Sex – A Month With My Brother-in-law


My name is Madhu. I am 5’6″ tall lady of 30 with large boobs and well
built figure. People say I am a horny lady. I had been married for
three years to a guy called Ravi. He is smart and quite good looking
guy. His elder brother lives in a nearby city 200 kms away from us. He
is a well built and very handsome person with looks enough to make a
lady wet at her joints.
Since my marriage I had a secret liking toward my brother-in-law.
Once accidentally, when he was peeing I saw his half erect manhood. It
was like a thick garden hose. From that day I wanted to have his tool
deep burried inside my burning hole.
At that time we used to live together. I used to wear low neck gowns
with nothing under it. In his presence, I used to bend while offering
something to him or picking up something. Every time I did so I would
give him enough time to see my naked boobs and even below that. I
often saw him salivating.
During the color festival holi, I went to his room when no one was
around to apply colors. He caught me from my back. His hands
entered my gown from neck and started massaging my boobs. he
pinched my nipples & pulled them. He pressed the boobs hard. With
one hand he caught me and with the other hand he removed my
gown. I was standing completely naked in front him. He touched my
Choot, which was already wet with precum. He managed to insert a
finger inside my burning hole. His erect manhood was pressed to my
” I am dying to fuck you” He whispered in my ears.
I somehow managed to free myself from his embrace and ran away
from the room showing my thumb and laughing. I made my intentions
clear to him that I have no objection from my side. He ran after me
but I escaped from him and ran away to my bed room completely
naked. It was my luck that no one was arround to see me in that
After that incident we kissed and massaged each other a number of
times but never got an oppertunity to fuck. I played with his manhood
putting my hands inside his trousers.
Then we got separated. He was transferred to a nearby town. A whole
year passed by. Then we got a message from Anil, my brother in law
that his wife Sheena is pregnant. He said that she needed a nursing
hand in the final days of her pregnancy to look after her. He said that
he would be coming to take me. Ravi gave permission to go with his
elder brother. I was on cloud seventh. I knew that it would mean a
long fucking session with Anil. Our tickets were booked by night bus.
Anil came the next morning to fetch me. We sat side by side in the
bus. As soon as the bus started I clung to him, pressing my boobs to
his shoulders.
“Sheena is in her ninth month and by the time you return back you will
also be loaded” whispered Anil in my ears. My cheeks got red with
shame. I was wearing a sari. As soon as the lights were put off, he
removed my blouse and bra from my body. My boobs were naked. He
placed his hands on them & started pressing them. He was pinching
my nipples, pulling & twisting them with his fingers.
Then he lowered his mouth on them. his lips touched my love buds. He
caught one of my nipple by his lips and pulled it inside his mouth. He
started sucking it. He was biting the nipples with his teeth. I was
trying my best to stop myself from moaning aloud, but moans like
“aaaaah” “ooooh” were somehow escaping my lips.
I placed my hand on his manhood hidden inside his pants. It was half
erect. I hungrily opened the zip and took out his tool . It was nearly 6″
long and 3″ in dia. At half erect position. I started squeezing his
manhood & massaging his balls. He was going hard on my milk
bottles. He was squeezing them as if milking a cow.
“Suck it babe” he asked me showing his manhood “takE it in your
“No” I said “I had never done such filthy things”
“Do as I say” he forced my mouth to touch his manhood, which was
already sticky with his precum.
I tried my best to avoid taking his manhood in my mouth but only
ended up with my face smeared by his precum.
He forced my mouth to open & lowered it on his mAssive tool. At first I
felt awkward but slowly I started to enjoy it. He was fucking my
mouth. I sucked him vigorously. After ten minutes of sucking I felt him
throbbing and his manhood giving small jerks. I tried to take his tool
from my mouth to avoid him cumming in my mouth but he held my
head in his hands and forced his manhood to go deep in my throat. I
was gagged & trying to breath whereas he was unloading gallons of
cum down my throat. He left my head only after he was completely
I was breathing heavily. I too came with him. A few drops of cum was
dripping from the corners of my lips.
“U naughty!” I said kissing him.
“This is only the beginning of a long and busy fucking schedule for you”
he said.
