Sex Story – A Plan Well Set in college days


Since my college days, I use to dig published erotic material, whether
in shape of penthouse, playboy or novels. Introduction of internet
proved to be a great support to this passion as I do not have to spend
much money and a world is available on fingertips.
I would like to introduce myself as Tipu. I am 34, 5’ 11” in my socks
and strongly built with a fair complexion. I am screwing since my
college days but with a difference. I am not a skirt chaser who is
frustrated to unload his semen in every other opening, as I only adore
women having white skin, a bit bulky for their height and of course
with heavy bosoms. Would you believe me I had only three sexual
experiences out of countless with women not having these features in
last fifteen years.
This takes me back to 1985 when I was enjoying vacations after my
first year examinations. I had planned something very special for
these holidays, as I had a mad crush on my cousin’s wife Shabana
who lived in Islamabad. She was a perfect combination of the feminine
features I use to admire. Her husband was a social person who used to
travel frequently to places. Couple of times he came in my town with
Shabana for attending conferences and every time they stayed with
us, as we had a big house at that time. Shabana was a beautiful lady,
some 4-5 years elder to me and was quite friendly in nature. We use
to chat, play cards and scrabble in our spare time. She always
maintained decent dressing and a fair distance to avoid any physical
contact during these activities.
As the time progressed I felt an attraction towards her, which went
unnoticed by her. I started screwing her in my dreams and fantasised
all good times with her. One day we were discussing about excessive
fats and its side effects to which se seemed to be quite concerned.
During this discussion I suddenly grabbed her belly flesh and told her
that this is extra and if she will not take care of this growth it will be
big problem in coming years. She was shocked on this unexpected
move, turned pink and left without uttering a single word. This gave
me a bit of strength and I could smell the success very near.
Coming back to vacations, I had planned to visit this cousin to get
closer to Shabana. They were a family of four comprising of my
mamu (maternal uncle) his wife, their son Amir and of course his wife
Shabana. They graciously welcomed me and gave me the guest room
alongside the Amir’s room on first floor. This one unit bungalow had a
bedroom at ground floor occupied by mamu and mumani. From
breakfast to dinner all activities were carried out on the ground floor
and then everyone used to retire to the respective rooms to sleep. I
felt that Shabana was happy to see me around but was again
maintaining the same old distance.
She was a teaching in school and use to come back by 2’O clock,
whereas I accompanied Amir in morning during his social visits to
different companies. On the third day of my arrival I excused Amir for
a rest and pretended to be sick. He got me some movies to kill my
time and promised to be back by 5 and told me to be ready as he had
planned to take me to Muree (Hill station). After the breakfast I told
my uncle that I could not sleep well last night therefore I would like to
take rest in my room. Till 1.30 I watched some movies and rehearsed
my plan for the afternoon.
I then went to Shabana’s toilet for a shower, leaving a marginal
opening in the door, from where I could view the bedroom. During the
shower I fantasised an intercourse with Shabana, which made my
member rock hard.
After sometime I heard the opening of bedroom door. I maintained a
complete silence as I saw Shabana entering the room, switching on
the AC and retiring on the easy chair to puff off the heat of May. After
a moment or two she started undressing and when she came out of
everything exposing her beautiful body to its fullest, she headed
towards the bathroom for a shower. I quickly adjusted myself to the
backside of the door without making any noise. According to the plan I
covered my head with a towel as if I was drying my hair, keeping a
small slit in the towel to peep through. As Shabana banged the door
she found the biggest surprise of her life by discovering me naked in
her toilet. In the parts of the second I noticed that her eyes spread
manifolds and focused my then youthful cock, which was solidly
standing as if saluting this exceptional beauty on earth.
In the next second she screamed but thanks god the door was shut
and she remained unheard. I followed her in screaming and pretended
to be unaware of her arrival. After some speechless moments she
shouted and asked me what I was doing in her bathroom with her
eyes focused on the floor tiles. I told her that something was wrong
with cold water lines of my bathroom therefore I came down to hers.
I could feel what was running her mind as she was avoiding an eye
contact and her body was trembling might be with anger or may be
with fear. She ordered me to leave, to which I replied that we both
have screamed and anyone can come upstairs and it will be better if I
stay back. She asked me to shut eyes and again insisted to leave.
According to my plan I stepped on a slippery spot, which I had already
well done with shampoo, resulting in my slipping and in order to save
myself I had to hold the lady on my way to the bathtub. Every thing
went perfectly according to the plan and she was stunned to find
herself wrapped in my arms right in the mid of the bathtub. The
feeling was truly out of the world as the water striking our bodies was
creating a great effect.
She tried to say something but I sealed her lips with a long and
passionate kiss and started gently feeling her firm round boobs. She
moaned under my grip in order to get away but I did not loose the grip
and turned my gentle caressing into wild stroking. I sucked on the
pink nipple and entered my index finger in her steaming pussy. She
understood that she had no chance to fly and finally giving up she
stretched her palm to get hold of my dick, which was in sweet friction
against her milky thighs. As she held my member I felt myself in
heavens and entered three fingers deep in her hot tunnel. She started
getting wild and asked me to fuck her. I could not imagine my dreams
coming true so early. I did not waste anytime in disobeying her as if
those were the words I was dying to listen all my life.
She made room for me to enter in her cunt hole and I slowly inserted
the broad head of my cock in her taut opening. Shabana wildly
started kissing me and asked for full penetration. I was getting the
most enjoyable pleasure of my life as her tight passage was driving
me wild and wild. I must admit that I came almost in a minute and felt
very embarrassed.
Shabana being a matured woman encouraged me at that point of
time and asked me to lift her to the bed. I took her in my arms and
threw on the mattress, but not before locking the door. My member
was hanging like a piece of flesh, oozing last drops of my load. She
cleaned my cock with a piece of fabric and asked me to lie down. She
then started sucking my cock, which gradually turned back to life on
this kind attention. In a minutes time the rod was hard like anything
again and she wasted no time in straddling on it. I could see
everything in the huge mirror in front of me. The terrific sight of her
pumping up and down and appearing and disappearing of my long
cock was truly fascinating. I told her to look back and her face
expressions revealed that she too enjoyed the scene.
While she was jumping furiously I could not resist myself in sucking
on those milky boobs and as her jumps went wilder and wilder my
sucking also increased its warmth and velocity. As I was about to
shoot my semen, she felt it and asked me to hold it until she took my
seat. She asked me to come on top and fuck her deep inside, as she
needed all that load down in her reservoir. The feeling of shooting
pounds of load in her love hole was incredible and I fell like a hunk on
her body.
She caressed my face, ran fingers in my hairs and pulled me up to
lick my face. She was doing all this like an expert and was enjoying
every bit of the proceedings. She whispered me not to disclose this to
anyone, as that will ruin her image in her in-laws. I told her that I was
not a fool and that if she will give me similar attentions in future then I
will be more than happy. She promised to do so and revealed that she
has never enjoyed fucking of this standard ever before in her life and
that she want to experience it again and again. She asked me to leave
as Amir was expected any moment. I quickly moved to my room and
no body ever knew what had happened on that 19TH of May 1985.
Shabana is now a mother of three boys with the eldest studying in
senior grades but whenever we do get moments of privacy we fully en
cash them by making love and we do still cherish our first intercourse.
As she thought that everything occurred naturally, therefore I also
made it a point not to reveal her that I trapped her in my pre-plan
program as that could distort my image and I do not want to let this
damn fucking lady go waste.

sex story in college days

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