Breast Play (A romantic way of pleasuring )


breast I get really turned on when my husband sucks on my breast, and licks on my nipples. I love it when he does this. I can usually orgasm quickly when he does this, it feels so wonderful. There are times when I want him just to do just this, as I give him a hand job and or blow job. Is this wrong of me? Is it selfish on my part? I will have to say that he is a great pussy sucker and licker as well. I can say this as I know no other, and it feels awesome.

Are there any other women who gets sexually aroused when having their breast sucked on and nipples licked and sucked and pulled on with their husbands pursed lips? There have been times, when I’m thinking of him and how it feels when he’s sucking at my breast, and my hand wanders to my breasts, I pinch the nipples, and roll them and pull on them, this feels good, but not as wonderful as when my hubby is at my breast suckling them. Sometimes, I get so worked up; that I masturbate myself to orgasm. I’ve often wanted to ask him to stroke himself as he suckles on my breast, so I can watch him and his method, so I an be better at giving him a hand job. Is this wrong, going overboard? This is my first time writing here, so I want some feedback.

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