Her voice trembles. “I came to hire you…to be my bodyguard.”

He shakes his head. “Alyssa….I’m a PI, not a bodyguard.” Tears begin to run down her face, she speaks frustrated and angry. “God Dammit, my life’s in danger I need your help,” she points to the L.A. times laying on his desk. “Alexis was one of my best friends, she helped me get into the industry,” she points to the envelope. “The envelope your holding was mailed to my home in Malibu yesterday.”

Her body began shaking, tears ran down her cheeks. He kneels next to her, trying to comfort her by massaging her back. “I’m sorry Alyssa, please don’t cry,” holding up the envelope he asks. “Okay tell me, what’s in this envelope?”

“Pictures of Alexis. Whoever kidnapped her took pictures of her before he murdered her. The bastard tortured her, he killed her slowly. Apparently he took these pictures in sequence to show what she went through before she died….Please help me,” she says in panic before laying her face in her hands sobbing. Her emotional state makes it clear, she’s completely terrified.

He opens the envelope then slowly dumps the contents onto his desk, making sure not to touch any of the photos. What he sees almost turns his stomach, during his time as a homicide detective he’s seen a few gruesome sights, but the pictures of Alexis Carlisle’s beaten bloody body made him fight the urge to vomit.

The first picture stood out to his trained eye, its of Alexis she’s dangling by her wrist her thick blond hair is tussled and frayed. Mascara is smeared down her face, indicating she’s been weeping, her toes are barely touching the cement floor below. She’s been stripped completely nude, apparently she’s alive but her face his badly bruised.

“Alyssa…Have you shown these to the police,” he asks in a concerned tone.

She sniffles wiping her nose with a white handkerchief trimmed in lace and looks up with pleading eyes. “Yes, I gave detective Sanger the copies,” she pauses, her lips quiver. “The fucking bastard who did this, made sure to send extra copies.”

He begins looking at each photo, using the tip of his ink pin to move the gruesome sights around on his desk. There’s about ten photos in all of Alexis in different states of torture and bondage. He found one final disgusting scene, it’s of the poor once attractive woman’s dead body, her throats been cut. Swallowing back vile he flips it over, on the back of the photo he reads a short unsweet hand written statement.

I took this whores life for her sins of the flesh. Your next Alyssa Breeze

Joe doesn’t speak, he seems to be in deep thought. Alyssa spots a bewildered expression on his ruggedly handsome face, she watches him rub his hands over his dark brown eyes. He suddenly seems tired, the crows feet wrinkles at the corners of his eyes stand out a bit more than before. He leans back in his chair, running his long fingers through thick dark hair flecked with streaks of gray.

Alyssa recently turned 38, she knows he’s at least four years older but she likes the older mans rugged good looks. But his good looks aren’t enough, fear of ending up like her old friend comes to mind, she begs for his help once more.

“Please help me, I’ll pay you well. I met your friend detective Sanger today, he told me you’re not married and that’s good….I mean, being as you’re not married you can stay in one of my guest rooms at my home in Malibu. Detective Sanger said he’ll do the best he can to help but he cant look after me around the clock. He said you’re good at what you do,” her voice trembles as she begs once more. “Please help me…I’m so afraid.”

Not wanting to read about her mutilated body, being found in some remote canyon in next weeks headlines he gives in. Moving from his chair to where she’s sitting he kneels down hugging the frightened woman. Tears flow like raindrops down her face smearing her mascara. Looking into her blue eyes he notices even with smeared makeup, she’s still a beautiful woman. Without thinking how unprofessional it might be, he kisses her cheek.

“Alright Alyssa, you’ve hired yourself a bodyguard. I have a few things here in my office I’ll need to bring with me, then I’ll need you to follow me to my apartment over on Rosecrans avenue so I can pack a suitcase and grab a couple extra suits.”

He looks into her eyes, she flashes a slight smile trying to show she feels better now that he’s agreed to help. He wipes a tear from her cheek with his finger tips. “Don’t worry sweetheart,” he says with a smile. “I’ll keep you safe. Detective Sanger’s right, I am good at what I do,” he kisses her cheek once more. “And please, call me Joe that’s what all my friends call me.”

She watches him walk to a gun safe located across the room, he takes a black leather shoulder holster containing a Colt 45 automatic pistol. Next he picks up a box of 45 ammo along with two preloaded ammo clips, he slips the holster over his broad shoulders then slips both ammo clips into small leather pouches under his right arm. She thinks he’s done arming himself, but he’s not.

lesbian sex story -The Porn Stars Bodyguard

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