A romantic & lovely bus journey


A lovely bus journey
This is the real experience I had recently about 4 months ago. I am a
married man having two children and my wife is a good woman having
a good body. One day I had been to attend a wedding of my in-laws
relative. The wedding was fixed in a village which was about 150 kms
from my in-laws home. After attending the wedding party, we all
decided to return to the city by bus. My wife and children and her
parents decided to stay back and come the next day as it was already
late and the weather also was very windy and slightly raining also.
But my wifes younger brother and his wife (Shaloo) of just 8 months
decided to return to the city that day itself. So all three of us got into
a small auto and proceded to the bus stand. After reaching the bus
stand, we got into the bus and as there was more than 45 minutes
left for the bus to depart, we purchased the tickets and got down to
have some tea in the nearby hotel. While having tea, suddenly my
brother-in-law remembered that he had left someting important in the
wedding party and said that he will go and get it before the bus
started. even though I offered to go and get the item, he refused
and said that he will be back soon. So I and his young wife wer left
alone. His wife (shaloo) was very restless and was waiting anxiously
for her husband. Time was ticking fast, but there was no sign of her
husband returning.
Soon the bus started and was about to start. I told Shaloo that we
should get into the bus as otherwise we will be left back. Her
husband can somehow get into the next bus and reach home. This
made her a little happy and she agreed to accompany me into the bus.
Once inside the bus we sat down in a two seater and noticed that the
bus was almost empty, except for an old couple and their two small
children. Soon the bus started and the lights were switched off.
Shaloo and myself started to talk about the marriage party and also as
to what her husband would be doing at that time. I assured her that
there is nothing to fear as he will definetely come by the next bus. As
it was very windy and raining outside the bus, we had closed all the
windows. But even then the water from outside was coming inside
slowly and this made Shaloo very cold.
I took out a shawl and wrapped it around myself and also told her to
wrap it around her too from the other side. As she did this, our two
bodies were touching each other and this made me feel very horny. I
asked shaloo if she was
carryingto which she replied shyly that she
was not carrying. I asked her why not? She said that she had no
answer. I took this as an opportunity to fuck this young girl and
asked her again if she was taking any tablets or was on any family
planning. She said No. All this time she was only looking down and
talking very shyly. I then asked her boldly just how many times she
has had sex with her husband. She felt shocked and did not reply. I
again asked her the same question. This time she said she had sex
only a few times with her husband.
I then asked her if she wanted to become pregnant and have a child
like every woman so desires. She said YES. I then slowly took her
hand inmine and squeezed it. She did not tell anything. I felt bolder
and slowly placed my hand over her shoulder and pulled her towards
me. She tried to resist but my grip over her was strong. I slowly
placed my other hand over her breast and started to press them. By
now she too was highly excited and did not resist. I then started to
squese her other breast also. I then removed the pallu of her saree
and opened the blouse buttons and pushed the bra up after opening
the clip. Now shaloo
s breasts were left wide open! ! I bent
forward and started to suck the golden milk pots and she was moaning
with uncontrollable ectasy. I then pulled up her saree inserted my
hand into her wet cunt.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not wearing any panty.
after fingering her wet cunt I suddenly remembered that all this while
I had not open the zip of my pant. I quickly open my zip and pulled
out the 7 inces log penis. I took shaloos hand and placed it on my
throbing rod. Shaloo was shocked to see such a big bully. I told her
suck it and soon she gladly bent down and started to give the best
blow job of my life ! ! After sucking for about 15 minutes I let out
the white juice from my rod and shaloo just swallowed up the whole
thing without once removing her mouth from my prick! ! suddenly
the bus driver switched on the lights and we adjusted our clothes and
pretended as if nothing had happened. Within minutes we were in the
city bus stop. We got down from the bus and took an auto to our
house. as I was having the house keys, I opened the house and
went straight to our rooms.
After having baths both shaloo and myself had tea and shaloo was
very much shy about what had happened in the bus journey. Hardly
had we finished drinking tea when the phone rang. It was my
brother-in-law, who had called to say that he had got delayed due to
the rains and hence could not make it to the bus stand. He spoke to
shaloo and told her that he was very glad that we had reached home
and he also told that he was not coming that night as the bus services
were cancelled for the night due to the bad weather.
He also thanked me profusely for having taken his wife home safely
and promised to reach home early the next morning. This was very
good news for both shaloo and myself. No sooner had we kept the
phone down, I went and grabbed shaloo and carried her away to the
bedroom and in a thrice I had removed both our clothes. We made
passionate love and had sex the whole night. I filled shaloo
s cunt
with my white juice almost till her mouth and she too was very, very
happy. We had sex in almost every position.
The next day when her husband arrived, she was back to acting as
an innocent woman ! ! Only I know how innocent she is ! ! Shaloo
soon became pregnant and delivered a healthy boy baby. She keeps
on thanking me for it. Now shaloo and myself have sex regularly
whenever we find the opportunity.

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