Oral sex- Her Pleasure or Mine


oral sexMy wife tells me that she enjoys receiving oral sex, and I tell her that I might enjoy it more than her.

Her pleasure. – It usually goes something like this:

I let her know throughout the day that I want her with a look or small gestures about how hot she is. Or maybe a little more direct, with a whisper in her ear, “can’t wait to lick you all over.”  Maybe a sexy text while I’m away, “I’ll be home soon, won’t be long, and you’ll be moaning.” Either way, she knows what is coming and has time to think about it and anticipate it. Sometimes I wait until the moment is right and just take her unexpectedly.

Once we are together, I start with some small talk about how she is doing and listen to her open up to me for as long as she needs. I’ll hold her in my arms and start caressing her all over as she talks. I slowly start undressing her as she pretends we are just talking. Once she is naked, I caress her breasts and kiss her neck.  I’ll slide one hand down her body getting very close to her sweet spot but pull back just to tease her. Once she is ready, she pushes my head down to her nipple and says, “suck on me.” I start softly suckling her nipple, and she lets out her first quiet “mmm….”

She is relaxed, hot and ready for pure pleasure. I know what she likes, so she doesn’t have to say anymore. I slowly work up the intensity on her nipple as my hands caress her all over. As I increase so does her moans frequency and depth. I switch from nipple to nipple until she finally presses her breasts together allowing me to take both in. I suck hard as she arches her back thrusting her chest hard into my face. She lets out an intense moan as she is lost in the pleasure.

She spreads her legs letting me know she is ready for more, but I won’t oblige until she asks so I keep sucking and caressing those beautiful, erect nipples as she moans softly. I start stroking closer and closer to her now wet throbbing pussy eventually parting her lips with my middle finger. Upon that first touch, she lets out a long moan of acceptance. She is hot and getting anxious for more, and when she can’t wait any longer she says, “lick me.”  I move down slowly kissing her all the way until I reach her final destination.

I take that first lick starting at the bottom of her opening and run all the way up to her swollen clit as she twitches with that first hit of pleasure at her most sensitive area. I thrust my tongue in and out of her and up and down her lips for as long as it takes for her to be ready for more. Her moans are getting louder and closer together as I continue. I move up swirling my tongue around her clit drawing her closer to that magic moment.  When she is ready, she runs her hands down and pulls back her lid exposing her erect clit. I gently take it in sucking as I flick it with my tongue. She quickly moans with approval. As she draws near she says, “right there, don’t stop, don’t stop.”  I suck a little harder and swirl my tongue around it. She grabs the back of my head, pulling me tight against her pussy, pulls her head up to watch me intensely working over her clit. She is on the edge and watching with anticipation, so I release my suction and just use my tongue to caress her clit to orgasm. She lets out a wave of moans as she lies back, arches her back and begins to quiver from head to toe.

My Pleasure – It always goes like this:

I love letting her know that I want her. That she is the only one that I want. I get so turned on by telling her that she is beautiful, sexy and the woman of my dreams. Telling her that I’m going to give her the pleasure that God has entrusted me to give is such a powerful feeling to my male ego.

I love listening to her talk about how she is doing, things she needs and her goals, wants and dreams. It feels amazing to hold her in my arms and to caress her all over as she talks. It feels so exciting to undress her and see her as no one else gets to see. Caressing her breast reminds me that there is a God, and He is good. The feel of her neck against my lips takes me to another place that only we can go. Her body is beautiful, and it is a gift for me to cherish and enjoy.  I’m very relaxed and uninhibited like no other time in my day. There’s no kids, work, bills or other problems to be found, just us as one.

I know what she likes, so she doesn’t have to say anymore, but I love it when she does. As I suckle her breast and caress her body, her moans soothe all of my stress away and put me at ease. The excitement of knowing that soon I will be in a place that only I can go is almost too much to take. The feel of her wanting body and the passion of her breathing and moans is so powerful and makes me feel like a man. When she pushes her breasts together and ask me to suck on her, I’m immediately overcome with gratitude for my situation. As I work my way down her body, I’m in awe of what God has given to me. Once I reach that spot that only I’m intended for, I marvel at the complexity of her body and become fascinated by its ability.

Upon my first lick I savor the taste, smell, heat and feel of her wet, silky lips upon my tongue. It’s an indescribable sensation that hits all at once. Hearing that wonderful moan from my beautiful wife’s lips takes me to another world where only she and I exist. Feeling her body contract with pleasure as I place my hands under her ass and pull her deeper into my mouth stimulates my soul. As she gets wet and I drink her essence, I feel more refreshed than any drink could provide. As she grows close the silkiness of her lips makes my tongue delicious and her heat warms my entire body. I love the journey, but all things must come to end. As she cums, it’s a grand finale like no other. The beautiful moans, the arching of the back, the look on her face and the quivering mussels from her vagina to her abdomen connects me to her like no other time. I enjoy this time more than any other.

Curious to know. Is this how most husbands feel while pleasuring their wife? Do you feel a deeper sense of spiritual pleasure? Do most wives feel a greater sense of connection during oral or is it just physical pleasure?

Oral sex

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