Throughout the jeorney we sat clinging to each other. When we
reached his residence, we embraced and had a long kissing and
caressing session. I was dying to get fucked by him.
“Let’s take a bath” anil suggested.
Both of us bathed togather completely naked. He was rubbing my tits
and clit.
I too got excited. “come on, fuck me” I asked pulling him towards me.
He made me bend down on my knees in doggie style and placed his
manhood at the entrance of my Choot. his manhood separated my
Choot lips to the maximum. Slowly he entered the tip of his manhood
in my love box.
“Aaaaah” a sound mixed with a mixture of pain and pleasure escaped
my lips. He went on to penetrate the depths no one had ever reached
“Enough” I said ” There is no more room” I looked back to see only
half of his manhood was burried. He did not bother to hear my pleas
and in one hard stroke burried the entire length in me.
“Oooooooooooh! Please” I cried ” please! nooooo, I am dying with
He started pumping my clit harder and harder. slowly I too started
“Yeeeah! harder, harder” I moaned “fuck your brother’s wife. I always
wanted to get your thing pumping me. I often had fantAssy of you
cumming inside me.”
“Yaaah” he said ” I too was dying to fuck you. you Lund teaser, you
had made me crazy showing your boobs and half naked body.”
We kept on fucking in this style for atleast ten minutes. Then he made
me lie on the bathroom floor, lifted my legs and entered me from top.
It went on for long I came twice but he is a real stud. After nearly half
an hour of fucking he burried his tool deep inside my Choot and
poured his seed in my womb. We were panting heavily.
” You are not going to wear anything when you are in home. I want
too see you completely naked throughout the day” he said “now get
ready. Let us pay a visit to Sheena in the hospital first”
We got ready and went to see Sheena at hospital where she was
admitted due to complications.
We returned after a coupl of hours. As soon as we entered the house
he made me shed all my cloths. I had to move in the house naked. I
was dying with shame. I had never faced this type of situation even in
my own house with Ravi.
I went to the kitchen to prepare our lunch. After fifteen minutes or so
door bell rang.
“Go and open the door” Anil said.
“But I m naked” I replied.
“Never mind”he said ” There are a couple of my friends who have
come here for a gangbang”
“What’” I said “You are going to share me with your friends’ I m not
going to have sex with any stranger. Do you take me to be a whore’
” Yeah!” he said ” nothing more than a whore. You will be my slave for
next one month and will do what I say. Now don’t act rubbishly. Go
and open the door.”
I slowly went to the door and opened it. In came a couple of hunks.
They kissed me at the door. I was helpless. One of them pulled me
with him holding one of my nipple. It was paining. he dragged me to
the centre of the room and made me kneel down. He opened his fly
and without allowing me to say anything entered his tool in my mouth.
” Meet Ashok” Anil said indicating the person whose tool was in my
mouth ” and this is Avi”
Avi moved to my back, removed his cloths & touched my Choot with
his tip. With one stroke he burried his thing deep in me.
“You pair of cheaters what am I to do now” Anil said. “wait! she has
three holes and we will fuck her togather.”
“No no, I will not be able to take all of you togather” I cried. but there
was no one to listen to my pleas.
Avi lied on the bed with his prick pointing to roof. Then they made me
lie on him with his manhood burried in my Choot. Anil separated my
“No not there” I cried but he lubricated his manhood by his saliva and
penetrated my Gaandhole.
“Aaaaaaah! oooooh! I am going to die” I was crying
Suddenly my cries were plugged by the manhood of Ashok which he
burried deep in my mouth.
All of them started pumping me from three direction. I had never
imagined myself in such awkward position.
Whole body was writthing with pain. They kept me pumping me for a
long time . The first to cum was Ashok. He unloaded his cum in my
mouth. Then Anil inserted his tool deep in my Gaandhole and came
inside me. Lastly Avi filled my Choot with his cum.
They left me breathing heavily on bed. I was lying with my legs wide
open with my body smeared with sticky cum. cum was dripping from
all the holes.
I was humilliated but felt satisfied. They left me in that condition and
went home.
After some time anil acme and made me stand up . My whole body
was paining. I had to hold him for support. he kissed me
“Did you enjoy’”he asked
I nodded my head to show my consent.
I knew I am going to have a regorous fucking session ahade and by
the time I am back, I will certainly be pregnant.

Sex story With My Brother-in-law

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