Married sex – Midnight Dream Come True


On rare occasions, my wife and I will awaken in the middle of the night married sexand find ourselves naturally, in our half-sleep, kissing or fondling one another. Recently, we had one of these spontaneous midnight “rendezvous” – I dreamt I was kissing her neck and chest and woke to realize I was doing just that! Already aroused, I moved my hand down between her legs to lightly stroke her through her soft cotton pajamas. Initially, she offered some sleepy halfhearted resistance, mumbling something about the kids getting up early in the morning, but this quickly stopped as she became aroused and spread her legs to give me access. She began quietly moaning as I softly stroked her panties and kissed her neck and down into her cleavage. As she grew increasingly excited, she reached up and pulled down the front of her shirt, allowing her breasts to fall out, wordlessly urging me to lick and suck them. Her tits were mounds of soft, warm flesh that I caressed with my tongue. I could feel her mound swelling through her panties, and I kept lightly swirling my fingers around it. She reached down and stroked my cock, which was absolutely rock hard already, but she soon gave this up and focused on her own pleasure. Her breathing was faster, and she moaned louder with delight.

Suddenly she said, “Stop! Stop for a minute!” When I looked up puzzled, she smiled and said, “I don’t want it to be over yet.”

After kissing and waiting a short time, we started again. I could smell the musky scent of her juices as I continued gently rubbing her clit. I flicked my tongue between her breasts and explored her up to the nipple, which was erect with arousal. As I lavished sloppy wet licks on her firm tit and molded her vulva with my fingers as the moisture soaked through her panties, she exploded. Spasms shuddered through her body, longer and harder than usual.

After a half-dozen or more, she giggled and said, “Mmmm. I’m glad I said yes yes yes!”

We didn’t waste time moving on to the next stage; without a word I stripped off my shorts and she spread her legs to receive me. Again the delicious scent of her wetness flooded my senses. I quickly sank deep into her slit, and she pulled up her knees and grabbed my ass in her hands. I rode her gently, then harder, sinking in down to the base of my shaft, my balls tapping her ass with each thrust. I reached one hand under to caress her ass. “Oooh, that feels so good!” she whispered. It wasn’t long before I came hard. We lay for a bit in an embrace, then sank back into blissful sleep.

Married sex


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